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In Defense of Yellow Lipstick: embrace the J.LO in you!

Published June 7, 2013 by The Feminist


Although I consider myself a fashionista, there are some fashion and beauty trends that I would never ever wear.
a) Because it’s a ghastly/ ridiculous/stupid/ ugly trend
b) Because I’m simply not brave enough to wear it

Yellow lipstick falls under the latter category. We’ve seen a lot of bright lipsticks on the runway this season. Apart from yellow, there was bright green (oh my!), blue (jeez!), orange(beauty!) and fuchsia (hell yeah!). They all look absolutely fabulous and oh-so cool, but still I’ve only dared to put on fuchsia lipstick so far. (Correction: I am IN LOVE with my fuchsia lipstick!)


Why is that? I mean, just look at J.LO in her new Video “ Live It Up“. She looks so beautiful and diva-ish with her yellow lipstick!

yellow lipstick

Why then can’t I give this colour a go? My subconscious keeps telling me I would look like a fool and that people would stare at me and think I’m an idiotic wannabe…I am just not brave enough to face my insecurities. I am not brave enough to take a fashion-leap forward. Which is a total shame, since yellow lipstick is breathtakingly gorgeous!


Maybe we all just have to face the truth: not all fashion and beauty trends are made to be worn outside fashion shows and photo shoots. It’s a sad thing. But it is the truth.
Still, one question remains: is yellow lipstick one of them? What do you think? 😉