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If I were a Boy… I would totally buy this!

Published August 3, 2013 by The Feminist

A couple of weeks ago, my brother asked me if I wanted to accompany him to the men’s department at Zara. He had set his eyes on a waistcoat on sale and wanted to hear my opinion before buying it. (I looooove playing personal shopper!) While he was twirling around in his waistcoat in front of the mirror- he looked pretty fab, I might add- I was being drawn to the men’s fall collection, completely forgetting the main goal of my brother’s shopping adventure, the waistcoat. Let me tell you something about the men’s fall collection at Zara: it is so ridiculously cool and classy that for one nanosecond I wished I could wear those clothes!

Seriously, just look at this freakily awesome, super dapper and stylish as hell black blazer with leather sleeves.

zara blazer

A lot of young men out there (like my brother), for some reason, find this too classy for their age. “I’m too young to wear suits on a daily basis”, my ignorant brother bluntly stated when I ran over to him in utter euphoria with this blazer in my hand. Well, to quote Neil Patrick Harris, aka Barney on How I Met Your Mother, first of all: “It’s a blazer, not a suit.”, so you are definitely not too young to wear this one-piece-wonder. And secondly, every man, whether he is 18 (I’m looking at you, baby bro’) or 88 can rock – and should rock- a suit. So “Suit up!”

The regular visitors of my blog will know by now that I am a fierce advocate of suit-wearing men. It is by far the best and sexiest garment a man can wear. Every time I hear someone question the importance of having and wearing a suit, I immediately jump into its glorious defense. An argument that always seems to persuade even the most skeptical of suit dummies, is when I refer to the TV- series Suits. It is witty, it is fast and all the men wear suits. It’s the best TV-series to have ever been created in the long history of TV-series. Those of you who still don’t watch it: shame on you! And those of you who do, probably know that season 3 started a couple of weeks ago. There was this one scene (was it episode 1 or 2?), in which the almighty Harvey Specter steps out of his mustang with so much flair and grace, and wearing a suit and sunglasses, that it made my knees wobble.

suits car

Harvey Specter. A better argument to persuade suit-skeptics doesn’t exist. He is what suits (both the garment and the TV –series) are all about: he’s cool, classy, sexy, smart, smooth and dapper all at the same time. Every woman wants her Harvey Specter. Someone with great intelligence, with guts, with a sense of humour, with eloquence and last but not least with a marvelous sense of style. A suit epitomizes all these things and much much more.

Oh, and before I forget: Guys, if you buy this blazer, you should definitely buy this shirt as well. You will have to fight the women off of you, I promise!

zara hemd

Back to the Roaring Twenties: Style Inspiration from The Great Gatsby

Published May 5, 2013 by The Feminist


Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation of one of the greatest novels of all time has led to some major Gatsby fever. The Great Gatsby is literally everywhere: we’re bombarded with movie snapshots, trailers and interviews with the cast. But the most exciting part about the most hyped movie of the year by far, is the fashion of Daisy Buchanan and co. I am dead serious when I say that I wish I had lived in that era (fashion-wise that is) since the fashion of the Roaring Twenties is the perfect representation of what my personal style is all about: Decadence and luxury all drenched in an inappropriately large quantity of Moët & Chandon champagne! 😉 During the Roaring Twenties the hemlines became shorter and waistlines became looser. All the glamorous socialites were clad in marabou feathers (Oh my!), furs (though I would now opt for a more animal-friendly faux-fur piece) and bedazzled headpieces (Admit it! You want one of those!) . What’s more: practically all women had short hair! (like me!) Sigh. I would have been such a fabulous flapper girl…

the great gatsby1

the great gatsby daisy

The costumes were designed by Catherine Martin (who won an Oscar for best Costume design for Moulin Rouge), in collaboration with none other than Miuccia Prada! The collection oozes sophistication and avant-garde exuberance: just look at the ‘chandelier dress’ Carey Mulligan got to wear on set:

the great gatsby chandelier

And if you thought things couldn’t get any better: America’s luxury brand Brooks Brothers designed over 500 suits for the entire male cast! Leonardo DiCaprio looks incredible in his white suit…

the great gatsby white suit

Oh Leo….

the great gatsby glass

So before you buy your tickets, I suggest you get into that sizzling Roaring Twenties vibe first : Buy that flapper dress (the bolder the better!) and take that extra sip of champagne! Fitzgerald would definitely approve 😉

Hey guys: Act tough, wear pink!

Published March 20, 2013 by The Feminist

men spring1
Pastels. They are most commonly associated with women’s fashion and accessories. This spring, however, men are also allowed to wear sweet candy-coloured clothes, but instead of using the word “pastel” they prefer the term “chalky” (sounds much more butchy! 😉 )

A lot of men are reluctant to try these colours, because they believe it would make them look “gay”. But let me tell you something, male readers: there is nothing sexier than a man wearing elegant pastels chalky colours! It makes men look cool, dashing (when was the last time you’ve ever been called dashing? Unless your name is James Bond, I’m guessing NEVER! ) and incredibly gentlemen-like! I especially love chalky colours on blazers, shirts and suits.


Why can’t you guys look like these gentlemen:

men fashion pastel

men spring4

But my ultimate personal favourite has to be pastel pink. For some reason pink is thought of as the epitome of femininity. Wearing pink equals crying in public, showing your emotions or owning a Chihuahua. Pink is for woosies!

Think again, dear gentlemen! Pink represents confidence. Wearing pink means you’re brave enough to be in tough with your softer side WITHOUT losing your inner Tarzan! Wearing pink is sexy! So throw all your previous “pink is for sissies” assumptions overboard and embrace your pink-loving side! You know you want to… 😉

men spring

men fashion pinl

Dear Mr. Timberlake, I love you

Published March 16, 2013 by The Feminist

I literally ran to the store yesterday to purchase Justin Timberlake’s new album “The 20/20 Experience”. I’ve always been a Justin Timberlake fan. Yes, even from the very beginning, including bad NSync choreos, ridiculous curly hair and Britney Spears.

I have to admit though, that I almost forgot he ever existed. Seven years of musical silence is a very long time, you know! But from the very second I put on the album, I totally forgave him his way too belated release, because it is absolutely supermegafoxyawesomehot!

Here is a brief summary of my emotional rollercoaster while listening to the album:

“ O. My. God. “
“So sexy”
“Justin, I love you”
“Marry me, please!”

I tend to exaggerate, I know. But the album is just so good, it is practically impossible not to love him. Jessica Biel, move over, darling! Because this lady is coming after your man!

Just buy the album, dear readers! It won’t leave you disappointed, I promise!

Ps: one more reason why I totally love JT: He wears suits. Tom Ford suits. Need I say more?


Gasp, Sigh and Smile: 3 very good reasons to watch – and love – The Vampire Diaries

Published February 21, 2013 by The Feminist

I watch a lot of TV. Too much, my mother would say. But is it my fault that there are simply so many awesome TV-series out there? I’m currently addicted to Suits (no surprise there, as it is, after all, about sexy men wearing sexy suits) and Glee (no suits there I’m afraid, but all the musical songs really make me appreciate and embrace my theatrical side). One month you’re addicted to one TV-series, next month you’re addicted to another. It’s what Elton John would call the circle of TV-life.

However, there is one exception. I was, am, and will probably stay addicted to The Vampire Diaries for a very very very long time. Drama, mystery and vampires. What more could you possible need? Very sexy actors maybe? Well, consider it done, because the Vampire Diaries has PLENTY of yummy hotties! ! Since I’m confessing, every time I watch an episode it feels as if I’m thirteen again, sitting on the couch with this ridiculous smirk on my face. But I don’t care, the show is just too good to dwell on one’s childish behaviour. 😉

Anyway, here are the three main reasons why I absolutely love the show:

1) Klaus and his British accent: I have always had a soft spot for British accents and every single time he says “love” I have this sudden urge to start giggling.

The Birthday

2) Jeremy and his muscles: He started out as Elena’s lonely little brother but those times are now officially behind us. Bye bye baby face, hello handsome! Just look at his arms!


I’ll leave some space for you to gasp at all this sexiness 😉

3) Damon and his one liners: Apart from being a total hunk, it is first and foremost his great sense of sarcasm that turns him into the sexiest character on the show.

damon TVD

Turn your Date into a real Gentleman: good Manners, dashing Looks and a Tom Ford Suit

Published February 14, 2013 by The Feminist

Today is Valentine’s Day and if you happen to go on a date tonight, chances are small he will be a true gentleman. Unfortunately, the art of being a gentleman isn’t taught at university (Why not, I wonder? It would be so much more rewarding than taking English Literature 😉 ) and over the last decades men have swapped their good manners and articulate speech for swearing, beer bellies and pain-in-the-ass overconfidence.

Your date probably assumes gentlemen are pushovers. He doesn’t want to be a “Mister Nice guy”- oh no! – he wants to be a bad boy, rolling cigarettes and not caring about anyone but himself.

This is where your date is totally wrong. Being a gentleman isn’t about opening doors and saying please. It is first and foremost about respect. Respect for those around him, but also for himself, his believes and desires.

However, being a gentleman is not something you learn in a day. So if your date wasn’t a gentleman yesterday, he won’t be a gentleman tonight either. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. With these tips and tricks he will hopefully understand that being a gentleman is his golden ticket to a bright and sunny future. And what better day than Valentine’s Day to choose to become a more respectable man with flair and coolness, right? ( Not to mention it will spare you a lot of embarrassing situations and frustrated sighs.)

Here we go:

• Open car doors for her: Not just on Valentine’s Day. ALWAYS!

• Pay for her dinner: These are modern times we live in, I know. That doesn’t mean, however, that he shouldn’t at least pay for your god damn food. You’re a lady! You deserve it.

• Give compliments: And I’m not talking about: “Did you get a haircut?” No , women want compliments that truly mean something: “ You smell like heaven.” or “You are so unique. I’ve never met someone like you before.” Or just say something romantic: “As long as you’re with me, I don’t care where we go.”

• Wear a suit. A TOM FORD SUIT!
Do not, I repeat, DO NOT wear jeans, tank tops and sneakers on a date. A suit makes every man look incredible. It can turn a “meh” looking guy into a dashing prince! (If you watch the TV-series “Suits”, you will know what I’m talking about 😉 )

suits series
If your date has wealthy parents or a big fat bank account, a Tom Ford suit is definitely the way to go. (Anyone who watched the Grammys a couple of days ago and saw Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z’s performance, will definitely agree!)

tom ford justin jayz

Tom Ford brought the sexy back to Justin Timberlake by letting him wear his sharp suits in his new single “Suit & Tie”. He created the suits for Daniel Craig in Skyfall and all male actors and artists want to wear his designs. He is a true Suit God! His suits are unique, alluring, über-cool and luxurious but always have a “naughty” edge. What more can I say, if your date wears one of his suits, you will be a very very very lucky girl!

So guys, be gentlemen! Or at least buy one of these suits.



Hey guys, don’t you get it? There is more to fashion than sweaters and jeans!

Published December 17, 2012 by The Feminist

men fashion

A good friend of mine asked me to write a post on men’s fashion. Who am I to decline such a request? According to friend X the average man doesn’t seem to realise that there are better (much much better!) looks out there than the oh so typical jeans-t-shirt-sneakers look. I don’t know about you, dear readers, but I think my friend has a really good point!

The average male student at my university looks like this:
• blue/grey/black jeans: DULL!
• t-shirt with cliché print: DRAB!
• Superdry or Abercrombie & Fitch sweater: BORING!
• Pair of worn out All Stars: YAAAAAAWN!

Seriously guys! Can’t you see that is just the most boring, uninteresting and lifeless look EVER! It is basically a whole lot of nothing! Am I being harsh? Well, I’m sorry if I offended you, but sometimes the truth needs to be told! Deal with it!

However, Fashion Food and Flirts wouldn’t be Fashion,Food and Flirts, if I didn’t have some great tips for all of you. Let’s pimp your wardrobe, shall we? 🙂
The holidays are coming up. The perfect time to invest in some classy and festive clothes, you can actually wear every single day of the year. Brace yourselves fellas, we are going to make real gentlemen out of you!
A suit is the epitome of style and elegance. It is perfect for Christmas and New Year’s Eve but the individual pieces can also be worn all year round. Why don’t you wear a waistcoat on top of your t-shirt or jumper? Or a suit jacket? It can transform something really mundane into something extraordinarily edgy!

It’s all about colour!

Question: Are most men colourblind? Because, hellooooo, there are actually more colours on this planet beside grey, blue and black.
This burgundy red suit for instance. Classy, elegant and drop dead gorgeous!men fashion 3

Do you want to touch me?

Mix and match various types of fabrics that beg to be touched! What could be more arousing than a soft velvet jacket?men fashion2µ

Think Print!

Baroque, checkers, psychedelic colourblocking or leopard print (yes, leopard print!) As long as it’s bold, big and beautiful!

men fashion1men fashion5men fashion4

The Gentleman is back!

Published November 9, 2012 by The Feminist

As from today, I am the proud owner of Ne-Yo’s brand new album R.E.D. To quote the R&B God himself: “ Red is the colour with an undeniable presence, a non apologetic boldness, an irresistible charisma…. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of… “ I couldn’t have said it better myself!
I have been a Ne-Yo fan since his first album, and to those who keep saying that he is just a clone of the Ushers and Chris Browns of this world, I say: Ne-Yo is one in a million!
Granted, for the past two years he has been slightly sidetracked by commercial collaborations (like “Let’s go” with Calvin Harris, a song that I find so emotionally flat).
But HE IS BACK, making the music I love the most: smooth and sexy R&B with great lyrics!
The first track on the album is called “cracks in Mr. Perfect”, but boy, there are definitely no cracks in this album!
What are you all waiting for? You should be running to the store to buy this damn album! A great voice, a cool beat and clever lyrics: what more could you wish for? Still not convinced? Here is a little taste of the sweet and wise lyrics you can expect:
“Perfection, it’s just glorified opinion.
When in the grand scheme of things it’s our imperfections that truly make us perfect
So do yourself a favour, find the beauty in your cracks”
(I’ll give you some time to absorb the beauty of his words 😉 )

Oh, before I forget: he still looks as HANDSOME as ever! His sharp suit, ever-present hat and mysterious eyes, Ne-Yo is – and will always be- A TRUE GENTLEMAN!