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I know you want it! My Spring Soundtrack: “Blurred Lines” from Robin Thicke ft Pharrell & T.I.

Published April 22, 2013 by The Feminist

Spring has finally arrived, Ladies and Gentlemen! For at least one week, Belgium will no longer be that “Godforsaken rainy shithole” (Pardon my French) but a “very exciting and sunny place filled with smiles and laughter”.

obama sleevesYou have to understand something: when the weather gets better, when I get to wear my cool brand new cat-eye sunglasses and all my new spring clothes an when men finally role up the sleeves of their shirts, (The Obama-style!)I can get very excited. And when I get very excited, I honestly believe that life should come with a soundtrack of cool and sexy music.


Do you know which song I picked for my “O my God, it’s so sunny outside I could simply burst into song”- frenzy? “Blurred Lines” from Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell Williams and T.I.

Honestly, I am OBSESSED with that song at the moment! That beat, that sound, that awesome groove…. It is just so incredibly sexy! Apparently, it was a little bit too sexy for Youtube, because only one week after the video aired online, it was removed from the website due to “explicit nudity”. The thing is, however, when you look past all those very naked women, you’ll realize the video is actually pretty hilarious!

Pharrell Williams is just the cutest, making funny faces through the entire video.


And T.I’s dancing is this weird combination of oddly cool and awesomely ridiculous. He can even dance while brushing a girl’s hair! (By the way, when was the last time you saw a man brushing a girl’s hair in a music video? My guess is NEVER 😉 )


So yes, “Blurred Lines” is my soundtrack of the week. When I was driving my car yesterday and the sun was shining on my windowsill, “Blurred Lines” was playing on the radio. I suddenly felt this uncontrollable urge to start dancing! (which is easier said than done when you’re driving!) So I ended up doing body rolls and shimmy shimmies behind the wheel! People must have thought I was completely mental, but who cares?! The point is that I was having fun. And no matter how crazy ass lunatic I may have looked at that particular moment, I felt like I could conquer the whole world! I was happy! I was shining! So why don’t you shine with me, dear readers? 😉

The Gentleman is back!

Published November 9, 2012 by The Feminist

As from today, I am the proud owner of Ne-Yo’s brand new album R.E.D. To quote the R&B God himself: “ Red is the colour with an undeniable presence, a non apologetic boldness, an irresistible charisma…. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of… “ I couldn’t have said it better myself!
I have been a Ne-Yo fan since his first album, and to those who keep saying that he is just a clone of the Ushers and Chris Browns of this world, I say: Ne-Yo is one in a million!
Granted, for the past two years he has been slightly sidetracked by commercial collaborations (like “Let’s go” with Calvin Harris, a song that I find so emotionally flat).
But HE IS BACK, making the music I love the most: smooth and sexy R&B with great lyrics!
The first track on the album is called “cracks in Mr. Perfect”, but boy, there are definitely no cracks in this album!
What are you all waiting for? You should be running to the store to buy this damn album! A great voice, a cool beat and clever lyrics: what more could you wish for? Still not convinced? Here is a little taste of the sweet and wise lyrics you can expect:
“Perfection, it’s just glorified opinion.
When in the grand scheme of things it’s our imperfections that truly make us perfect
So do yourself a favour, find the beauty in your cracks”
(I’ll give you some time to absorb the beauty of his words 😉 )

Oh, before I forget: he still looks as HANDSOME as ever! His sharp suit, ever-present hat and mysterious eyes, Ne-Yo is – and will always be- A TRUE GENTLEMAN!