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If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Red Carpet Fashion at the VMAs

Published August 26, 2013 by The Feminist

There is a fine line between looking alluringly sexy and looking like an ordinary tramp; a line a lot of celebrities crossed last night at the 2013 VMAs. (Yes, Miley Cyrus, you were one of them.) There were such copious amounts of cleavage, exuberantly long legs, and lots of bare skin, one would almost forget the real purpose behind this tacky parade: the music.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a bit of provocative sexiness, but I do believe you can still pull the sexy card without completely getting undressed. At least leave something to the imagination, people! (yes, I’m talking to you, Miley Cyrus!)
So, are you ready to see some figure-hugging, skin-showing, tight-ass-flaunting outfits?
Here we go!
Is it just me, or did someone rip off a part of Selena Gomez’ dress? Although my first reaction was: “God I want that bra!”, I would like to add that this year’s fashion trend of showing glimpses of lingerie is supposed to be “peek-a-boo” not “in-your-face”.

vma selena gomez versace

I don’t know how I feel about Ciara’s Givenchy dress. On the one hand, I think she looks absolutely gorgeous, theatrical and glamourous, but on the other hand… the dress could have done with a tiny bit more pearls on her bum, you know what I mean?

vma ciara givenchy

Then there was Ashanti. She decided to wrap her body in a scarf. This proves yet again that scarves belong around your neck, not around your boobs.

vma ashanti

At this point of the evening, Miley Cyrus was still relatively acceptably dressed. We had no idea what was yet to follow… (And seriously, girl: you should fire your hair stylist!)


During the show, however, she changed into something more “comfortable”. I’m sure Miley is a lovely girl and all, but jeeeezus Christ, what was she thinking?

vma miley

This leads me to the best moment of the entire night: a moment that truly captures how everyone felt when they saw Miley Cyrus’ performance. Just look at the reaction of Will Smith and his family:

vma reaction
Luckily for all of us, there were some female artists who understood that you can be sexy and wear clothes at the same time! Phew!
I absolutely adore Taylor Swift’s outfit! She looks extremely elegant and glamourous.

vma taylor swift

Naya Rivera looked stunning in her black cut-out dress! This is by far the best example of how a good figure-hugging dress that shows off your curves and the right amount of cut-outs in the right places can make you look totally smokin’ without looking like a Moulin Rouge prostitute.

vma naya rivera

Rita Ora looked sensational! Yes, she showed a lot of leg, ànd a lot of cleavage, but it was still very graceful (read: I didn’t choke on my brownie when I saw her, something that can’t be said about … yes, you Miley Cyrus!)

vma rita ora

Lady Gaga’s red carpet dress was rather modest compared to some bizarre showstoppers she has worn before…

vma lady gaga

But then she must have seen Miley Cyrus’ performance and must have thought: “I can do better.”

vma lady none

Since the female red carpet looks left a lot to be desired, I thought it would be better to focus on the dudes instead.
Macklemore looked so incredibly cool in his minty suit!

vma macklemore

Talking about looking all dashing and knight-in-shining-armor-perfect: It’s Darren Criss in what could possibly be the best suit colour I’ve ever seen!

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

My boy Bruno Mars won two VMAs last night, one for best Male Video (Locked out of Heaven) and one for best choreography (Treasure). He looks happy!

vma brunomars

By the way, did you see his performance of his new single “Gorilla”? It was so hot, I was literally like this during his entire performance:


Now you mention it, there were some other yummy fellas in the house last night!

vma one direction

Don’t they just make you giggle?
Of course, not all men were dressed to impress. Some wore something really weird (yes, you J.T.), some wore something really boring (yes, you Drake!) and some wore something that was just yuck! (Yes, you Robin Thicke!)

vma robin thicke
“You know you want it”.

Eh… No thanks.

I know you want it! My Spring Soundtrack: “Blurred Lines” from Robin Thicke ft Pharrell & T.I.

Published April 22, 2013 by The Feminist

Spring has finally arrived, Ladies and Gentlemen! For at least one week, Belgium will no longer be that “Godforsaken rainy shithole” (Pardon my French) but a “very exciting and sunny place filled with smiles and laughter”.

obama sleevesYou have to understand something: when the weather gets better, when I get to wear my cool brand new cat-eye sunglasses and all my new spring clothes an when men finally role up the sleeves of their shirts, (The Obama-style!)I can get very excited. And when I get very excited, I honestly believe that life should come with a soundtrack of cool and sexy music.


Do you know which song I picked for my “O my God, it’s so sunny outside I could simply burst into song”- frenzy? “Blurred Lines” from Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell Williams and T.I.

Honestly, I am OBSESSED with that song at the moment! That beat, that sound, that awesome groove…. It is just so incredibly sexy! Apparently, it was a little bit too sexy for Youtube, because only one week after the video aired online, it was removed from the website due to “explicit nudity”. The thing is, however, when you look past all those very naked women, you’ll realize the video is actually pretty hilarious!

Pharrell Williams is just the cutest, making funny faces through the entire video.


And T.I’s dancing is this weird combination of oddly cool and awesomely ridiculous. He can even dance while brushing a girl’s hair! (By the way, when was the last time you saw a man brushing a girl’s hair in a music video? My guess is NEVER 😉 )


So yes, “Blurred Lines” is my soundtrack of the week. When I was driving my car yesterday and the sun was shining on my windowsill, “Blurred Lines” was playing on the radio. I suddenly felt this uncontrollable urge to start dancing! (which is easier said than done when you’re driving!) So I ended up doing body rolls and shimmy shimmies behind the wheel! People must have thought I was completely mental, but who cares?! The point is that I was having fun. And no matter how crazy ass lunatic I may have looked at that particular moment, I felt like I could conquer the whole world! I was happy! I was shining! So why don’t you shine with me, dear readers? 😉