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” I’m not kissing you with that shit on your lips!”

Published October 18, 2012 by The Feminist
" I'm not kissing you with that shit on your lips!"

One of my best friends told me she never wears red lipstick because her boyfriend thinks it’s ugly.

Oh come on!

I mean, what a myth! Boys  –those who don’t even recognize elegance when it hits them in the face-  may indeed think that girls wearing red lipstick

a) are trying too hard to impress

b) look like a circus act

But real men – those who do appreciate a touch of femininity- are DRAWN to red lips. Red is possibly the sexiest colour on this planet ( the colour of passion and love!) and wearing red lipstick signals that you are proud of being a woman and more importantly, it makes men think of kissing.

In short, red lips are dynamite! And if your boyfriend disagrees, well frankly, you should just dump the asshole.

” I’m not kissing you with that shit on your lips!” van evelineversluys met lip makeup
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