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Things That Make Me Happy: Martini, New Perfume and a Good Dose of Michael Fassbender

Published May 9, 2014 by The Feminist

The past week has been a rollercoaster of mildly hysterical screams and utterly insane deadlines. In between some exhausting apartment-shopping, daunting writing assignments and depressing newsflashes about Syrian bombings and kidnapped Nigerian girls, you would almost forget to live and have a nice time. So I am honestly glad to say: Thank God it’s Friday.

Cuz, I needzz it… I needzz it badly.  

In order to forget all the horror in the world, I always have three simple tricks that help me relax. Now that the weekend is upon us, I thought it would be nice to share these tips with you all, since you clearly have nothing better to do than reading this post on a Friday night.


TIP NR. 1: No Martini, No Party


You can do plenty of things on a Friday night, but some alcohol is always a good start. I am one of those people who love some bitter sweet Martini. I always think it makes me look so classy and cool ( that’s probably the George Clooney effect), yes even when I’m drinking straight from the bottle.

So pour yourself a glass, dear readers. Put on some jazzy music and just have a good time. You deserve it!

TIP NR. 2: Wear Perfume

There is this famous quote by Christian Dior who says that “ a woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting”. I couldn’t agree more! What better way to let your personality shine than by wearing a scent that embodies who you are and what you stand for, right? Moreover, it is just so much fun to go perfume shopping. All those cute bottles, those heavenly aromas, all those ladies with perfectly manicured nails offering to “spritz you”… It is simply the best.

So in an attempt to do some stress-free shopping, I decided to buy myself a new perfume.

IM10.Pyr 045

I bought Pleats Please by Issey Miyake. It know it is always hard to describe a scent, but let me give it a try: Intensely fruity. Hints of aromatic musk. Asian-inspired floral freshness. Oh yes, this fragrance is the epitome of femininity mixed with optimistic and youthful exuberance. Basically, it is Marilyn Monroe and Zoe Deschanel rolled into one beautiful bottle of perfume.


So yes, buying perfume makes me happy. Give it a go, dear readers. If it does not make you happy, at least you’ll still smell really nice 😉 . (Oh yeah, another benefit of buying perfume is that you are allowed to sniff yourself as many times as you want without people staring it you, thinking you’ve gone completely mad. )

TIP NR. 3: Go on a Bender… A Fassbender


Seriously. Just looking at him makes me insanely giggly. Not only is our dear Fassy a really good actor and ridiculously handsome, his accent is to die for as well. So if you are in the mood for some instant happiness, all you need to do is watch an interview with Michael Fassbender and you will be chirping around the house in no time!


What’s that you’re saying? You don’t believe me? Well, dear skeptical reader, I have the perfect way to persuade you, because Fassy was on the Graham Norton Show last week. He was funny, he was sweet and he even danced to Blurred Lines with buddies Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy.

fass graham norton

See? If even this gif can make you giggle, just imagine what the entire interview will do to you! Google it. Watch it. Dig it.

Perfect Outfit, Perfect Day

Published April 3, 2014 by The Feminist
Perfect Outfit, Perfect Day

This is going to be a short post, dear readers. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and everyone seems to be in a state of utter delirium because of the arrival of spring.


I am one of those people going berserk over the first beams of sun. I adore spring. I breathe spring. I am spring.

So that is why I would rather go outside and enjoy this beautiful April day instead of sitting behind my laptop writing blog posts. No offence.

But don’t worry, dear readers. I won’t leave you empty-handed. Because this post is not only a celebration of spring, it is also a celebration of the perfect spring outfit. It is feminine, funky, cool, retro, classy, elegant and quirky all rolled into one. This colourful outfit is the embodiment of a sunny perfect day, with the light blue representing the fresh breeze of air and the soft orange and coral capturing the warmth of the sun.

It is fabulous. It is spring. But first and foremost: it is YOU!


What his Fragrance says about his Personality

Published November 18, 2013 by The Feminist

What could be more perfect than finding the man of your dreams? Finding the man of your dreams who even smells fantastic of course!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is nothing sexier than a guy wearing a delicious perfume.

Seriously. There isn’t.

Moreover, I am a firm believer of character revealing fragrances. Just like us women, men choose fragrances that match their mood, their personality or their desires. So If you want to find out if your guy is a player? Smell him. Or want to know whether he will send you flowers? Smell him. His hobbies? Smell him. His sense of style? Smell him.

Smell. Everything starts from there.
All the rest is up to you.

Here is a selection of my personal favourite male fragrances and just for the sake of argument I’ve added a description of possible character traits.

Dior Homme by Dior


The Fragrance: the purity of bergamot, the freshness of grapefruit and the sensuality of musk. All bottled in a sleek and clean looking flask with menacingly black details.

The Guy: Christian Grey

A powerful businessman, always impeccably dressed and with a mysterious and seductive broody elegance. A man who knows how to spoil a woman, but also, knows how to use handcuffs.

Gentlemen only by Givenchy


The Fragrance: a classic fragrance with subtle hints of aromatic spices and intense woody notes. In a basic bottle, because it’s what’s inside that counts.

The Guy: Superman

Charming, elegant and always willing to lend a hand. This guy will gladly put an S on his chest if it means winning you over and conquering your heart. He doesn’t care about technology and urban riches. All he needs to survive is you and your damsel-in-distress attitude.

Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

le male

The Fragrance: Seductive and masculine. Those are the key words that come to mind when you inhale the aromas of Jean Paul Gaultier’s classic fragrance. The boldness of a bottle in the shape of a male torso indicates the type of men the creative genius was aiming at: a man with extreme sexuality and masculinity.

The Guy: James Bond

This man loves his classics. To him it’s all about strong and old-fashioned chivalry, dipped into a delicious sauce of borderline cliché sensuality. Dangerous yet oh so charming.( And he’ll always pay for your cocktail.)

He Wood by Desquared2


The Fragrance: As the name of this fragrance may suggest, this scent is all about wood. Think early morning walks through the forest… dew drops on fir needles… birds chirping around in the sky…

The Guy: Nature Boy

An outdoorsman. This man doesn’t believe in fairy tales or material belongings. What he cares about is living in the moment, enjoying all the things that nature has to offer. He looks strong and tough but under that hard exterior lies a fragile heart that breaks far too easily

Spice Bomb by Victor and Rolf


The Fragrance: an explosion of aromas in a very menacing bomb-like bottle. This fragrance isn’t for the faint hearted but for those who want to make a statement. Blending in is no longer an option.

The Guy: The Painter

A young and extravagant dandy whose explosion of emotions can often be both overwhelming and detonatingly seductive. He doesn’t do “less is more”; to him it’s all about expressing what’s inside through creative art, design and fashion.

Boss Orange by Hugo Boss


The Fragrance: The freshness of apple, citrus and coriander blend joyfully with the exciting hint of Szechuan pepper and vanilla beans. The bottle is straightforward and open, just like him.

The Guy: The carefree surfer

“The glass is always half full” is his ultimate lifestyle motto. His optimistic and relaxed view on life makes him fun to be around. Hence, his insanely large group of friends who always seem to be wanting a piece of him. Apart from his incredible social skills, this guy adores sports. From fitness workouts to games of basketball, but his true passion lies in the waves. Him and his board are inseparable. Good luck getting between those two, girl!

10 compelling reasons why you should treat yourself to a new perfume

Published September 16, 2013 by The Feminist

si armani


1) Giorgio Armani’s new fragrance Si smells sublime!

It is his tribute to “modern femininity, an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independent spirit” and anyone who has already had the opportunity to smell his new fragrance, knows that the Italian designer par excellence kept his promise. It was love at first sniff for me –with warm notes of vanilla and bergamot, romantic floral elements and deep musky undertones- and the fact that the ever gorgeous, elegant and intelligent actress Cate Blanchett is the face of the perfume is the ultimate cherry on the cake.

2) You’re awesome and totally deserve it!

I hope you realize what a great person you are. If not, take a look in the mirror and let your sheer awesomeness sink in. You deserve to buy yourself something new! (A new perfume to accentuate your incredible character is a good place to start!)

3) You can never have enough fragrances.

Imelda Marcos had her shoes, Jamie Oliver has his knife sets and Harvey Specter has his baseball collection, but if there is one thing I can go totally berserk over, it has got to be perfume. Just imagine how cool it would be to have an entire walk-in-closet with perfume bottles! Isn’t that every woman’s dream? (Or am I the only crazy one here?)

4) A new fragrance is like a new lover…

You’re uncharacteristically happy and euphoric, you can’t stop smiling and you’re walking the streets swaying your hips like a runway model. If you can’t find yourself a lover, buy yourself a new fragrance: it has exactly the same effect. 😉

5) As a true fashionista you always want to start the new season with a new perfume.

“You are never fully dressed without a smile perfume”. As the weather get cooler, we all start to buy ourselves new clothes, based on the most beautiful fall trends. A true fashionista, however, will know that an outfit isn’t finished without a smile and a matching perfume.

6) It’s the perfect way to emphasize your unique personality .

The way you smell and the type of perfume you choose is a great reflection of your own personality . Moreover, perfume has the ability to embody the mood that you’re in. No one is in exactly the same mood every single day, so why would you restrict yourself to only one fragrance? Ha!

7) It can drive men crazy!

Scents can seduce men. Anyone who tries to deny that is either lying or nose-less. I consider perfume the ultimate weapon of seduction: that whiff of sensuality when you walk by, a lingering aroma of mystery… It will leave him breathless (figuratively that is, you don’t want to smother him in a choke-inducing cloud of perfume!) and he will pray for your return!

8) It makes you feel sexy , elegant and glamourous…

…but without looking like Miley Cyrus at the VMAs or –the horror- like in her new music video “Wreaking Ball” . Who needs in-your-face nudity and obscene tong-wiggling behaviour if you can look incredibly sexy in a more subtle and personal manner by simply spraying on some heavenly scent?

9) A day without perfume is a day not lived.

By a show of virtual cyber hands: who wears perfume every day? I sincerely hope that all of you ladies are waving your hand in the air right now because otherwise I would be utterly ashamed. (no offence) I wear perfume every single day- I sometimes even put it on right before I go to sleep- and although this may sound incredibly odd and an incredible waste of good perfume, I just feel naked without. It’s like going out the door without wearing a bra, it’s just not right.

10) It’s your little secret…

Perfume to me is like an invisible cloak of equilibrium and self-confidence. It lifts your spirits and it boosts your inner “I am Superwoman”-mentality. Everyone can see it- the way you sparkle and shine- and yet no one can tell what lies at the core of this. It’s your little secret. (and you’re secret is safe with me)

What I wish my boyfriend would smell like: Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb

Published May 26, 2013 by The Feminist

When I was flipping through the pages of Elle magazine the other day, I came across an advertisement for Viktor & Rolf’s fragrance for men, Spicebomb. The ad, featuring an ultra-hot model posing shirtless and staring seductively into the camera, made me linger for a few seconds. (Doesn’t he have a ridiculously high drool factor? ) Once I spotted the included scent strip my heart was racing even faster and I just knew I had to smell it! The ad’s irresistible charm was simply too powerful to ignore…

There is something you need to know about me. I am a perfume addict. I wear perfume every single day, I love having lots of different fragrances and my favourite type of shopping is perfume shopping. I sometimes put on perfume before I go to bed, which is truly and utterly ridiculous and some would say a waste of expensive perfume. (I don’t blame them!) I guess my subconscious just wants to smell really nice in the very unlikely event a sexy burglar breaks into my bedroom and tries to steal my pillow…

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, SPICEBOMB! Now that you know all about my crazy perfume addiction it is needless to say that I couldn’t resist trying out the fragrance. Once I managed to tear open the seal of the fragrance strip, a heavenly sweet and spicy aroma found its way up to my nostrils. The woody and oriental spices create a sensual and addictive blend with undertones of bergamot, tobacco and leather.

Oh yes, like the name suggests, Spicebomb is pure electrifying dynamite! An explosive cocktail of intense masculinity and fiery passion. It’s the kind of fragrance I imagine Damon Salvatore or Christian Grey would wear…

If those two names aren’t enough to convince you to buy Spicebomb for your man, I don’t know what will! 😉

I hate blond men. Except for Simon Baker.He is one fine piece of Man Candy

Published March 12, 2013 by The Feminist

I hate blond men. I hate smug blond men. But I don’t hate Simon Baker. On the contrary, I think Simon Baker is the sexiest blond man on the Big Screen since Orlando Bloom stopped playing drop-dead-gorgeous Legolas in the Lord of the Rings.

Anyone who watches the Mentalist will agree with me that the show can be very addictive. If you’re not careful, it can literally take over your life, one episode at a time, until the only thing you can think about is Patrick Jane’s smirk and bloody Red John smiley faces.

Needless to say that I simply cannot wait until “I give it a year” is released in Belgian theatres! (Honestly, why does Belgium always have to release films long after their original release dates in the US or the UK???) Just watch the trailer below, you’ll know what I mean. (It starts with an -S, and it ends in -Imon Baker is smokin’! 😉  )

By the way, did you know that Simon Baker is the new face for Givenchy? The ad for Givenchy’s new fragrance “Gentlemen Only” shows him –soaking wet in a rainstorm!- giving his umbrella to a lady. Sigh. What a modern-day gentleman. Seriously, the ad gives me goosebumps!!

simon baker givenchy

PS: Feel free to tell me your favourite blondie

My (not so) Subtle Birthday Present Wish List

Published February 11, 2013 by The Feminist

In exactly one month I will be 22 years old. Yes, you’ve read that correctly: twenty-two (!!) years old.

Some of you may think this is still very young but others might say I’m getting too old to write a blog about sexy men…

Well SCREW those who believe I shouldn’t be discussing the Ryan Goslings of this planet! Because I am young! So let’s set the world on fire! I can burn brighter than the sun!
Now, before you start thinking: “OMG, did she just quote “We are Young” by FUN.?” Let me remind you that they won a couple of Grammy Awards last night, so I’m allowed to -no scratch that- I MUST use their lyrics! 😉

But let’s focus on what birthdays are really about: PRESENTS! 😉

Who doesn’t like drawing up wish lists, right? I have to say that I’m not very subtle when it comes to dropping hints. Let me give you an example to illustrate:

Me: Did you hear about that new restaurant X? I would love to go there sometime…

Mom: Uhu?

Me: Pretty expensive, though. Maybe for a special occasion?

Mom: Aha, I see where you’re going!

See? Not very subtle, I know. (I’m about as subtle as a gun!)Some things will simply never change so I hereby state that I really really really like Yves Saint Laurent’s new perfume “Manifesto”. Not only does it smell absolutely delicious (duh!), I also find the whole campaign with Jessica Chastain and the purple paint very alluring. Don’t you think Jessica looks breathtaking? Makes you wonder whether you will look like her if you wear the perfume… Probably not, but a girl can hope 😉 ( Or should I say “woman”, since I’m turning 22. )

Oh, and by the way, did I mention I’m running out of perfume? Just saying…

manifesto fles

All I want for Christmas is…Ryan Reynolds

Published December 6, 2012 by The Feminist

But since that won’t be possible (unless he decides to dump Blake Lively and turn up on my doorstep) , I advice every single man on this planet to BUY the fragrance Boss Bottled Night. That way, you may not look like Ryan Reynolds, but you will definitely smell like him.

Dear Ladies,
If you want to turn your husband or boyfriend into the sexiest gentleman to whom the art of seduction comes second nature: buy Boss Bottled Night as a Christmas present. Your Christmas will be magical, I promise! 😉