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Spring 2014 Men’s Fashion: Dos and Don’ts

Published March 26, 2014 by The Feminist

With spring in the air, I think it is about time we focus on what we want men to wear this spring/summer. Because no matter how fabulous you may look in your new outfit, all of that glamour will disappear, if the man walking next to you looks like a boring drab.

The following list is my personal view on this season’s trends. So dear male readers, take pen and paper because here are the dos and don’ts for this spring!

Do: Flowers here, Flower there, Flowers everywhere

What better way to embrace spring fashion than by introducing some flowers into your wardrobe?

I love this nonchalant, casual version of flower print in the collection of Dries Van Noten, because even the biggest fashion nitwit will be able to pull off this look. (No offence 😉 )

dries van noten

And if you want to try something bolder, go for this oriental floral print by Prada.


Important side note: Make sure you don’t look like Hugh Hefner.

gucci hugh

That’s a no no.

Do: Think Pink

To all the pussies out there, who are afraid to wear pink: Start simple with a couple of pink accents instead of going for the full pink look. This outfit from Versace shows you how it is done.


Once you’ve grown accustomed to showing some pink, why not try a pink jacket. This sporty yet classy coat from Lanvin is absolutely fabulous and über cool.

lanvin pink

And last but not last, for the dare devils among you who like to shock with an overdose of pink:  what about this flashy pink Tom Ford suit?

tom ford

Don’t: Shorter than Short Shorts

I consider myself an admirer of the fit and muscular male body and I am usually a fan of men showing some of that fabulously tanned skin, but – dear God!- short shorts are just not flattering. Even the handsomest of men with the most amazing thighs would not be able to pull this off. It’s simply… too… short.

shorty shorts



Don’t: Tune in for the Tunic

No matter how much they may have appeared on the runway this season; the well-tailored tunic is just a hideous example of experimental fashion gone wrong.

vivienne westwood

I mean, what the hell is this?

spencer hart


If I were a Boy… I would totally buy this!

Published August 3, 2013 by The Feminist

A couple of weeks ago, my brother asked me if I wanted to accompany him to the men’s department at Zara. He had set his eyes on a waistcoat on sale and wanted to hear my opinion before buying it. (I looooove playing personal shopper!) While he was twirling around in his waistcoat in front of the mirror- he looked pretty fab, I might add- I was being drawn to the men’s fall collection, completely forgetting the main goal of my brother’s shopping adventure, the waistcoat. Let me tell you something about the men’s fall collection at Zara: it is so ridiculously cool and classy that for one nanosecond I wished I could wear those clothes!

Seriously, just look at this freakily awesome, super dapper and stylish as hell black blazer with leather sleeves.

zara blazer

A lot of young men out there (like my brother), for some reason, find this too classy for their age. “I’m too young to wear suits on a daily basis”, my ignorant brother bluntly stated when I ran over to him in utter euphoria with this blazer in my hand. Well, to quote Neil Patrick Harris, aka Barney on How I Met Your Mother, first of all: “It’s a blazer, not a suit.”, so you are definitely not too young to wear this one-piece-wonder. And secondly, every man, whether he is 18 (I’m looking at you, baby bro’) or 88 can rock – and should rock- a suit. So “Suit up!”

The regular visitors of my blog will know by now that I am a fierce advocate of suit-wearing men. It is by far the best and sexiest garment a man can wear. Every time I hear someone question the importance of having and wearing a suit, I immediately jump into its glorious defense. An argument that always seems to persuade even the most skeptical of suit dummies, is when I refer to the TV- series Suits. It is witty, it is fast and all the men wear suits. It’s the best TV-series to have ever been created in the long history of TV-series. Those of you who still don’t watch it: shame on you! And those of you who do, probably know that season 3 started a couple of weeks ago. There was this one scene (was it episode 1 or 2?), in which the almighty Harvey Specter steps out of his mustang with so much flair and grace, and wearing a suit and sunglasses, that it made my knees wobble.

suits car

Harvey Specter. A better argument to persuade suit-skeptics doesn’t exist. He is what suits (both the garment and the TV –series) are all about: he’s cool, classy, sexy, smart, smooth and dapper all at the same time. Every woman wants her Harvey Specter. Someone with great intelligence, with guts, with a sense of humour, with eloquence and last but not least with a marvelous sense of style. A suit epitomizes all these things and much much more.

Oh, and before I forget: Guys, if you buy this blazer, you should definitely buy this shirt as well. You will have to fight the women off of you, I promise!

zara hemd

5 Tips to Style your Guy on Holiday

Published July 6, 2013 by The Feminist

zara men total look

No matter how intelligent your guy may be, most men are real dummies when it comes to clothes, especially when they need to go on holiday. Why is it that they will always end up wearing a boring white t-shirt with a basic Bermuda short? Or –pure horror– white socks in orthopedic sandals? Seriously, there is more to holiday fashion than a couple of boring ol’ t-shirts and dorky socks.

Here are 5 fashion tips that will definitely kick your man’s holiday outfit up a notch!

1) Say no to speedo!

Whether he wants to go for a swim or work on his tan by the swimming pool, go for casual yet cool swim shorts. (The only people allowed to wear speedos are synchronized divers and Ryan Lochte)

swim short1

swim short

2) It’s all in the accessories!

Who says men can’t wear accessories? It’s the perfect way to spice up a basic shirt or vest!

river island yellow colour block sunglasses


river island aztec print bow tie

3) The Print makes the man!

First of all, I would like to comment that when I say “print”, I definitely do NOT mean those horribly drab “let’s all wear t-shirts with numbers on them because it makes us look oh so preppy” kinda prints… I. Hate. Those.
If your guy has those dreadful number prints in his closet, please do me a favour: burn them! Burn them all!


Instead go for super cool Aztec prints

asos shirt

Funky animal prints

asos shirt zebra

Or very artsy prints

asos tree print

4) Short suit, long summer!

Every woman knows that a suit can utterly transform a man. When you’re on holiday, however, a suit is often far too formal. (and too warm, especially during a heat wave) Still, you want your boo to look dashing when you go out for dinner at night and that’s where the short suit comes in! A slim fit blazer with a straight fit short. Cotton. Light Fabric. Light Colour. Merely describing it makes me giggle out of sheer adoration.

short suitGood

5) The Hawaiian shirt, 2.0

I know, until recently the Hawaiian shirt was numero uno in the “no-go” category of men’s fashion. It was considered to be old fashioned, ridiculous and incredibly geeky. But let’s forget all our previous assumptions about these floral goodies, because –believe it or not- the Hawaiian shirt is back in style! And it looks good! That is, if you buy the right Hawaiian print and choose the right fit. Remember, you want your guy to look incredibly fashionable, not like he’s wearing something that seems to come straight out of a gift shop in Honolulu.



Rainy day treats

Published April 18, 2013 by The Feminist

guys voor

Although the title may suggest otherwise, this is not a post about food, cake or baking. Believe me when I say that I completely understand the urge to indulge yourself in something sweet when it is raining cats and dogs outside. However, “something sweet” does not necessarily have to come out of the oven and contain sugar, it may also refer to the selection of man candy below.

Just like a cake that comes straight out of the oven, these men are sweet, yummy, delicious and hot. Luckily for all of us ladies (and the not so straight gentlemen) these guys do not contain calories, so please don’t feel guilty of absolutely enjoying this post. You’re supposed to! 😉

So wherever you are when you’re reading this – it doesn’t necessarily have to rain- I hope you’ll have a moment of pure joy…

Oh, and by the way: should you for some inexplicable reason feel guilty for objectifying these guys, just remember:

men feelings

Are you ready?






I know you feel better now. 😉

Hey guys: Act tough, wear pink!

Published March 20, 2013 by The Feminist

men spring1
Pastels. They are most commonly associated with women’s fashion and accessories. This spring, however, men are also allowed to wear sweet candy-coloured clothes, but instead of using the word “pastel” they prefer the term “chalky” (sounds much more butchy! 😉 )

A lot of men are reluctant to try these colours, because they believe it would make them look “gay”. But let me tell you something, male readers: there is nothing sexier than a man wearing elegant pastels chalky colours! It makes men look cool, dashing (when was the last time you’ve ever been called dashing? Unless your name is James Bond, I’m guessing NEVER! ) and incredibly gentlemen-like! I especially love chalky colours on blazers, shirts and suits.


Why can’t you guys look like these gentlemen:

men fashion pastel

men spring4

But my ultimate personal favourite has to be pastel pink. For some reason pink is thought of as the epitome of femininity. Wearing pink equals crying in public, showing your emotions or owning a Chihuahua. Pink is for woosies!

Think again, dear gentlemen! Pink represents confidence. Wearing pink means you’re brave enough to be in tough with your softer side WITHOUT losing your inner Tarzan! Wearing pink is sexy! So throw all your previous “pink is for sissies” assumptions overboard and embrace your pink-loving side! You know you want to… 😉

men spring

men fashion pinl

Hey guys, don’t you get it? There is more to fashion than sweaters and jeans!

Published December 17, 2012 by The Feminist

men fashion

A good friend of mine asked me to write a post on men’s fashion. Who am I to decline such a request? According to friend X the average man doesn’t seem to realise that there are better (much much better!) looks out there than the oh so typical jeans-t-shirt-sneakers look. I don’t know about you, dear readers, but I think my friend has a really good point!

The average male student at my university looks like this:
• blue/grey/black jeans: DULL!
• t-shirt with cliché print: DRAB!
• Superdry or Abercrombie & Fitch sweater: BORING!
• Pair of worn out All Stars: YAAAAAAWN!

Seriously guys! Can’t you see that is just the most boring, uninteresting and lifeless look EVER! It is basically a whole lot of nothing! Am I being harsh? Well, I’m sorry if I offended you, but sometimes the truth needs to be told! Deal with it!

However, Fashion Food and Flirts wouldn’t be Fashion,Food and Flirts, if I didn’t have some great tips for all of you. Let’s pimp your wardrobe, shall we? 🙂
The holidays are coming up. The perfect time to invest in some classy and festive clothes, you can actually wear every single day of the year. Brace yourselves fellas, we are going to make real gentlemen out of you!
A suit is the epitome of style and elegance. It is perfect for Christmas and New Year’s Eve but the individual pieces can also be worn all year round. Why don’t you wear a waistcoat on top of your t-shirt or jumper? Or a suit jacket? It can transform something really mundane into something extraordinarily edgy!

It’s all about colour!

Question: Are most men colourblind? Because, hellooooo, there are actually more colours on this planet beside grey, blue and black.
This burgundy red suit for instance. Classy, elegant and drop dead gorgeous!men fashion 3

Do you want to touch me?

Mix and match various types of fabrics that beg to be touched! What could be more arousing than a soft velvet jacket?men fashion2µ

Think Print!

Baroque, checkers, psychedelic colourblocking or leopard print (yes, leopard print!) As long as it’s bold, big and beautiful!

men fashion1men fashion5men fashion4