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Pretty Plum: My New Favourite Fall Colour

Published September 24, 2014 by The Feminist

Since autumn has now officially arrived, I believe it is only fair to start talking about what to wear this fall. Whereas I would normally bombard you with different trends and micro trends, I will now stick to the essentials. Because let’s face it, there is only one thing you really need to know about the fashion for fall 2014…and for once, it is a trend that is easy to remember:



This has got to be the most beautiful colour on the planet.

So no matter whether you’re going for a gypsy look, French avant-garde chic or sporty nonchalance, it will always look 100 per cent fab if you wear it with a touch of this dark red/ deep purple plum.

Here are a couple of my favourite plummy things:


This gorgeous Giorgio Armani bag is just to die for, both figuratively (because très pretty) and financially (because très expensive).

plum tods

Or what do you think about these sandals by Tod’s? Just wear them with some opaque panties or some cute socks and you are good to go!

plum topshop shoe

Or you can go for this more affordable version at Topshop


A plum felt floppy hat is at the top of my wish list at the moment.

Plum is also a great colour for men’s clothes as well! A plum suit has got to be my favourite male look for this season, so if you guys want to get my approval (and a possible sexy glare): put on a plum suit.

plum dude

Just sayin’.

And if I would have to name one ultimate plum accessory, without a doubt, it would have to be the plum lips. Could there possibly be anything sexier than those deep red lips, looking all shiny and rich as if you’ve just drunk an entire bottle of red wine?



Every designer label has its own plum lipstick version, but if you are looking for a more affordable version: the Infallible Lipstick by L’Oreal in Persistent Plum is pretty perfect too.

plum lip

But if you’re ready to go all out and spend loads of money on lipstick: buy this Bruised Plum lipstick by Tom Ford. It looks expensive, it feels expensive, it is expensive.

plum tom ford

But hell, it makes you look like a true femme fatale meets powerful business woman, so I really don’t know why you’re not running to the shop as we speak!

In Defense of Yellow Lipstick: embrace the J.LO in you!

Published June 7, 2013 by The Feminist


Although I consider myself a fashionista, there are some fashion and beauty trends that I would never ever wear.
a) Because it’s a ghastly/ ridiculous/stupid/ ugly trend
b) Because I’m simply not brave enough to wear it

Yellow lipstick falls under the latter category. We’ve seen a lot of bright lipsticks on the runway this season. Apart from yellow, there was bright green (oh my!), blue (jeez!), orange(beauty!) and fuchsia (hell yeah!). They all look absolutely fabulous and oh-so cool, but still I’ve only dared to put on fuchsia lipstick so far. (Correction: I am IN LOVE with my fuchsia lipstick!)


Why is that? I mean, just look at J.LO in her new Video “ Live It Up“. She looks so beautiful and diva-ish with her yellow lipstick!

yellow lipstick

Why then can’t I give this colour a go? My subconscious keeps telling me I would look like a fool and that people would stare at me and think I’m an idiotic wannabe…I am just not brave enough to face my insecurities. I am not brave enough to take a fashion-leap forward. Which is a total shame, since yellow lipstick is breathtakingly gorgeous!


Maybe we all just have to face the truth: not all fashion and beauty trends are made to be worn outside fashion shows and photo shoots. It’s a sad thing. But it is the truth.
Still, one question remains: is yellow lipstick one of them? What do you think? 😉

Kiss me Quick: Kissable Lips with Clinique

Published March 28, 2013 by The Feminist

clinique chubby stick intense
I don’t usually write product reviews. Especially not about beauty products, since I don’t consider myself a true expert, merely a sincere beauty product lover. Times are changing, however, because I recently purchased the most wonderful beauty product on the planet. I haven’t been that excited about a make-up product since my former BFF gave me a Chanel duo eyeshadow kit for my 18th birthday. (which is a very long time ago)

I’m talking about the ‘Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm’. The very cute crayon-like lip balms are very simple to apply, which is a very good thing for people with early signs of Parkinson’s every time they want to apply lipstick. (I’m not talking about myself, though, because I happen to have an surgeon’s steady hand, that would even make Doctor McDreamy blush!)

The colours are indeed very intense. The colour of the crayon is what you will get on your lips and that is a very rare thing! I mean, when was the last time the colour of a lipstick actually delivered the same degree of intensity on your lips?

Although the colour is really intense, I still believe you could wear these on a day to day basis. (Your trip to the grocery store was never so classy!) I bought the shade “Plushest Punch” to reflect this spring’s biggest make-up trend: fuchsia lips! What do you think of the colour?


On top of that, these chubby sticks really hydrate your lips! (hence the term “lip balm” 😉 ) and it gives your lips a creamy feel .


I think I’ll never get enough of this chubby stick.

What about you, do you have one in your beauty kit?

“A girl can’t read this sort of thing without her lipstick.” -Audrey Hepburn

Published September 19, 2012 by The Feminist

Yes, this is yet another blog about fashion. And oh yes, this is yet another blog about food. And to make things even worse, this blog will combine both of these very cliché topics. I say, deal with it.

Fashion and food are simply two things that are very important in life, because we all need to get dressed in the morning and we all need to eat. It is true that we could all easily survive on a closet of plain sweatshirts and sneakers and on a diet of greasy chips and bland sausages, but where is the fun in that? Every woman wants to feel and be treated like a princess. Correction, every woman SHOULD feel and be treated like a princess! You don’t have to be married to Prince William to feel like royalty, just a couple of high heels and a cupcake will do. So ladies, embrace your inner Duchess of Cambridge and be ready to glam up your life!

But this blog is about more than just fashion and food. As the title may suggest, it’s about Flirts as well. Because, let’s be honest here, on a very bad day – when everything seems to be going horribly horribly wrong- fancy clothes and delicious food just won’t be enough. The only thing that can lift your spirits at that particular moment is a very sexy and ridiculously handsome dude. And I am eternally grateful that Hollywood has produced so many films and TV-series so that we can easily  indulge in this craving for sun kissed six-packs.

So be prepared for a lot of clothes, because we should be allowed to WEAR everything, from the perfect pencil skirt to a pair of studded sneakers.

Be prepared for a lot of food, because we should be allowed to EAT everything, from spicy noodles to gooey desserts.

And last but not least, be prepared for a lot of hotties, because we should be allowed to DROOL over every sexy fellow that comes along, from Ryan –the Notebook- Gosling to Ed- Chuck Bass- Westwick.