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I’m not crazy, I just think more complex than you

Published December 25, 2012 by The Feminist

Okay, so maybe I am a little bit crazy. Sometimes I think that if people actually saw what I did on weekends, I would have my own reality show by now. Craziness – how I see it anyway – means that you don’t fit the mold. It means that you prefer doing something unexpected, rather than doing something everyone else does too. You have the courage to swim against the tide and to be original. And if that makes people call you crazy, so be it. I don’t know about you, dear readers, but I would rather be called crazy and stand out from the crowd than just be plain ordinary and fit in.

So, I would like you all to embrace your crazy side and to let your overactive imagination run wild. Be unique! So long as you don’t start eating couch cushions like that lady on ‘My Strange Addiction’ , because compared to her level of insanity we’re just a bunch of wannabe crazy bitches. 😉crazy1

When the rum is never gone: Caribbean baking

Published December 16, 2012 by The Feminist

Jack Sparrow would have loved this one! Caramelized bananas, crisp puff pastry and a good dash of rum turned this dead easy tart into a true Caribbean delight. Not only was it ridiculously easy and quick to make (ANYONE can do it!), but it also transports your taste buds to sunnier and more exotic places.

It may be raining outside, but with the help of this tart, these bloody raindrops will turn into bright blue oceans. Mark my words, this afternoon I will be lying on the beach, drinking rum with Jack Sparrow and singing “Yo ho ,yo ho , a pirate’s life for me!” Because, with the right amount of imagination and a good slice of homemade deliciousness, anything is possible!

Where there is no imagination, there is no horror

Published October 31, 2012 by The Feminist

I’ve never been very subtle when it comes to expressing my likes and dislikes, so why start now, right? If my previous posts about my love for pumpkins haven’t made it clear, I will say it one last time: I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!!!
Not because of the decoration ( I HATE the corny decoration!) and not because of the horror ( I am a TOTAL WUSS !) but because of all the YUMMY FOOD!!
What could be better than cooking a Halloween dinner? Cooking a Halloween dinner while being dressed like a vampire, of course!
On the menu: all things orange
• Pumpkin coriander dip with grissini
• Pumpkin soup with goats cheese and Black Forest ham
• Eerie pumpkin cupcakes (To be honest, I actually tried to make a spider web frosting but failed miserably. So I thought “eerie” was a better description 😉 )