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My favorite word: supermegafoxyawsomehot

Published November 22, 2012 by The Feminist


It’s a bit childish, I know. But sometimes you just think something- or better: SOMEONE- is that hot, you are simply lost for words. On such rare occasions it is much cooler to impress people with a rather absurd non-existent word than to sit in awe and stare. (And possibly drool, which is even more embarrassing 😉 )

I guess, you are all wondering who, in my humble opinion, deserves to be called supermegafoxyawesomehot, right?

1) It is no secret that I have a huge celebrity crush on Darren Criss. (Blush) And when I saw him perform an acoustic version of Teenage Dream on Glee, I simply melted. In order to get myself together, I shouted “supermegafoxyawesomehot” at my television screen. It didn’t really help, but it was so much fun!

2) I was in the German city Bonn last week where we went to visit a museum. I normally don’t really like visiting museums that much, but that was before I saw this supermegafoxyawesomehot guy walking around! Suddenly I wasn’t just looking at all the images, I was reading all of the accompanying captions as well, just to make sure he would notice me. He didn’t, but I had so much fun!

It doesn’t really matter when you use the word, but make sure that when you do decide to say it, you mean every single syllable of it!(yes, all nine of them!)

Some like it hot

Published November 12, 2012 by The Feminist

“The hotter the better” has been my personal mantra for years. I use chili peppers as if they were ordinary vegetables, I add Tabasco/ Sambal/ harissa to practically everything and I simply cannot eat a pizza without some hot chili oil. (yes, it is that bad!) I honestly believed I could practically handle any hot dish… until I tried the “firecracker chicken : super spicy” at Wagamama this weekend.

Don’t get me wrong , it was absolutely to die for! Unfortunately not just figuratively but literally as well. The sweet- and-spicy sauce was deliciously fragrant, the chicken was moist and the vegetables still crunchy. It was in every possible way the perfect dish…

Then the chilies started to kick in. I started to sweat, my eyes teared up and it felt as if someone was sticking one hundred needles into my stomach. (yes, it was that bad!)
But no matter who f***ing spicy the firecracker chicken was, I still love spicy food! I dare say I love it even more! The “Oh my God this is delicious/ I am going to die” episode at Wagamama made me realize that there is still so much about spicy food that I have yet to discover.

So , instead of giving my stomach some time to relax, I cooked a lamb vindaloo the other day. And yes, it sure as hell was delicious! And yes, it sure as hell was spicy! But that’s the way it should be!
Life is too short to eat bland food!