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15 reasons why a Bruno Mars concert is better than sex

Published October 18, 2013 by The Feminist


The Moonshine Jungle Tour. Just the title of his tour alone creates a mysterious vibe of awesomeness and sheer sublimity. Needless to say that when I went to see Bruno Mars in Antwerp last night, it was indescribably amazing. I can honestly say that it was the best concert I’ve ever been to in my entire life! And I’ve been to quite a few, trust me.
When the concert was over and the audience was heading towards the exit, I heard someone say:
“He’s the new Michael Jackson!”
A couple of minutes later my friend said: “Even I can’t move my hips like that!”
And then another woman added: “Everyone should have a Bruno Mars at home!”
I think it’s safe to say that every single woman in the audience- and a few men, I’m sure- fell in love with him that night. I don’t blame them. Hell, I’m one of them!
And here’s why:
1. He is hot!
Like… smokin’ hot. My BFF shouted in my ear after the first song: “He’s way better looking in real life than on TV!” She was so right. And even on TV he’s already of an insane level of hotness, so imagine how crazy we all got when we discovered he was hotter than a Scotch Bonnet chilli pepper!


2. His music gets you dancing!
It was simply impossible not to let the groove get in! The ‘Treasure’-dance routine included!
3. There is never a dull moment!
His music goes from rock to reggae, from soul to disco, from heavy dancing to acoustic serenades… There is so much variety in his show, you would almost start to think you’re on this crazy LSD trip through Disneyland!
4. His smile!

bruno smile
5. You scream and sing your lungs out without even considering you might look like a complete retard.
I seriously needed cough drops afterwards. Enough said.
6. The little dance choreos with the band are so cute.
Bruno Mars and his crew are off the charts with their impeccably synchronized and awesome dance moves!


7. Bruno plays the drums like a pro!

bruno drums

8. The way he moves is so sexy!
Forget J.T, people! If there is one fellow out there who can really make you drool from utter delight by simple moving his hips, it is my man Bruno!
9. He’s a vocal superstar!
Seriously, after all that dancing, jumping around and what not, his voice still doesn’t crack!
10. Philip Lawrence is hilarious!

And absolutely brilliant!


11. His hair!

bruno hair
Like… wow!
12. When he started “Marry Me”, the audience turned into a group of love struck chirpy teenagers!
Yes, I even bet some husbands who were forced to come to the concert were silently grinning with glee…
13. Gorilla
This is by far the sexiest song he ever wrote and during his show the musical genius saved the best for last. The grand finale was a show stopping performance –with palm trees and a dangerous looking gorilla- in which he passionately declared how much he wanted to get down and dirty… I’m sure everyone at that moment wanted to bang on his chest-Bang! Bang!- like a Gorilla 😉

bruno gorlla

14. He’s such a player… and we love him for it!
When he shouted “Do you love me?” , the audience went absolutely… utterly… irrevocably… mental! I actually thought at one point that I was going to lose all self-control and throw my bra at him…
I didn’t. But the fact that I even considered it, says a lot!
15. The Bruno hip thrust!
Michael Jackson grabbed his crotch, but Bruno has a far more appealing way of letting us know he’s feeling … euhm… in the mood.

With every thrust I could practically hear ovaries exploding everywhere!