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Splendid Summer, Splendid Shoes: Preparing for Cannes

Published July 8, 2014 by The Feminist


I am leaving for the glitz and glam of Cannes in a couple of days – *feel free to insert an envious grunt*– and since Cannes is famous for being all classy and glamourous, it is essential that I look great. (Obviously.) So no white socks in crocs for me. (Not that I would ever wear white socks… or crocs… or wear both of them together… I would rather die… but you get my drift)

Instead I’m spending a lot of time these days selecting the most fashionable of holiday wardrobes. Not just funky dresses and chic jumpsuits, but fab day outfits as well that will turn hiking into an ultra-posh event.

And with the right outfit go the right shoes. From comfy but bold to sky high and fabulous, there is one suitable pair for every occasion! Here is a list of all the types of shoes I would ideally like to take with me to Cannes. But since I am neither rich nor famous, I will always suggest a more affordable alternative as well. 😉

1) The thrill of the espadrille

A couple of years ago, these type of flats would have been “not done” in fashionable Cannes, but nowadays the classic espadrille has become so immensely popular that even the rich folk on la Croisette can no longer ban so much cooldom in one shoe.

For the rich and famous:

espadrille stella mccartney

(by Stella McCartney)

For mere mortals:

espadrille lace

espadrille leo

(both from Asos)

2) Extravagant pumps or sandals…

… preferably with some transparent detail.
If you want to ooze confidence, glam and an I-don’t-need-a-sugar-daddy-to-make-me-happy spirit, these are the shoes you need to wear!

For the rich and famous:


(by Christian Louboutin, sigh.)

For mere mortals:

asos shoes

(by Asos, hip hip hurray!)

3) As brogue as can be

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you will have noticed that women suits or hotter than hot. What used to be a solely male garment has now entered a woman’s closet as well and is regarded as the best thing since  the push up bra (or is that just me?) . The same thing can be said for the shoes that usually go with the male suit, because the so-called brogues are my favourite It-shoes. Not only does it look fab under a suit, but it is also a cool option for your summer holiday, because it is comfy and way more original than those boring ballerinas. (yawn!)

For the rich and famous:

brogues louboutin

(Louboutin, again.)

For mere mortals:


(Asos, again. Thank God for Asos!)

To Clutch or Not To Clutch: It Should No Longer Be A Question

Published April 29, 2014 by The Feminist

… Because clutches are absolutely awesome.

I have to admit that over the past few years, I have always admired clutches from afar, because even though they were adorable, elegant and wickedly cool, they always seemed far too impracticable to me. Especially in comparison to the ordinary bag, which you can just swing across your shoulder and use as a hiding place for practically everything (from make-up bags to blister emergency kits).

However, it is starting to get impossible not to fall in love with a clutch. They are everywhere. And they are pretty. So so so damn pretty.

Yes, they are still the most impractical bags on the planet, but oh my sweet Lord, some of them are just works of art! So now I am sort of obsessed with them and I really really want to buy one. They are the epitome of stylish extravaganza and they can pimp any ordinary outfit and turn it into something magical. The list below contains some of my favourite designer clutches. Needless to say that I cannot afford them. But a girl can dream.

In the meantime I will spend my time looking for a more affordable clutch that is at least slightly reminiscent of some of the absolutely bonkers clutches from my list.

Charlotte Olympia is the Queen of crazy clutches: this one is called “Shell shocked”


clutch charlotte olympia

Marchesa’s interpretation of flower power:


Alexander McQueen: master of psychedelic prints

clutch alexander

Jimmy Choo’s Cairo Clutch is simply divine

clutch choo cairo elaphe

This beautifully funky Watermelon clutch is by Edie Parker

clutch edie parker goed

Christian Louboutin: elegant pastel studs, who knew it was possible?


Back to the Roaring Twenties: Style Inspiration from The Great Gatsby

Published May 5, 2013 by The Feminist


Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation of one of the greatest novels of all time has led to some major Gatsby fever. The Great Gatsby is literally everywhere: we’re bombarded with movie snapshots, trailers and interviews with the cast. But the most exciting part about the most hyped movie of the year by far, is the fashion of Daisy Buchanan and co. I am dead serious when I say that I wish I had lived in that era (fashion-wise that is) since the fashion of the Roaring Twenties is the perfect representation of what my personal style is all about: Decadence and luxury all drenched in an inappropriately large quantity of Moët & Chandon champagne! 😉 During the Roaring Twenties the hemlines became shorter and waistlines became looser. All the glamorous socialites were clad in marabou feathers (Oh my!), furs (though I would now opt for a more animal-friendly faux-fur piece) and bedazzled headpieces (Admit it! You want one of those!) . What’s more: practically all women had short hair! (like me!) Sigh. I would have been such a fabulous flapper girl…

the great gatsby1

the great gatsby daisy

The costumes were designed by Catherine Martin (who won an Oscar for best Costume design for Moulin Rouge), in collaboration with none other than Miuccia Prada! The collection oozes sophistication and avant-garde exuberance: just look at the ‘chandelier dress’ Carey Mulligan got to wear on set:

the great gatsby chandelier

And if you thought things couldn’t get any better: America’s luxury brand Brooks Brothers designed over 500 suits for the entire male cast! Leonardo DiCaprio looks incredible in his white suit…

the great gatsby white suit

Oh Leo….

the great gatsby glass

So before you buy your tickets, I suggest you get into that sizzling Roaring Twenties vibe first : Buy that flapper dress (the bolder the better!) and take that extra sip of champagne! Fitzgerald would definitely approve 😉