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Chaos, Cupcakes and Cobblestones

Published September 27, 2013 by The Feminist


You know those weeks when all you want to do is cry, drown yourself in red wine, choke yourself in chocolate bonbons and watch Titanic over and over again? Well….

This was definitely NOT one of those weeks! In fact, it was quite the opposite.


But it kinda was a fantastic week. Quite chaotic, but for once I didn’t mind. I think my general aversion of chaos was smothered by all that excitement and euphoria of meeting new people, discovering new places and learning new stuff. I know this may make me seem like a bit of a nerd (guilty!) but during my first classes at university this week I sort of had a revelation.


Well, sort of anyway. Yes, Lena Dunham is still pretty cool but at least I’m not wearing monstrous dresses at red carpet events. (Did you see the dress she wore at the Emmys? It was as if she had wrapped herself in a roll of children’s wallpaper.) I’m smart (Move over Sheldon Cooper!), can cook (Move over Nigella!) and I am exuberantly mentally creative (Move over Lady Gaga!)

Okay, so before you start thinking I might be high on LSD or other illegal stimulants, I’m not. I’m just incredibly elated, and every time when I’m elated, I tend to exaggerate and declare myself the new Queen of the World. Deal with it. (The way I see it, being an epitome of awkward exaggeration is way better than drowning yourself in red wine and crying over Leonardo Dicaprio. )

Because I was so damn happy, and because I wanted to celebrate overcoming my fear of chaos, I decided to treat myself to a delicious cupcake. I live in the medieval city of Ghent, Belgium, and when you say “cupcake” in Ghent, the name “Julie’s House” is likely to echo immediately afterwards. This sugar Walhalla is the place-to-be if you are ready to succumb to the temptation of devouring delicate cupcakes, delectable pies and devilishly delicious cakes. So if you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood, not going there would be considered a crime.

I opted for a “speculoos” cupcake. Speculoos is a typically Belgian biscuit, quite similar to the British gingerbread or the German Lebkuchen, only better. Heaven.


Although this week will go down in history books as “a marvelous week to remember” there was one moment, however, on which I was fighting the urge to bang my head against the wall and shout all kinds of nasty stuff at the people walking by, staring at me with an uncomfortable expression on their faces. Like I told you, I live in Ghent. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit the city, you will most likely know that the city centre is a maze of cobblestone streets. Although cobblestone streets look amazing, they are an absolute horror to walk on, especially if you’re wearing high heels. So there I was, walking through the streets with my head stuck in the clouds, overtly happy with a stupid grin on my face and silently humming a Taylor Swift song, when suddenly one of my heels got caught between the cobblestone blocks. And just like the Colossus on the Island of Rhodes, I fell down. My newly-gained confidence lay shattered on the ground. It hurt. Not just because I ended up with some bruises, but because all the people in the street were gawking at me as if I were a terribly bad street artist.

The normal reaction to a painful event like this would be: “I’m never wearing high heels again, definitely not on these streets.” But, hey, it’s me we’re talking about. I don’t do flats.


So to conclude: it was a crazy week. Full with chaos, cupcakes and cobblestones. What more could you possibly want?

Crazy-ass Cupcakes: Chilli-chocolate-thyme cupcakes with thyme and honey frosting

Published May 18, 2013 by The Feminist


I know what you’re all thinking right now: Freak. Nut job. Completely bonkers.

Although I will not deny all these accusations (they are –after all- true) , the fact that you honestly believe that putting thyme and chilli in cupcakes is “not done”, frankly, says more about you than me.

Why are you so afraid to live on the crazy-side of life? Aren’t you tired of eating plain vanilla cupcakes? Wouldn’t you prefer being blown away by awesomely extravagant flavours?

If you are ready to step away from the ordinary vanillas of life and embrace your inner freaky chilli personality, this recipe is definitely something for you! The chocolate provides that reassuring comfort, whereas the chilli and thyme blow your flavour palette wide open. The fresh thyme adds a distinct flowery aroma to the sponge and the chilli creates that little tingle on your tongue, without completely overpowering all the other flavours or making your eyes water. The intriguing honey comes through in the end, composing a taste-bud tickling aftertaste drenched in heavenly sweetness…


Chilli-chocolate-thyme cupcakes with thyme and honey frosting

Ingredients (makes 6)

For the sponge:
• 20gr unsalted butter
• 10gr cocoa powder
• 50gr plain flour
• 70gr caster sugar
• ¾ tsp baking powder
• ¼ tsp (hot!) chilli powder
• 1 tbsp of fresh thyme leaves
• 1 egg
• 50ml milk

For the frosting:
• 50gr unsalted butter
• 75gr icing sugar
• 4 tbsp runny honey
• Pinch of chilli powder
• Fresh thyme


1. Preheat the oven to 170°C. Put the butter, sugar, flour, baking powder, cocoa powder and chilli powder in a large bowl and mix until you get a sandy consistency.
2. Slowly pour in the milk and add the egg, mixing well until all the ingredients are combined.
3. Stir through the fresh thyme.
4. Spoon the mixture into cupcake cases and bake into the oven for 20 minutes. Leave to cool completely before frosting.
5. For the frosting, mix together the butter, sugar, chilli powder and honey until it is smooth and glossy. Spread a generous amount of frosting onto each cupcake and sprinkle on some fresh thyme leaves.

What my shopping trip looked like: hysteric crying, euphoric laughing and Audrey Hepburn trousers

Published April 12, 2013 by The Feminist

zara shopping
A couple of days ago I wrote about a River Island outfit I absolutely adored. Loyal readers among you may remember I asked you all to join me in a “ cyber-telekinesis-séance kinda thing” to make sure that I would actually find the outfit in the River Island store…. (If you don’t recall making such a promise, click here )

Well, guess what, darlings? Your positive mojo didn’t work! I couldn’t find the awesome graphic leggings or the cute lime crop top! I walked through the shop yesterday like a crazy person: hyperventilating, almost bursting out into tears, mumbling to myself: “Fucking hell, it’s not here! Why is it not here?”

For a brief moment, I even felt the urge to throw myself down on the ground, shouting like a big baby.

karen walker tragic

Luckily for me –and the other customers- I was able to get myself together and move on. I asked myself: What would Audrey Hepburn do?

And then I suddenly remembered one of my favorite fashion trends of this season. I have to admit that I tried to forget about this trend because I thought it would be “too fashionable” for Belgium. I’m talking about the check board print trend, inspired by none other than Marc Jacobs. I wrote about it some time ago (if you can’t remember, click here) and although it was love at first sight, I never thought I would be able to find anything that resembled the class and elegance from the Vuitton collection.

But then I went to Zara and totally found what I was looking for! A very elegant pair of checkered trousers! Audrey Hepburn style!


I also found an amazing yellow sheer blouse with a black bow to go with it and some AWESOME neon pumps!

What do you think? I can almost feel Audrey Hepburn looking down from above in approval! 😉


Weird but delicious food combinations: Mushroom risotto with gorgonzola stuffed pear

Published January 20, 2013 by The Feminist

When my mom saw what was on my plate, she was like: “Da Fuck??”

However, some food combinations that may seem very odd are actually really delicious! Take my mushroom risotto with gorgonzola stuffed pear, for instance. The sweetness of the pear blends so well with the pungent saltiness of the cheese and the earthiness of the mushrooms. Add to that the wonderful and comforting texture of the risotto and you may see why this dish is actually a piece of true genius!

What is your favourite weird food combination? Don’t be embarrassed about it. Share it. With me. From one weird food lover to another. Trust me, it’s very therapeutic!

Shall I go first? Well, another really strange food combination I absolutely adore is Brussels sprouts with peanut butter and rice noodles.

Okay, now it’s your turn 😉

I’m not crazy, I just think more complex than you

Published December 25, 2012 by The Feminist

Okay, so maybe I am a little bit crazy. Sometimes I think that if people actually saw what I did on weekends, I would have my own reality show by now. Craziness – how I see it anyway – means that you don’t fit the mold. It means that you prefer doing something unexpected, rather than doing something everyone else does too. You have the courage to swim against the tide and to be original. And if that makes people call you crazy, so be it. I don’t know about you, dear readers, but I would rather be called crazy and stand out from the crowd than just be plain ordinary and fit in.

So, I would like you all to embrace your crazy side and to let your overactive imagination run wild. Be unique! So long as you don’t start eating couch cushions like that lady on ‘My Strange Addiction’ , because compared to her level of insanity we’re just a bunch of wannabe crazy bitches. 😉crazy1

If Christmas Shopping makes you crazy: read this!

Published December 12, 2012 by The Feminist

Christmas is just around the corner. It is a time of corny Christmas songs and kitschy decorations. It is also about buying Christmas gifts for those you love. Most people LOVE Christmas but they HATE Christmas shopping: frenzied shopping malls, overpriced gifts and –especially- a lack of inspiration. There is simply too much stuff and too little time.
So if you still haven’t decided what to give your friends and family for Christmas (and if you could use some help): here is my ultimate list of Christmas gifts!
Ps: All characters mentioned in this list are the product of my overactive imagination and are purely fictional. Any resemblance to real family members and friends is entirely coincidental. 😉

1) For your BFF:

O.P.I Limited Edition Bond-ettes Mini Set: reveal your inner Bondgirl!

2) For your older –still single but ready to mingle- brother:
pick ups

Pick-ups and Come-ons Book: a collection of original phrases to make him irresistible!

3)For your younger brother:
christmas jumper

Blue Ho Ho Ho Christmas jumper: comfy, stylish and absolutely essential for the festive season

4) For your dad:

Wineopoly: Every man loves his wine, but instead of giving your dad a bottle or two, you can opt for a more original present. Wineopoly is monopoly (duh!) where players buy favorite wines and collect grapes. It’s all fun until you’re sent to the wine cellar to age and then you’re out of the game for three turns.

5) For your mom
fridge magnet

Hugh Jackman fridge magnet: uhm… no comment

6) For your grandma
tony bennett

Tony Bennett: The Classic Christmas Album: every granny loves a good crooner!

7) For your Grandpa

Crossword Mug: For someone whose perfect day starts with a mug of coffee and the morning crossword.

8) For your boyfriend

Navy Life Of Tailor polka dot bow tie: adds the perfect finishing touch to his Christmas outfit

9) For your 21 year old sister:


Bruno Mars 2013 Calendar: Maybe that only goes for me?