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Bold. Beautiful. British: a BAFTA red carpet report

Published February 9, 2015 by The Feminist

Whereas most eyes were fixed on the Grammys , there was also plenty of glitz and glamour happening across the Atlantic at the Baftas. As befits a proper posh British party, there were no weird, distasteful, skanky outfits detectable (eat this, Grammys!). On the contrary, this year’s Baftas was a celebration of sheer elegance!

Here is my shortlist:

Keira Knightley finally wears a dress that truly matches her pregnancy glow. Much better than the monstrosities you wore at the other award shows, Keira!


Eddie Redmayne, per usual, looks like an old-school, I-will-climb-your-ivory-tower gentleman in his velvet Armani suit and his wife Hannah Bagshaw is wearing a glorious dress that is making me even more envious of her being Eddie’s wife . Some girls truly have all the luck…


Natalie Dorner’s dress may not be mention-worthy enough to make it onto my best-dressed list but the gloves! Those gloves!


Not sure why both Lea and Monica look as if they got something sharp stuck up their ass. Why the sour faces, ladies? You both look stunning!


Sunglasses. At night. At a red carpet event. With a tux. And a scarf. Any other man who would ever dare to wear all these things together would look absolutely ridiculous… not Cuba Gooding Jr., though. He looks like a god. A weirdly awesome and bonkers god.


Luke Evans and Douglas Booth: not exactly memorable outfits, but who cares? Look at them. When you are that handsome, you could probably even pull off wearing a garbage sack as a pair of boxers. (Now, wouldn’t that be glorious?)



There was only one Hollywood actress that missed the elegant boat that night: Felicity Jones .

According to E! Online she “wowed” in this Dior gown…


Not sure what they mean with “wowed”, but it looks to me as if her dress has been made during “arts & crafts” hour by a group of pre-school toddlers.

The Meh, the Weird and the Fabulous: It’s The Grammys (What Else?)

Published February 9, 2015 by The Feminist

Last night the Grammys were –as expected- not only an ode to music, but also a celebration of weird and wonderful fashion. Some outfits were –yamn!- booorrrinnnngg, others were completely bonkers and –thank God!- some were absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful.

So without further ado, I present to you the Meh, the Weird and the Fabulous!

The Meh:

Miley Cyrus shows some skin… again…


Nicky Minaj… shows off her curves…and boobs… once more…


Nothing we haven’t seen before.

Although I absolutely adore Beyoncé and her sense of style, her choice of dresses has been rather predictable lately.


Black. Sheer. Lace. No matter how gorgeous this combo is, when you wear it all the freakin’ time, it can get quite dull, Queen Bey!

The Weird:

Madonna in Givenchy, also known as “This Is What Horror Looks Like”


I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something just seems off with Katy Perry’s dress…


Or maybe it’s just her purple hair that is making me hallucinate. Both are possible.

Lady Gaga:



The Fabulous:

Gwen Stefani looks fierce and foxy in Versace


Another Versace lover: Ariana Grande finally embraces her inner glamour queen and let go of the slutty teenager look. I wonder how long this is going to last though?


Taylor Swift demonstrates once again that you really can’t go wrong with Elie Saab. And I luvvv how she colour blocked her shoes with her dress. Go Taylor!


Iggy Azalea is elegant yet incredibly sexy in Armani Prive


Rita Ora shines –both literally and figuratively- on the Grammy red carpet in this stunning Prada sparkling silver gown. Gimme Gimme!


Normally, Rihanna doesn’t shy away from skin-showing, daring, provocative outfits, but let me tell you: this new, pink and puffy version of Rihanna is a true revelation!


I never thought the following words would ever pass my lips: I like what Kim Kardashian is wearing.



Surely, this must mark the end of the world?

Or maybe my approval of her dress has nothing to do with Mrs. West, but everything with the gorgeous design of Jean Paul Gaultier? Yes, it’s probably the latter. Everyone – even the skankiest skank (no offence, Kim)- would look classy in Gaultier.

Phew. Thank God that’s been cleared.

And here we have Jane Fonda in Balmain.


One word: WOW.

Let’s not forget that there were some fabulous men at the Grammy’s at well! Not a lot, I have to confess (most of them wore boring suits or weird gangsta outfits), but a couple of our favourite dudes opted for more class. For example the ever so cool Aloe Blacc.


SAG Awards 2015: Seriously. Alluring. Gowns.

Published January 26, 2015 by The Feminist

Last night the crème de la crème of Hollywood gathered together for the SAG Awards. This can only mean one thing: we’re again one step closure the big finale, i.e. The Oscars.

So without further ado, here is a quick summary of last night’s most fabulous  (or in some cases: most disastrous) looks:

In the category “White is not just for weddings”:

White gowns are usually associated with weddings and flying doves, but these two stunning leading ladies demonstrate that there is nothing more breathtaking than a white gown worn with an attitude. Please, give it up for …

Reese Witherspoon

sag reese

Viola Davis

sag vio

In the category “Purple Rain”:

sag k

It’s Keira Knightley, who still hasn’t figured out how to wear elegant pregnancy clothes that don’t look like a pile of granny tea towels.

sag cam

Although this category may contain one of the worst looks of the evening, it luckily also contains one of the night’s stunners. Camila Alves is the embodiment of pure elegance in this regal purple gown. Eat this, Keira!

In the category: No award show is complete without some dashing fellas

Camila’s husband, the ever so cool Matthew McConnaughey, shows everyone how it is done with this breathtakingly gorgeous tux. He’s the living proof that a suit doesn’t always have to be black.

sag matt

Side note: not so sure about that beard though.

sag eddie

Eddie Redmayne looks swoon worthy in this classic, yet stylish suit. I can’t wait what he has in store for us at the Oscars!

In the category: Dark hues = instant glamour… Or maybe not?

Black is always a safe choice when it comes to award shows, for it will give you an instant elegant look…

Or at least that was what I thought, because Patricia Arquette gives us all a demonstration of how a gown with a dark colour can actually be quite the opposite of elegant and can make you look like an Ursula impersonator.

sag pat

So thank God for Julia Roberts! Not only does her outfit look incredibly elegant, her choice to opt for an unconventional jumpsuit makes it also one of the quirkier looks of the evening.

sag julia

In the category “Showing cleavages doesn’t necessarily guarantee a sexy look”

Whereas Kate Hudson blew everyone away with her plunging neckline at the Golden Globes, Jennifer Anniston looks kinda… I don’t know… cheap?

sag jen

To be honest, I even think I once had a bed spread with that print. (In my defense, that was a long long long time ago.)

In the category “Wear the colours of the rainbow”

sag julianne

Julianne Moore wore one of my favourite dresses of the evening. This emerald green bejeweled beauty by Givenchy almost seems too gorgeous to be real.


Uzo Aduba is proving herself to be one hell of a stylish woman. I could stare at this bright yellow intricate gown for days.

sag jul

The phrase “feeling blue” is given an entirely different interpretation by the Good Wife star Julianna Margulies. Forget depressive thoughts, this cobalt blue dress could possibly be the epitome of optimism.

sag lup

And last but not least, how could someone ever do a red carpet recap without mentioning the gorgeous, the wonderful, the absolutely stunning Lupita Nyong’o? For the umpteenth time Lupita looks like a dream come true in this envious Elie Saab gown.

Sigh. We can’t I be a Hollywood star?

Bloody Brilliant BAFTAs

Published February 17, 2014 by The Feminist

The Royal Opera House was filled with Hollywood’s crème de la crème last night and –blimey!- the biggest names in cinema pulled out all the stops fashion wise.

I guess we can all agree that although 12 Years A Slave went home with Best Picture and Best Actor, Brangelina was the real winner of the night. The couple was the epitome of style and elegance in their coordinated tuxedos. Even though a tuxedo is traditionally designed to be a man’s outfit, Angelina outshines her hubby Brad on all levels. The undone bow tie, the sexy smoky eyes and those killer legs: Angelina shows us all how to rock a suit. She looks so damn great  that it even makes Brad’s very nice and dapper Valentino tux look rather meh.


Another winner of the night was Lupita Nyong’o. She may not have won the award for Best supporting Actress, but she definitely outshone Jennifer Lawrence in the fashion department. (Because Miss Lawrence was absent.) I simply love her Christian Dior emerald dress!

bafta lupita

Everyone kept raving about Cate Blanchett’s Alexander McQueen dress, but I honestly don’t know what the fuzz was all about. I mean, it looks a bit boring and too-tight-around-the-boob-area, if you ask me.


Dame Helen Mirren must have had a severe fashion meltdown right before the gala, because this mismatch of trends all rolled into one dress just screams “I have absolutely nothing to wear” –hysteria. (But give her some credit, ladies. We’ve all been through something similar at least once.)

bafta helen

The same kind of meltdown apparently happened to Maggie Gyllenhaal. I never thought I would say it, but in this case less is indeed more.


Michelle Rodriguez looked absolutely stunning in this bold dress with leather details.


Not to mention Noamie Harris! (Talking about hot pink!)

naomi harris bafta

Lily Allen wore one of my favourite dresses of the evening. I simply adore the bold summery colours and the bow on the back gives the ballroom gown a quirky twist.


French actress Lea Seydoux is a vision in this navy blue Miu Miu dress. The pearl details on the bustier and the sheer skirt revealing her long legs make everything look very bombshell elegant.

lea seydoux

Amy Adams did it again! Just when you thought she couldn’t possibly be more stylish, she went all out with this very intriguing black dress. It’s an evening gown with a collar. A collar!

EE British Academy Film Awards 2014 - VIP Arrivals

SAG Awards 2014: Oh No, Not Another Red Carpet Review

Published January 19, 2014 by The Feminist

Sorry folks, but this is yet another red carpet review. I just love looking at celebrities, criticizing their outfits and discussing their hotness, so I don’t think my red-carpet-review euphoria will end soon.

On the contrary, I’m just getting started! This is merely a warm-up session compared to what is yet to come- the grand finale of splendid gowns!- the Oscars.

So let the judging commence! May the fashion odds be ever in the celebrities’ favour!


I know I’m supposed to remain unbiased and everything but…. Holy moly Kerry Washington did it again! Here she is – in all her pregnancy glowing glory- and still pulling off a sparkled Prada pink crop top! Anyone else would look bloated, ridiculous or totally horrifying, but not Kerry. She proves once again what a great sense of style she has and may I just add that I really want a similar outfit like that (pink embellished crop top with a black high waist skirt!)to rock the streets of Ghent this spring.


Sandra Bullock looks simply stunning in her emerald green dress. I love how it has a certain Japanese geisha je ne sais quoi about it.

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Amy Adams opted for true Hollywood glamour with an edge. That daring neckline is in perfect balance with the retro hair and lipstick!


Jennifer Lawrence in a strapless purple sequined gown by Dior. Seriously, I want that dress. Just imagine how awesome it would be if I wore that dress to my exam next week! I would totally get extra points for that, right? 😉

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Lupita Nyong’o was wearing the brightest colour of the evening and doesn’t she look absolutely flawless in it? By the way, extra credit for the matching eye-shadow,  it truly makes her eyes pop (And yes, I’m aware of how cliché this sounds)


Sofia Vergara, I have just one message for you: you nailed it! Seriously, this was by far my favourite look of the evening and it is even more impressive when you think about that awful Ursula-inspired gown she wore at the Globes.


Not entirely sure what to make of Claire Danes’ dress by Vionnet. I admire how she always wears something different and  more creative than all the other actresses but this one just looks really… cheap. Cheap in the sense of “I made it myself a couple of hours ago with a stapler and some textile glue”-cheap. The sheer fabric at the top makes her boobs look weird and my guess is that the shiny part was supposed to create an impressive mirrored glass effect but it just looks more like a disco ball gone rogue.


Cate Blanchett wore one of the most beautiful dresses I had ever seen in my life at the Golden Globes, but this one is just- dare I say it?- ugly. I used to believe in the saying: “When in doubt, wear Pink” , for pink isn’t just the most fashionable colour of the moment, it also makes me feel happy, giggly and super romantic. This glitter pink, however, is simply horrible. Thanks for bursting my pink-is-beautiful bubble, Cate. Thanks a lot.


There must have been a “wear something sparkly”-memo I did not know about, because Emilia Clarke also opted for pink glitter. Her shiny dress looks amazing, but I have to say that I am too busy studying her flawless face to pay much attention to what she is actually wearing.


I L-O-V-E Michelle Dockery’s J. Mendell dress! It’s like a tuxedo turned into a graceful dress; very elegant and yet it has a don’t-mess-with-me flair about it as well.


Malin Akerman in Naeem Khan. I think the word you’re looking for is Wowzeeeee.


My reaction when  I saw Aaron  Paul was a bit like this: Ooooo Aaron Paul! Shame, his bow tie looks crooked… love the colour of his jacket though… OH MY GOD LOOK AT THOSE SHOES, THEY ARE TOTALLY AMAZEBALLS!


Julie Bowen– always the epitome of style and elegance- looks like a futuristic Star Wars princess. And I mean that in a good way because she looks breathtaking in that geometric orange, black and white gown!


Okay, you have to hand it to Amanda Peet  for always opting for bold and unusual outfits, but dear God, there is a fine line between bold and  bad, and this one –unfortunately- is the latter.


Damian Lewis and Chiwetel Ejofor: no comment. I’m too busy drooling all over my keyboard.

Fashion at the Golden Globes: The Gorgeous, the Graceful and the Gallant

Published January 13, 2014 by The Feminist

This award show no longer requires an introduction, so without further ado, here are the great and sometimes not so great looks of the evening:

NBC's "71st Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Arrivalszooey golden face

Zooey Deschanel: One of the most controversial looks of the evening. Some hated it. (those who don’t have a sense of style) Others loved it. (me) I think it looked very glamorous and had a very old-school Hollywood vibe.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Kerry Washington is the living proof that maternity clothes can still be incredibly couture.

juliana golden

Juliana Margulies in a black dress with gold brocade: very chic and streamlined. Although I cannot help but imagine how good that fabric and print would look as a pillow case. Is that weird?


Not only did Amy Adams win a Golden Globe for best actress, she also won my stylish heart with this extremely low cut but ultra classy red dress.

sofia golden

Sofia Vergara is normally the epitome of bombshell sexyness and style but this time she opted for an explosion of black fabric. She kinda looks like a high-fashion oil spill or Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

olivia golden

Maternity wear part 2 : Olivia Wilde. I absolutely adore that sequin emerald green Gucci Dress and the colour is in perfect harmony with her gorgeous eyes. It’s all in the details, ladies!

jennifer golden

On to another Golden Globe winner:  Jennifer Lawrence. You would think that those two black ribbons would make her look like a bloated and lumpy version of Cinderella who wrapped herself in her evil stepmother’s bubble paper. In theory , this Dior dress literally checks every box in the not-so-flattering category, and yet she pulls it off and looks amazeballs. I don’t know how she does it.

lupita golden

Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren. I love everything about this look:  I love the off-the-shoulder red cape effect. (It looks edgy and yet super elegant!)I love her sleek short hair (short-haired women rule!) and I love her gorgeous face and beautiful smile.

sandra golden

Oh dear.  Sandra Bullock, trust me when I say that I absolutely love you and your amazing acting skills but Jeeeezus Christ what the hell are you wearing???The fabric is totally wrong, the shape is unflattering and the colours are just… meh. It’s  like a dress made by one of the Project Runway contenders, who spent too much time fighting with all the others instead of sitting behind the sewing machine. I’m sorry, but this just makes me want to shout: Auf Wiedersehen!

zoe goldenzoe golden back


I am in absolute awe of Zoe Saldana’s dress!

I cannot explain why though. The different patterns are weird, the shape is odd and yet it is smoking hot and oh so daring. She is without a doubt a total fashion goddess.

cate golden

cate golden

Cate Blanchett was in every possible way the winner of the night. She won a Golden Globe for Best Actress (absolutely deserved that by the way, Blue Jasmine is fantastic) and her delicate lace dress makes me drool. That is the stuff dreams are made of – my dreams anyway- and damn girl, you are totally rocking the sexy back!

kate golden

To be honest, I had kinda forgotten Kate Beckinsale even existed since the only movie I ever saw her in was Serendipity from 2001. But good God that is one winning look!

Now on to the Hollywood men!

bradley golden

Yes, Bradley Cooper does have a radiant smile … and his tux fits like a glove indeed… but dude, go easy on the spray tan! Your face looks painted instead of bronzed.

matthew golden

Matthew McConaughey, looking very stylish in his velvety green tux jacket.

I cannot discuss a red carpet without including my two favourite Hollywood hunks: Leonardo DiCaprio and Idris Elba. The former eventually won the award for best actor for his performance in The Wolf of Wall Street (woohoo), whereas the latter was nominated twice but went home empty-handed (boohoo). Anyway, Leo looks very dapper in his bow tie and Idris -without any form of tie- looked very bangable. As always.

leo golden

idris golden

We Need to Talk about the Onesie…

Published January 4, 2014 by The Feminist

…because it’s ugly… It’s awful… it’s unflattering… and it just looks really ridiculous and goofy.

In short: Onesies should never be worn outdoors. And yet, that is exactly what many people ended up doing in 2013. What happened to the world?

Since when did it become acceptable to wear baby pajamas in public? You’re adults! You should not be wearing long-legged, baggy animal costumes with fleece lining and zippers reaching from the neck to somewhere far below what is morally justifiable. You really shouldn’t.

To make things even worse, celebrities are contributing substantially to this trend deplorably universal frying of all stylish brain cells. Justin Bieber, One Direction, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt,…Everyone wears them outdoors. In public. For everyone to see. As if it is the most normal thing on the planet.


Let me tell you something, dear celebrities and all the others who are suffering from an episode of acute stylophobia: It is not normal. People should not be wearing onesies to go shopping. They should not be wearing onesies to go for a walk. And they should definitely not be wear onesies to go to the pub. (Seriously, where is the fashion police when you need them? )

One of the arguments that is often used in defense of  the onesie is that it is cozy and comfortable.


So is my granny’s 1920s floral print tent dress but you don’t see my wearing that in public, do you?

“But it’s so nice and warm!”

Ha! Do you know why you’re feeling warm while wearing a onesie? It is because everyone around you on the street is burning you down with their eyes out of shame and transferred embarrassment! That is why!

The only person who actually managed to pull off a onesie was Ed Westwick.


Although I am assuming that the reason behind my approval of his outfit is solely based on his distractingly sexy jaw line and peek-a-boo chest hair…

Now, I’m not saying you cannot wear a onesie. You simply cannot wear it outdoors. Indoors on the other hand is perfectly fine, applauded even.

Wear it when you’re sitting in front of the fire place with a good book. Or when you’re watching Titanic for the umpteenth time. Or when you’re writing a dreadfully boring paper. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, as long as you’re wearing it indoors, nothing can hurt you.

Take an example of Beyoncé and Macklemore.




That is how you rock a onesie.

Behind closed doors.

In the meantime, I’ll keep myself busy making fun of all the celebrities in onesies.



I mean, come on!

“His voice is music to my ears!” A subjective selection of Hollywood’s sexiest male voices

Published June 25, 2013 by The Feminist

My mom and I were watching the Graham Norton Show a couple of weeks ago and we both got over-exited once we saw Dan Stevens was on the show. (Because we loooove Downton Abbey!). After a couple of minutes my mom suddenly exclaimed: “Damn. He has such a sexy voice!” And I could not agree more!

Believe it or not, a sexy and warm male voice can turn a “meh!” guy into a mesmerizingly sexy gentleman. So I thought it was suitable to draw up a “sexy voices” list with all of my favorite male Hollywood voices.

Needless to say that I had a lot of fun and peculiarly enough, I detected three distinct categories:

1) The total package- club: they have the looks and the voice

Some men have it all: smoldering hot looks and a smoldering hot voice

Ed Westwick: Gossip Girl’s hottest guy could read the entire phonebook and it would still give me goosebumps! Seriously. Or to quote Danny O’Donoghue: “God didn’t just kiss his throat, he made out with it!”

Orlando Bloom: Every single time this handsome fella opens his mouth it’s as if the world suddenly turns into one giant mug of hot cocoa with caramelized marshmallows.

2) The Scots-club

I don’t know why exactly, but I have a gigantic weak spot for Scottish accents!

James McAvoy: He’s so charming, his voice sincerely just makes me melt like a popsicle on the 4th of July.

Richard Madden: Apart from choked sobs, there are truly no words to describe my feeling of pure horror when I realized we wouldn’t be hearing his voice anymore on Game Of Thrones

3) The Brit-club: they may not have the looks, but they do have the voice

I hope I haven’t offended anyone with that phrase “may not have the looks”. Don’t get me wrong, the following guys are pretty handsome but they are not just the kind of men I would normally go for. That was until they opened their mouths of course and totally mesmerized me with their warm sound and British accents.

Dan Stevens: I think I shed a few tears when he died in Downton Abbey. Not just because his character Matthew Crawley was so splendidly gentleman-like, but also because his voice was the most soothing and relaxing sound imaginable. I will sure miss him, together with the entire female population of Great Britain (and far beyond) I suppose.

Benedict Cumberbatch: No comment. Just watch

Because Superman deserves his Superwoman (and that would be me, Henry Cavill!)

Published June 11, 2013 by The Feminist

Okay, this might be a bit over the top. I’m anything but a Superwoman. I can’t fly, have absolutely no muscles whatsoever and would never dare to fight evil head-on. I’m the one who hides in the corner or under the table , hoping the burglar will leave my apartment ASAP- with or without my flatscreen TV, what do I care? – instead of smacking him in the back of the head with a rolling pin. Yes, I am total wuss. But on the other hand, I might be able to pull off a super tight bodysuit. 😉 It all depends on your definition of “superwoman”. Every woman has certain superhero qualities, although she might not realize it herself. So next time you go out to find yourself your very own Superman, don’t think about the things you’re not good at or the things you don’t have, but focus on your one-in-a-million, wonderfully good qualities! To set a good example, I’ll go first:

I’m smart, witty, friendly, creative, have a great sense of style and I can cook! Ha! I’m like a modern-day Julia Child, Coco Chanel and Eleanor Roosevelt all rolled into one! If that’s not Superwoman-like, I don’t know what is!

Uhum. Well, sort of anyway. But at least you get my point: we are all Superwomen in our own special way! Hell yeah!

Which leads me to my next point: Although a Superwoman can perfectly manage without a man on her arm, it would be nice if she could share her brilliance with an equally super-heroic male counterpart. A Superman!

I know, they are indeed very rare. (Unfortunately for all you guys, being able to play videogames all day whilst drinking a six-pack of beer is not exactly proof of heroic capabilities. ) Luckily for all us Superwomen there is Hollywood, providing us with plenty of eligible- albeit fictional – Supermen. Leonardo Dicaprio in the Great Gatsby. Ryan Gosling in the Notebook. Joseph Gordon- Levitt in…well, practically every film he has ever played in. And last but oh so definitely not least, Henri Cavill.

When he made his appearance on the Tudors a couple of years ago, I just knew this Brit would stick around for many more years to come. I mean, look at him! He is absolutely gorgeous! And knee-quivering, jaw-dropping mysterious! And his eyes are all dreamy and mesmerizing! (and far less creepy than those of his co-actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers!)

Alright, alright! I better shut up, because it is getting a bit embarrassing. But don’t pretend you hadn’t noticed it yourself! 😉 Even if you are practically blind, you can still spot Cavill’s Superhero qualities from miles away! It is that obvious!

Henry Cavill’s Superman potential was so obvious and meant-to-be that Hollywood producers and filmmakers finally realized he was the right man to step into the ultimate superhero role as the “Man of Steel”. And Oh Boy, he sure as hell looks incredibly sexy in his skintight Superman suit. He doesn’t just play Superman, he is Superman!

From top to bottom


And from bottom to top


Needless to say, I can’t wait to go and see “Man of Steel”. Even if it turns out to be the worst movie ever made, it will still be amazing thanks to Mr. Cavill. (And let’s be honest here: chances are small that it will be the “worst movie ever”, since we’ve all just witnessed the whole Will-and-Jaden Smith “After Earth” debacle ; ) )

So ladies and fellow Superwomen: feel free to find yourself a Superman, but beware: I’ve already found mine in Cavill, so hands off! 😉

This Lady is off to LONDON, Folks!!

Published February 3, 2013 by The Feminist

The exams are finally over and I think I deserve a break. (No, scratch that: I definitely deserve a break! ) And what better way to treat yourself after months of studying than to go on a city trip to London, right?!! Oh yes, this girl is about to go on a shopping frenzy! Oxford Street, prepare yourself!

london shopping quote

London is without a doubt my favourite city in the world. I love the atmosphere, the people, the food (!!!) and of course the shops!

However, this means you’ll have to miss me for a couple of days, dear readers!

crying girl

Please, don’t cry!

I’ll be back with more fashion, more food and more flirts, I promise!

I’ll be reporting about all the things I’ll have bought (hopefully a lot!), all the things I’ll have eaten (hopefully a lot!) and all the celebrities I’ll have spotted (hopefully … at least one! Gwyneth Paltrow, you better watch out 😉 )

So see you in a couple of days, dear readers!

And remember:

“ When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”