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Catchy Cobalt: Feeling blue was never so fashionable

Published September 4, 2013 by The Feminist

First of all, I would like to say that I truly hate the term “the new black”. Fashionistas and fancy magazines all over the world use it to emphasize and give merit to a certain colour trend, not realizing that they –by using such a cliché- completely destroy the possibility of said colour to conquer the world of fashion. “Green is the new Black!”, “Nude is the new Black!”, “Red is the new Black!” or “Metallic is the new Black!”: no matter how unique the newest fashionable colour may be, we always want to compare it with the all-time classic, sophisticated black; a comparison that is both incredibly cliché and incredibly inaccurate.

Why do we keep using that phrase? Why do we keep measuring a colour trend’s popularity by referring to its conservative, timeless alternative, which technically isn’t even a colour to begin with?

I understand that magazines first introduced the term to accentuate the classic elegance of a ‘new’ colour. They want us to believe that this ‘new’ colour has all the qualities of becoming a wardrobe staple, like black, all the while not realizing that this colour actually wants to be bold and stand out in its uniqueness, rather than just sit in your closet as a safe alternative. Black was, is and will always be the new black. Nothing will ever change that, and nor should we want to.

Colours are supposed to be bold, bright and beautiful. “Classic elegance” doesn’t come in the form of a colour, the shape of a dress, or the hemline of a skirt. Elegance isn’t a type of fabric. Elegance is an attitude. It is a quality that a woman brings to her clothes. Only she can make something look elegant, whether that’s a new shape of trousers or a new bold type of colour.

So having said that, I do not believe cobalt blue is the new black. Cobalt blue is cobalt blue. Nothing more. Nothing less. Should that make it any less beautiful? Of course not! Cobalt blue has the ability to turn your dark winter wardrobe into a feast for the eyes. It is bold, vibrant and incredibly cool in its own unique way.

It is by far the most perfect combination of trendy swag and sophisticated chic. A combination that is so unique even ‘Kaiser’ Karl Lagerfeld felt obliged to use it in his fall collection.

cobalt chanel kaiser

Apart from Chanel, designers like Victoria Beckham and Valentino decided to jump on the cobalt blue band wagon as well!

cobalt victoria


cobalt blue valentino

However, we all know that if a colour trend is to be truly successful, it needs be available in shops everywhere, and not just shown by haughty designers. Luckily for all of us, there are more affordable alternatives out there than those pricy designer clothes! Clothes that won’t make you feel like you might need a triple bypass because your heart (and bank account) has just suffered a major cardiac arrest after seeing the bill. Here’s a selection of my favourite –and affordable!- cobalt blue items.

This cobalt blue dress with Peter Pan colour from Asos is incredibly cute and suitable for many different occasions.

cobalt asos

Cobalt blue works really well in print patterns: try this stunning skirt from River Island!

cobalt river island

Alternatively, buy cobalt blue accessories! Shoes, handbags, necklaces,…the electric blue will turn your outfit into a real eye catcher!

cobalt river shoe


cobalt river clutch

Dragon Days

Published June 22, 2013 by The Feminist


This will be a rather short post since I’m incredibly busy this weekend. But I just couldn’t bare it not to post anything, so I thought I could share one of the items on my fashion wish list with y’all: this very classy, chic and incredibly extravagant Dragon Necklace from Zara.

Not only is it pretty darn cool, it is also very N.O.W. , because- in case you missed the latest fashion updates- Asian fashion is very big this summer. However, some people will think it risky to wear a kimono-inspired outfit (phuh, wussies!) so this necklace should be the perfect solution!

Moreover, this dragon necklace represents a very spiritual message I would like to give you: “Stress is an important dragon to slay – or at least tame – in your life”. (~Marilu Henner)  We all suffer from stress. It can even turn us into emotional wrecks. Although there are quite a lot of tools and techniques out there to help you overcome this very annoying dragon, I think the best way to deal with stress is just to accept it, look past it and believe in yourself. Self-confidence is the key to unlocking a peaceful emotional mindset. So don’t be scared of the dragon, be the dragon!

Very sappy, huh?! Jeeez, I know!

And while you’re out buying this mega necklace, these earring look pretty impressive as well!

dragon E

Just saying 😉

Wrap it Up! Be Cool, Wear a Turban!

Published May 23, 2013 by The Feminist

If you want to get noticed this summer, I have only one word for you, Ladies: TURBAN!

I love all types of head accessories. From funky hats over cute beanies to intricate twenties-style headpieces: If I can put it on my head, I simply have to have it!

The turban is no exception. It’s classy. It’s mysterious. It’s so cool it actually gives me goosebumps. (Seriously!) I’ve always thought the turban was a fantastic expression of detailed perfection, but I had never really considered trying it on in real life, because I was afraid I would look like a Sultan’s daughter. (And since I live in Belgium, that would be totally weird! 😉 )

But then Carrie Bradshaw/Sarah Jessica Parker came along.

turban parker

The way she rocked a turban in SATC2 was out of this world! Ever since I saw that movie, I can’t get the turban out of my head (pun fully intended). For years I’ve wanted to try one but I was still afraid I wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

I finally realize that worrying will get me nowhere! I am going to wear a turban this summer!And to anyone who tries to stop me:

turban new girl

If some of you fellow fashionistas want to give the turban a try as well, there are many different styles you can choose from.

You can cover your entire head and stick your hair inside

GUESS And Coty Beauty Celebrate The Worldwide Launch Of GUESS Seductive Fragrance With Host Vanessa Hudgens

You can go for a bold printed version…

turban print

Or a stylish black one


Or if you want to gradually grow accustomed to wearing a turban, you can start by wrapping one around your forehead. (Technically, this is not a turban but a headband, but you wussies have to start somewhere right? 😉 )

turban foreheadturban fore taylor

So which version will you go for?

Pimp Your Pump! My latest Fashion Obsession: Shoe clips

Published April 25, 2013 by The Feminist

shoe clip
I don’t do normal. I don’t do plain. And I have no desire whatsoever to be a natural beauty. Don’t get me wrong: I truly admire women who simply put on a pair of jeans and sneakers, wear no make-up and still look absolutely fabulous. However, I just know that being that woman is not for me. I guess that this character trait often gets on some of my friends’ nerves. “Why don’t you ever wear something low-profile?!” They never say that to my face of course, I can just hear them think it. It is fashion telepathy.

Whatever. I’m not going to change simply because it makes some people feel uncomfortable. I’ve always been like that. I don’t want normal and familiar. I like weird and unknown. When I was on a holiday to Italy, I spent a lot of my time eating gelato. There was one gelateria where they had the most awesomely weird flavours. People were queuing outside to get a cone of ice-cream but literally ALL OF THEM ordered Vanilla/chocolate/strawberry/straciatella. I mean, come on! I opted for the Greek yoghurt-nougat- honey ice-cream… with dried lavender.

Anyway, enough about gelato because it is making me really hungry. 😉 This post is after all about Fashion! To celebrate my refusal of all things ordinary, I discovered the most amazingly decorative trend. Shoe clips! I am truly obsessed about it at the moment. It is perfect for pimping a simple pair of pumps. Simply clip them on and –tadaaa! – you have one jazzed up pair of dramatic shoes!

Pearl brooches, small or giant bows, flowers, feathers,… anything goes really! So move over natural looking beauties, because this Cinderella is ready to bring some pizzazz to this world!

shoe clip3shoe clip2

shoe clip1

shoe clip4

Collar me in

Published January 22, 2013 by The Feminist

Collars are riding extremely high on my personal fashion radar, because they can immediately spice up your outfit. Wear it as a cool necklace alternative or as the cherry on top an already very chic and sophisticated dress/ knitted jumper/ sheer chiffon blouse.

You can either buy a dress or blouse with an already attached embellished collar or you can buy it separately as an accessory so you can mix it with practically any outfit! (fun guaranteed! 🙂 )



I absolutely love collars embellished with studs, beads or pearls but the look I’m most chuffed about –without a doubt – are the chain collar tips. Simply clip it on and it will take the whole outfit up a notch.


So start collaring, ladies! (I don’t know if this is actually a verb, but humour me for a second 😉 )

Just like Peter Pan, you will stay young forever!