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Yes, this is yet another blog about fashion. And oh yes, this is yet another blog about food. And to make things even worse, this blog will combine both of these very cliché topics. I say, deal with it.

Fashion and food are simply two things that are very important in life, because we all need to get dressed in the morning and we all need to eat. It is true that we could all easily survive on a closet of plain sweatshirts and sneakers and on a diet of greasy chips and bland sausages, but where is the fun in that? Every woman wants to feel and be treated like a princess. Correction, every woman SHOULD feel and be treated like a princess! You don’t have to be married to Prince William to feel like royalty, just a couple of high heels and a cupcake will do. So ladies, embrace your inner Duchess of Cambridge and be ready to glam up your life!

But this blog is about more than just fashion and food. As the title may suggest, it’s about Flirts as well. Because, let’s be honest here, on a very bad day – when everything seems to be going horribly horribly wrong- fancy clothes and delicious food just won’t be enough. The only thing that can lift your spirits at that particular moment is a very sexy and ridiculously handsome dude. And I am eternally grateful that Hollywood has produced so many films and TV-series so that we can easily  indulge in this craving for sun kissed six-packs.

So be prepared for a lot of clothes, because we should be allowed to WEAR everything, from the perfect pencil skirt to a pair of studded sneakers.

Be prepared for a lot of food, because we should be allowed to EAT everything, from spicy noodles to gooey desserts.

And last but not least, be prepared for a lot of hotties, because we should be allowed to DROOL over every sexy fellow that comes along, from Ryan –the Notebook- Gosling to Ed- Chuck Bass- Westwick.


Eveline Versluys ( aka Fashion, Food and Flirts)


159 comments on “About me

  • Hi, Thanks for the like on my post. What a fantastic blog you have here! Good sense of humour! I especially like your movie reviews. Cheers, Mom of Dragon Boy

  • Hi Eveline, thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post (Dan Lepard’s Peanut and Chilli Bread)! What a fantastic concept of a blog you have! I like it very much and yes, I wanna be able to wear whatever I want and eat whatever I want 🙂

    Happy baking/cooking/living!

  • I have nominated you to the Versatile Blogger Award.
    The rules as per my understanding are;
    • Give thanks to the person providing your nomination.
    • Include a link to their blog
    • Nominate 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
    • Finally, the hardest, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
    All the best, Cheers

  • Hi, I read some of your posts, and found your writing style very impressive. Moreover it was really fun, to read them, as they fit perfectly my humour. 🙂

  • I’m not certain where you live, but I hope that it is near a good, independent bookstore. There is a fantastic magazine called “The Gentlewoman,” that I just love. I picked up one called “Smith, “t the other day, as well as one called “Frost.” Thank heavens for European and Aussie magazines!

  • I think you are hilarious! I like your slightly sassy attitude because it’s totally honest. And I agree with every point you made. Men, fashion and food – the ultimate combo. 😀 I absolutely love your blog omgomgomg *fangirling over here*

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