Shonda Rhimes: the Queen of Awesome Television

Published September 29, 2014 by The Feminist


Maybe I watch too much television.

I probably watch too much television.

I honestly watch too much television.

How else would you explain the state of utter euphoria I’m in when a brand new series airs on television? No matter how many times I try to reduce my daily dose of drama, there is always something (or in this case: someone) that keeps pulling me back to my beloved screen. And that person is Shonda Rhimes.


Seriously. I wish I had that woman’s imagination. Just when you thought she couldn’t possibly create something more brilliant/show stopping/jaw dropping than the television wonder that is Scandal, she went on to creating a brand new TV drama, which pilot episode alone was enough to take my breath away and bombard my best friend with “OMG, you’ve got to watch this” texts.

I’m talking about Shonda Rhimes’ brand new How To Get Away With Murder. This show is in every possible way the awesomest of all awesome television.


  • Viola Davis. Viola. Davis. Vi-o-la. Da-vis.

Needless to say, I love her.

  • The plot is absolutely bonkers. It’s exactly what the title suggests, but in an academic(!) setting. Yes, in this series you actually get taught how to get away with murder. Ha! I’ll tell you one thing, you don’t have an MBA like that here in Belgium!
  • Paris from the Gilmore girls is back! … With a blond bob!


  • Fiery dialogues full of eloquence and wit (It’s a Shonda Rhimes show so…duh!)
  • Alfred Enoch.

“Who?” I hear y’all ask.

Alfred Enoch!

Those of you who watched the first episode of How To Get Away With Murder probably were searching your memory to find out where you knew one of the main characters – Wes- from.


Well, dear readers, search no more! Because Wes, Alfred Enoch in real life, is none other than Dean Thomas from the Harry Potter series!


Whereas little Alfred used to be cute as hell, grown up Alfred is not only cute but smoking hot as well (blimey, that rhymes!)

And Alfred isn’t the only handsome, swoon-worthy fella on the show. On the contrary, there is plenty of man candy to choose from!


how to

Conclusion, thank you Shonda Rhimes, for once again creating a show that makes us forget about real life and immerses us into a world full of drama and intrigue.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With the wonderful Grey’s Anatomy, the marvelous Scandal and now the downright brilliant How to Get Away with Murder, there is really no reason left to feel guilty about my TV habits and why I shouldn’t be sitting in front of my tellie each Thursday.


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