Rollercoaster Red Carpet: From Slutty Fashion at the VMAs To Bold Yet Classy Choices At The Emmys

Published August 26, 2014 by The Feminist

Be still my fashion-beating heart!

When I laid my eyes upon the monstrosities worn at the VMAs last Sunday, I honestly thought the world was doomed. Seriously, I have never seen so many ugly, trashy and horrifying dresses in one night. I mean, when Nicky Minaj is wearing one of the classier looks of the evening, you just know something is not right.

vma minaj

Luckily for me and my traumatized love for fashion, the Emmy awards made up for all the fashion horror we were forced to witness at the VMAs. Not only did the stars of US television look astonishing in their fabulous gowns, many of them opted for bolder cuts, shapes and colours as well. (Without looking trashy!)

But let’s start with the negative news… the very negative news… the horrid fashion event that was  the VMAs. These past couple of years, the VMAs have turned into a fest of weird, slutty and downright “You have got to be kiddin’”-fashion. This year’s edition was no exception. The trashy looks (yes, it was trashy ladies, not sexy!) were swamping the red carpet, but all those slutty looks had exactly the opposite effect on my attention span. I was bored as f***

Seriously, even Beyoncé (yes, Queen Bey!) made me yawn in her albeit beautiful, stunning and not-at-all-trashy dress.

vma beyoncé

Every look on the red carpet that night was completely uninspiring and nothing I hadn’t seen before. Apart from Beyoncé, here are some other boring yet awkwardly slutty looks:

vma ariana

Ariana Grande. I know she is still young, but jeeeez girl, even prostitutes might save this for a special night.

 vma taylor

Is it just me, or do I detect a camel toe in Taylor Swift’s weird and far too short playsuit?

 vma kim

Bad. Worse. Worst. Kim Kardashian

vma miley

Miley Cyrus in a crop top. Again. Showing skin. Again. Wearing unflattering trousers in unflattering fabric. Again.

But praise the Lord! Luckily the Emmys demonstrated that at least not everyone in celeb-ville has lost every fashionable brain cell in their body. The actresses on the red carpet were breathtakingly gorgeous:


A thigh-high split, a bold orange colour and an underlying sparkling mini skirt: Kerry Washington shows everyone that the terms “daring” and “elegant” can be used in one sentence.

emmy january

Another bold cut: January Jones’ Prabal Gurung gown is pompous and elegant at the same time!

christine barenski

Christine Baranski: Zac Posen … with a cape!

emmy julia louis-dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Carolina Herrera. Fabulous!

emmy lizzt caplan

Talking about making a major entrance! Lizzy Caplan black and white Donna Karan gown is to die for!

emmy julia

Julia Roberts looks both stylish and cool in het short crystal-embellished Elie Saab dress with long sleeves.

There were also plenty of bold colours:

emmy mindy

Mindy Kaling in Kenzo.

emmy kate walsh

And my favourite colour of the evening: the canary yellow of Kate Walsh’s dress.

So my advice to you, dear readers: Forget the VMAs ever happened and focus on the glamour of the Emmys instead! 


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