Thursday Trash Talk: Feminine Frustrations

Published June 12, 2014 by The Feminist

Frustrations. We all have them sometimes. And some people have them more often than others. Personally, I seem to be dealing with a lot more frustrations than usual and I find it increasingly difficult to find an outlet for those filthy creatures.

Hence, this post. I’m currently stuck at home, forced to write one paper after the other, so who else am I supposed to turn to?

Over the past couple of weeks, when I was busy studying/writing/working my bloody ass off, there have been quite a few things that have been bothering me. Little things. Stupid things. And yet they are still driving me mad. When I told my brother about these little frustrations, he simply rolled his eyes and sighed “phaaa, women”.

So since I can’t use my family as a sounding board for all the things that have been bothering me, I decided to share all my “feminine” frustrations with my dear readers! Aren’t you all excited! 😉

Are you ready?

Okay here I go.

Frustration Nr. 1: World Cup Craziness

I’ve said this before: I honestly don’t get watching sports on television. I seriously don’t. I simply don’t have the attention span to sit through an entire game, watching how men run after a ball.

So you can imagine how I feel about the FIFA World Cup.

frustration sport don't care

And yet, football is everywhere. Everywhere I go, every newspaper I read, every supermarket I visit, the World Cup is there to torment me. Don’t get me wrong, I normally have no problem with tournaments like these. Everyone deserves a moment of glory. But what on God’s Green Earth is the point of selling  sausages, bread, soda and beer with a football image on them? Or –the horror!- with Belgium’s national flag?

frustration weep humanity

Normally, Belgium is not a very patriotic country. If people ask us whether we like living in Belgium, we say meh and shrug our shoulders. But all of a sudden, we have turned into a nation of frantic, national anthem singing, flag waving, football obsessed lunatics.

And these lunatics are driving me insane!

Frustration Nr. 2: Game Of Thrones’ Killing Spree

I absolutely adore Game of Thrones. It has intrigue, great dialogue, some nudity and awesome fighting scenes. It is honestly the best show on the planet.

However, it is also the worst show on the planet. Because week after week, this marvelous series has got the habit of killing off all my favourite characters.


Last Sunday, Ygritte was next on the GOT death list. I don’t know about you, but I always thought she was so incredibly cool; with her arrow, fiery red hair and charming Jon Snow insults.  She will be missed. I mean, who is now going to remind our dear Jon Snow that he knows nothing?

But the most horrifying, cruel and agonizing GOT death -by far!- was the episode from two weeks ago in which the smolderingly hot Oberyn Tyrell was literally squashed by a terrifyingly large guy called the Mountain. Seriously, not only was his death incredibly sad, it was also horrendously revolting.

I didn’t know what to do first.


frustration GOT

Or this:


Yes, yes. I know Game of Thrones is just fiction. But it still remains a mystery why someone would ever want to kill a character so handsome as Oberyn (played by the divine Pedro Pascal). I mean, that guy is sex personified…


Do you understand my frustration?

We are now almost at the end of season 4, and there are hardly any handsome actors left to drool over. Indeed, we have Jamie Lannister, but the incest thing is still kinda creepy. Yes, we have the mysterious Grey Worm, but we still don’t know for sure whether he has his pillar and stones. And then there is Jon Snow, who admittedly is ridiculously handsome, but just looks so mopey all the time. (Like a rougher, bearded version of Sheldon Cooper who didn’t get tickets for Comic-Con.)

Frustration Nr. 3: People Dressed like S***

For some reason, some people seem to believe that nice weather is nature’s way of telling us to wear boring clothes. Suddenly, everyone is wearing jeans shorts, gladiator sandals and printed T-shirts. Yawn.

frustration fashion

Summer is supposed to be a time of joy, fun, bold choices and equally bold colours! So throw out those boring, hideous sacks and buy some interesting stuff for a change!

Frustration Nr. 4: When arguments don’t go the way you planned

We’ve all been in this situation before. You’re talking to someone and he or she is saying something you absolutely do not agree with. You try to explain yourself but for some odd reason, he or she still doesn’t see where you’re coming from and now starts acting like a serious dickweasal. All you want to do at that moment is to give him or her the most articulate speech on the planet. To blow him or her away with your fancy words. But anger and frustration are a serious bitch as well. So all you end up doing is stuttering like an imbecile:

frustration comment

This happened to me twice these couple of weeks. Every single time I just stood there like a complete idiot, and the most frustrating thing about it is that only one hour afterwards, I came up with the most brilliant, most eloquent remarks of rhetorical genius.

I mean… aarrggghhh!!


Frustrations: we all have them.

But I finally got mine off my chest.

frust breath

So thanks! 😉


11 comments on “Thursday Trash Talk: Feminine Frustrations

  • I was sad about Ygritte too 😦 I really liked her…
    And don’t get me started on Oberyn the Smexy – I nearly threw up after being traumatised by the way he was killed off.
    The only two guys left for me to fancy are Jon Snow and Daario Naharis (I think both the old and the new are pretty hot) 😉
    I’m just wondering now how Tyrion will get out of his mess – I remain convinced (maybe wrongly) that he will, because he’s, you know, Tyrion, and therefore totally awesome 😀

  • Totally agree with all of the above ! GOT : I was almost weeping ! Two of my favorite characters dead ! :(( and the football whatever IS taking to much space ! But at leas you don’t have hockey : last month was all about it :/ . ..Frustrations 😉

  • Well, I am crazy about the world cup. Although my country (Turkey) does not participate, the country I live in (Germany) participates. But my favorite team are the netherlands and japan 😀 You just have to look positively on that. It brings together different cultures. That’s a nice thing. And there are some very hot players ;D I am planning to do a blog post about it 😀
    But I have to agree with you on point 3. Everyone looks the same here. Hotpants and crop tops. And then they think they are sexy or stylish. Well, good for me though: This way, I can show off my coloured outfits ;D

  • Can I just go ahead and say that this is my favorite post that I’ve seen today. GOT has me hooked, I’m slowly catching up, only on season three. But still. I’m a little shocked about the spoiler alert, yes I went on and read it anyway. Why must they do this??? Thank you for this!!

  • Lol @ Pocahontas illustration. I’m quite familiar with those days. Vent away, chica! It will come to pass…and be replaced with brighter ones. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • I feel your pain, especially about GoT! But well into season 4, we should have known there’s no limit to who will be killed off… Good for you to let it all out! Just make sure you can let it go as well – I personally tend to obsess way too much about things that frustrate me, and that way they stick with you! Hope you have a lovely and frustration-free weekend!

  • I hear you!! (and at the same time this litle frustrated voice in my head is screaming: try living in Holland. Here everything is orange now. I mean how ugly can a coloud get ;-> )

  • When I was reading the book some years ago, I did fall in love with Oberyn, too. Almost named my son after him (but it’s kinda creepy naming your child after a character that died…”that” way…so…). And girl, if you haven’t read the book, there are more deaths to come. 🙂

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