The Skort: My New Fashion Obsession

Published April 15, 2014 by The Feminist

skort white

The skort: part skirt, part shorts and nowadays hotter than hot in fashion land. Admittedly, the first skorts gained my attention when they started appearing on fashion blogs as early as last year’s summer, but they only managed to get my approval a couple of weeks ago when I bought one myself.

There were a couple of reasons behind my initial reluctance to buy a skort. The first one is obvious: that horrible name. Skort. It sounds like one of those ergonomic chairs from Ikea. Or the sound a choking patient makes when a handsome Grey’s Anatomy doctor performs the Heimlich maneuver on him…

You get my point. It’s not very sexy, the name skort.

And then there is the second main reason for my initial aversion: childhood memories. I remember when I was about ten years old, my mom used to dress me in a skort for school. I can still remember this lilac bermuda shorts (ouch!) with purple floral prints (double ouch!) with an apron-looking piece of fabric hanging in the front (triple ouch!). Basically, I looked like a flower-power girly version of Sweeney Todd. Not exactly the epitome of style and grace.

So no. The skort was never on my wish list. Until I noticed that the new stylishly tweaked version of the skort looked actually really elegant. And edgy. And fashionable.

My favourite skort type is the one with an asymmetric kimono-style skirt in the front, because it breathes elegance and avant-garde chic. And at the same time, you can ride a bike or sit cross-legged in the grass without having to worry about flashing your lace panties at innocent by-standers! 😉

skort zara

What do you think, dear readers?

skort asos

Pretty nice, huh?

skort black

So let’s forget the horrible name and the horrible childhood memories and embrace the awesomeness of the modern-day version of the skort! You will not regret it!


10 comments on “The Skort: My New Fashion Obsession

  • I am suprising myself, but: I LIKE IT!!! Actually I WANT ONE! I would have been convinced that I had also been shaped by childhood trauma 😉 but seems time can heal all wounds 🙂

  • ooohhhh!!!! I LOVED them even as a child :’D Unlike you, we had bought really beautiful skorts from Turkey when I was still a child 😀 I loved my skorts (didn’t actually know that they are called like this). Thanks for sharing that post for us. I read about them recently in a magazine, but forgot again. Now you reminded me again 🙂 Thanks! 😉 I will look out for one in the next weeks

  • Oooh, I like the black one. Edgy but stylish. I did have a cute black skort once with a decorative zip up the middle of the front, that I bought on a trip to America. Not sure what happened to it, but as I’m no longer skinny enough to carry off that short a skirt without scaring passerbys that’s probably a good thing…. 😉

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