Sing! Ed Sheeran’s Brand New Song Will Make Your Day

Published April 8, 2014 by The Feminist

FACT: Ed Sheeran is a true virtuoso.

The British singer-songwriter (and our favourite redhead) dropped his highly anticipated song on BBC Radio One last night and -needless to say- I was going completely nutso!  (Okay, stupid rhyme. I’m just too excited)

The new track is called “SING” (very appropriate title),  for which he teams up with the one-and-only Pharrell (and his Hat). It is an invigorating up-tempo jam and it allows him to show off his impressive vocals and an even more impressive falsetto. It all sounded like sex to my ears:

“Feel it rush in through you from your head to toe.”

Oh, I’m feeling it, alright.

His new album “X” (as in “multiply”; Ed is really into math) will be released on June 23 and I seriously cannot wait to hear it blasting through my stereo!

In short, Ed Sheeran’s new song is the bomb!

No wait, scratch that. It is “the Mona Lisa of BOOM”! (Side note: All rights reserved to the insanely talented writers on Scandal. This was by far the best oneliner in the history of TV oneliners.)

So listen to it/ share it/ buy it/ download it/ preorder it

Whatever you do, just




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