Academy Awards 2014 Best Moments: Lupita Won, Jennifer Fell (Again) and … Oh Yeah…There Was Pizza

Published March 3, 2014 by The Feminist

With Ellen DeGeneres hosting the Oscars, you just knew it was going to be an extraordinary night –and boy!- I was not disappointed. From the Selfie Heard Around The World to the reappearance of Pharrell’s Hat, everything was just perfect…

… except for the fact that Leo, poor fella, had to go home empty-handed for the umpteenth time. (But I’m guessing he soon drowned his misery in lots of champagne or super models. Probably both.)

So let’s start, shall we? 😉

1)      Jennifer Lawrence fell…again.


2)      Ellen DeGeneres Opening Monologue

A couple of hilarious sneers:

“For those of you watching around the world, it’s been a tough couple of days for us. It has been raining. We’re fine. Thank you for your prayers.”

“Possibility No. 1: ’12 Years a Slave’ wins best picture. Possibility No. 2: You’re all racists.”

3) Pharrell was Happy!

He even went off stage to shimmy with Meryl, Lupita and Amy.

4)      Best. Selfie. Ever.

oscar selfie

5)      There was pizza!

…and they had to pay for it like all other 99% of ordinary people on the planet

6)      Lupita Won!

Lupita won… and everyone was crying. But Cumberbatch was the prettiest cry baby of them all.


7)      Another wonderful Cumberbatch moment: He photobombed U2 on the red carpet

cumberbatch photobomb

Can things get any better than this?

No they can’t.

And with that, there is nothing more you need to know.


7 comments on “Academy Awards 2014 Best Moments: Lupita Won, Jennifer Fell (Again) and … Oh Yeah…There Was Pizza

  • Sorry. I still can’t stand Pharrell’s stupid hat. Other than that, an amazing recap of the highlights. Totally makes it worth my not watching the Oscars last night and instead watching The Walking Dead. Thanks! You are, as always, the best! 🙂

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