The Best and Worst from the 2014 BRIT Awards: Brilliant Bastille and Harry Styles’ Toilet Break

Published February 20, 2014 by The Feminist

I love the BRIT Awards. I love the Britishness of it all, I  adore the constant Harry Styles’ bashing and I am smitten with the fact that you can swear as much as you like without actually giving a shit.

Yes, the BRIT Awards are awesome. So let’s start this very subjective recap, shall we?

PS: Since the BRIT Awards were a show of awesome ups and hilarious downs, I thought it would be appropriate to make a clear BEST vs. WORST distinction.

WORST: “Sorry, I was having a wee”


For the second year in a row, One Direction won the Global Success Award but when the boys went on stage to accept the award, someone was missing. Yes, I’m talking about the idiot with the silly exploding hair. When Harry Styles finally managed to make it to the stage, sounding somewhat exhausted, he said the following phenomenally idiotic words: “Sorry, I was having a wee, the toilets are ages away.”

Yeah right. Nice try, Harry. Nice try.

BEST: James Corden’s hilarious jokes about Harry Styles’ toilet break

Gotta love James Corden’s naughty remarks! Straight after One Direction accepted the award, Corden delightfully quipped: “ Yeah, right. He couldn’t even wait until the end of the show”


And later, when Corden introduced the Best British Single Award, he revisited Harry’s weird toilet-timing by brilliantly stating “My money was on Harry Styles (winning this award), but after what just happened in the toilet…”

Double Hilarious!

If you thought the Harry Styles bashing was over, you were in for a treat! Because when Corden was strolling around the audience and spotted Harry he added as a final funny sneer: “I don’t care what you were doing in there, as long as you’re careful.”

Triple Hilarious!

BEST: Pharell’s Hat was back!


I’m actually growing quite fond of it

WORST: Bruno’s Hat

The BRIT Awards 2014 - Show

Dear Bruno,

You know how much I love you, your music, your performances and everything that involves you thrusting your hips in a certain direction, but your silly hat really annoyed me last night.

Congrats on the BRIT Award, though.

BEST: Beyoncé performing XO in a stunning sparkly skin tight emerald green dress.

BRIT Beyonce

WORST: Beyoncé’s hair.

Seriously, can it look more fake than that?

BEST: Tinie Tempah looking all smoldering-hot and dapper in a three-piece polka dot(!) suit



WORST: Kylie’s dress, the Kylie- overload during the commercial breaks and … well… practically all things Kylie.


I can’t help it, but I really don’t like Kylie Minogue. I hate her over-enthusiastic behaviour on The Voice UK, I hate her perfect small feet, the commercial for Priceless Surprise (that we had to endure over and over again!)made me cringe and that latex dress with the massive bow was just…


BEST: Katy Perry’s dress and Cleopatra haircut

Katy Perry in Julien Macdonald at 2014 BRIT Awards

Even her Aztec-inspired stage outfit looked super cool!


WORST: Ellie Goulding’s sense of style

Her red carpet dress already made my blood boil (princess dress gone rogue!)


But the outfit she wore while performing her hit Burn truly gave me a heart attack.

BRIT ellie

Although I completely adored the fancy golden bra, I was too tormented by the sight of that horrible white short to appreciate the splendidness of it all.

BEST: Bastille. Oh my…


I may not have mentioned this before but I am a huge Bastille fan. ( “Huge” as in: I-would-gladly-wave-my- bra -in –the-air-to-get-their-attention huge)The performance they gave last night was unbelievably exhilarating and all those drums really got my blood pumping.

Luckily for me, I will be seeing Bastille live on stage on my birthday. Yes, my birthday! They’ll be coming to Belgium on March 11 to give a concert and guess who will be attending? Moi! Talking about an amazing birthday present!

However, there is something that would make my birthday even more special… if lead singer Dan (Isn’t he just adorable?)could sing Happy Birthday in front of the entire audience for me.

That isn’t too much to ask, is it? 😉

So, dear Bastille

If any of you guys is reading this: My name is Eveline and I will be turning 23 on March 11.

Much appreciated!


8 comments on “The Best and Worst from the 2014 BRIT Awards: Brilliant Bastille and Harry Styles’ Toilet Break

  • Good job, well done. Can’t agree with you on Pharell’s Hat. A fashion tort, in my books. Mind you, Bruno Mars’s hat hurt my eyes and my soul. Other than that, 2 big thumbs way up. (True confession: I am a closet Kylie Minogue admirer. Please don’t hate me!) 😉

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