Grammys 2014 Recap: Katy’s Dress, Pharrell’s Hat and Macklemore’s Wedding

Published January 27, 2014 by The Feminist

Contrary to popular opinion, the Grammy Awards are never about the actual Grammys. I’m sure the winners are very happy and all- because they now have something to decorate their mantelpiece with- but apart from them we (aka the public) don’t really give a shit.

The real reason why everyone loves the Grammys is because it is a night full of great performances (Katy Perry burnt at the stake!), great dresses ( Alicia Keys!) and great acceptance speeches (Jay-Z!)


And this year, it was also about Pharrell’s hat.


But more on that later.

Let’s start with the red carpet:

Not entirely sure whether Katy Perry’s wedding dress meets Ballerina Tutu is actually flattering, but who the fuck cares! It is a dress printed with music notes! ….MUSIC NOTES!

Katy Perry

Alicia Keys looks stunning in this deep cut, cobalt gown and don’t you just love that hairdo??

Alicia Keys

Taylor Swift has a huge soft spot for sparkly Hollywood glamour dresses. She looks amazing in this glittery Gucci dress, but it is starting to get boring seeing her for the umpteenth time in a different version of the same dress. Don’t be afraid to shake things up from time to time, Miss Swift!

Taylor Swift

Apparently she took my advice too literally and ended up head-banging behind the piano later on that evening.


Pink totally rocked this coral red Joanna Johansson dress! (Look at the detail on that bustier!)


Needless to say that she changed into a more comfortable outfit before she went on stage and did all those acrobatic stunts.


Love the cane. That is practically the only positive thing I can say about Madonna’s Ralph Lauren outfit. I usually love tuxedos on women, but somehow this just all looks too clownesk. What do you think?


Most stylish dudes of the evening: Ryan Lewis and Macklemore. They are the living proof that tuxedos don’t have to be boring, if you opt for a bold print (Ryan’s super cool houndstooth print!) or fabric ( Macklemore’s awesome velvet!)

Ryan Lewis, Macklemore

Pharrell Williams was the talk of the town yesterday evening and it surprisingly didn’t have anything to do with his great performance but with his choice of hat. By the end of the night it even had its own Twitter Account!

Pharrell Williams

I thought it looked ridiculous but on the other hand it distracted us from that awful red jacket

Beyoncé reminds us all what Bootylicious is all about.

56th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

56th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

Talking about Beyoncé, I think it is about time I start discussing the performances of the night!

Beyoncé and Jay-Z kicked off the show with a smoldering hot performance of Drunk in Love. It started on a black chair and it ended with the two love birds holding hands and dancing together. Beyoncé proved once again that she is the sexiest woman on the planet: her dance routine, her voice and –daaaamnnn-that outfit. I’m sure everyone in the audience wanted to take a shower after their performance. (Beyoncé, on the other hand, apparently had already taken one, because her hair was wet)

John Legend made all our hearts melt… again.

God, Chrissy Teigen truly is the luckiest girl in the world.

Daft Punk performing together with their best pal Pharrell, Nile Rodgers and the one and only Stevie Wonder: it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this was insanely good.

But it wasn’t the best moment.  That moment came when Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed their hit Same Love while 33 couples wed live on air. With Queen Latifah officiating. I thought I was going to cry. (Correction: I did cry. )

Kleenex anyone?


9 comments on “Grammys 2014 Recap: Katy’s Dress, Pharrell’s Hat and Macklemore’s Wedding

  • Haha, I still haven’t watched the Grammys! But I gotta, just to see Macklemore’s performance : ))
    That music notes ballerina dress is AWESOME. Seriously, anything this quirky and puffy, count me in. I loved it when Ariana Grande ordered a dress printed in macarons, and I love this piece of tulle art.
    Also, oh my, a velvet teal suit. Epic. And he looks FIT.

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