Fashion at the Golden Globes: The Gorgeous, the Graceful and the Gallant

Published January 13, 2014 by The Feminist

This award show no longer requires an introduction, so without further ado, here are the great and sometimes not so great looks of the evening:

NBC's "71st Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Arrivalszooey golden face

Zooey Deschanel: One of the most controversial looks of the evening. Some hated it. (those who don’t have a sense of style) Others loved it. (me) I think it looked very glamorous and had a very old-school Hollywood vibe.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Kerry Washington is the living proof that maternity clothes can still be incredibly couture.

juliana golden

Juliana Margulies in a black dress with gold brocade: very chic and streamlined. Although I cannot help but imagine how good that fabric and print would look as a pillow case. Is that weird?


Not only did Amy Adams win a Golden Globe for best actress, she also won my stylish heart with this extremely low cut but ultra classy red dress.

sofia golden

Sofia Vergara is normally the epitome of bombshell sexyness and style but this time she opted for an explosion of black fabric. She kinda looks like a high-fashion oil spill or Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

olivia golden

Maternity wear part 2 : Olivia Wilde. I absolutely adore that sequin emerald green Gucci Dress and the colour is in perfect harmony with her gorgeous eyes. It’s all in the details, ladies!

jennifer golden

On to another Golden Globe winner:  Jennifer Lawrence. You would think that those two black ribbons would make her look like a bloated and lumpy version of Cinderella who wrapped herself in her evil stepmother’s bubble paper. In theory , this Dior dress literally checks every box in the not-so-flattering category, and yet she pulls it off and looks amazeballs. I don’t know how she does it.

lupita golden

Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren. I love everything about this look:  I love the off-the-shoulder red cape effect. (It looks edgy and yet super elegant!)I love her sleek short hair (short-haired women rule!) and I love her gorgeous face and beautiful smile.

sandra golden

Oh dear.  Sandra Bullock, trust me when I say that I absolutely love you and your amazing acting skills but Jeeeezus Christ what the hell are you wearing???The fabric is totally wrong, the shape is unflattering and the colours are just… meh. It’s  like a dress made by one of the Project Runway contenders, who spent too much time fighting with all the others instead of sitting behind the sewing machine. I’m sorry, but this just makes me want to shout: Auf Wiedersehen!

zoe goldenzoe golden back


I am in absolute awe of Zoe Saldana’s dress!

I cannot explain why though. The different patterns are weird, the shape is odd and yet it is smoking hot and oh so daring. She is without a doubt a total fashion goddess.

cate golden

cate golden

Cate Blanchett was in every possible way the winner of the night. She won a Golden Globe for Best Actress (absolutely deserved that by the way, Blue Jasmine is fantastic) and her delicate lace dress makes me drool. That is the stuff dreams are made of – my dreams anyway- and damn girl, you are totally rocking the sexy back!

kate golden

To be honest, I had kinda forgotten Kate Beckinsale even existed since the only movie I ever saw her in was Serendipity from 2001. But good God that is one winning look!

Now on to the Hollywood men!

bradley golden

Yes, Bradley Cooper does have a radiant smile … and his tux fits like a glove indeed… but dude, go easy on the spray tan! Your face looks painted instead of bronzed.

matthew golden

Matthew McConaughey, looking very stylish in his velvety green tux jacket.

I cannot discuss a red carpet without including my two favourite Hollywood hunks: Leonardo DiCaprio and Idris Elba. The former eventually won the award for best actor for his performance in The Wolf of Wall Street (woohoo), whereas the latter was nominated twice but went home empty-handed (boohoo). Anyway, Leo looks very dapper in his bow tie and Idris -without any form of tie- looked very bangable. As always.

leo golden

idris golden


13 comments on “Fashion at the Golden Globes: The Gorgeous, the Graceful and the Gallant

  • Reblogged this on Girls Being Girls and commented:
    I thought she did a great job of showing off the best dresses of the Golden Globes, although she left out Emma Watson’s outfit which I loved too, maybe because I love red so much. Happy Monday, which looks are your favorites and why?

  • Jennifer L. And Zooey D. were my favorites. Is it nutso that every time I see Leonardo DC I can’t help but wonder how many women he’s had? I tried to explain this to my honey, but he just gives the crazy eye and keep s doing what he’s doing. Seriously though, like a LOT of women I bet. Que no?

  • Fun stuff. I’m not a fashion person, but it is so much fun to watch and read about what other people like. You do wonder what some of these women are thinking when they have all the resources to make a perfect dress (e.g. Bullock). But it is what makes it fun…

  • Loved Zoey’s outfit, different without being odd, such a beautiful shape.
    But Amy Adams totally wins this one, she looks incredible, it’s the most striking dress of them all!
    Also, that construction worn by Jennifer Lawrence should NOT look this good. It’s like she’s there somewhere inside, but photoshopped and magically spandexed and reshaped.
    But I can’t agree about Zoe Saldana’s outfit – it’s just. WRONG. Top of this dress looks ok, but it’s like badly done patchwork. I don’t see it.

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