How to prepare yourself for Christmas Eve in 5 easy steps

Published December 22, 2013 by The Feminist

It’s almost Christmas, dear readers. Which means that you are probably going crazy over all the Christmas shopping and the cooking preparations.

Jingle Stress. We’ve all been there.

So in order to get you all relaxed before the big day, here are some of my favourite relaxing things I like to do to prepare myself for the holiday frenzy:

1)      Listen to some Michael Bublé Christmas songs

I might have mentioned this once or twice ( or maybe three times? Whatever, I’ve lost count.), but Michael Bublé’s music calms me down. His crooner voice, his smooth sound,… he is like the Ben&Jerry’s  cookie dough of music: soothing, comforting and heavenly delicious topped with some chocolate sauce. 😉

Add to that some Christmas lyrics and you are good to go!

2)      Take a shower

We all know that taking a shower is a very relaxing thing to do (and it’s also beneficial for your personal hygiene, but right now that is not the point). However, to really get into the Christmas spirit, I am currently using the Limited Edition shower gel from Yves Rocher. I have cacao and orange, cacao and raspberry and cacao and pistachio, and it is practically impossible to pick my favourite, because they all smell absolutely heavenly! The cacao and orange is like washing yourself with chocolate and orange cupcakes! The cacao and raspberry is like washing yourself in chocolate raspberry brownies! The cacao and pistachio is like washing yourself with rocky road nougat!


It may seem strange to get so excited about shower gel. But then again, it’s me we’re talking about. Overexcited is my middle name. (Nonetheless, I still believe you should all go and buy them. Christmas will never have smelled so good. )

3)      Watch Funny Girl

Funny Girl is not a Christmas movie and yet every single year I end up watching it around the Holidays. Why? Because the best time of the year should be celebrated with the best movie of all time. And besides, I find “People who need people” much more Christmasy than –let’s say- White Christmas by Bing Crosby.

4)      Paint your nails

Being the ultimate girly girl, I like to paint my nails. And since the year is almost over, you are allowed to go completely over the top in terms of glitter and gold. I’m wearing the Limited Edition Color Show Brocades by Gemey Maybelline. Needless to say I’m sparkling from here all the way to Tokyo. And I absolutely love it!


5)      Buy a Christmas pants

It’s not even officially Christmas yet and so far I’ve already indulged myself in mulled wine, Peppermint hot chocolate, Christmas stollen, mince pies and champagne jellies. The Christmas festivities are first and foremost a time to indulge yourself in all the goodies you’ve been wanting to eat all year, but you are also a bit concerned that all this pigging out will lead to hallucinating numbers on your scales. (“A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” and all that. )

Given the amount of food I’ve already eaten, I think it might be time to buy myself Christmas pants. Just like Joey had his pair for Thanksgiving.


That way I can eat as much as I like, without having to worry about not fitting into any of my trousers.

Just out of precaution, I suggest you do the same.

Christmas will be forever stress free. 😉


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