10 Reasons Why You Need to Go and See the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Published December 15, 2013 by The Feminist

Here are the ten very girly reasons why I absolutely loved the second part of the Hobbit trilogy.

1)      Gandalf is pretty fly for an old guy


I don’t know how he does it, but one thing is for sure: when I get old, I want to be like Gandalf. Slaying orcs, going on adventures and sharing my thoughts of wisdom with everyone. How awesome is that?

And on a side note: If Gandalf were your grandfather, you would never have a boring family Christmas dinner.

2)      The love triangle


For those of you who thought the Hobbit was all about fantasy, adventure and killing orcs: think again! There is some serious chemistry going on in the movie! Dwarf Kili has a thing for elf Tauriel , but she doesn’t really know who she digs best, the dwarf- who might be small but has tons of masculinity (and a cute Irish accent) –or Legolas- who always looks good with his wavy blond hair.

3)      All the Kili close-ups


A couple of months ago I wrote a post about the first Hobbit-film. (if you want to read it again, click here.) In that post I explained why I was completely smitten with Irish actor Aidan Turner, who plays dwarf Kili, and I have to admit that my crush got even bigger while I was watching the second part last night. Because of the chemistry between him and elf Tauriel (played by the magnificent Evangeline Lilly), the public was rewarded- or at least I was- with plenty of Kili close-ups.

And damn it, dear readers! That guy has some serious sex appeal!

4)      Orlando Bloom is back


By far the biggest reason why the second part of the Hobbit is better than the first, is because Orlando Bloom is back as Legolas. His voice, the way his hair blows in the wind, his cute walk, his orc killing skills,… Oh yes, Legolas demonstrates some serious “potential husband” material!

5)      The wild water barrel scene

the hobbit barrel river scene

This was- by miles!- the best scene of the entire film! Bilbo and the dwarfs travel down the river in giant barrels and while they are trying to make it safe down stream  they have to survive a couple of mean orc attacks. It was one of the coolest action scenes I have ever scene and I kept thinking to myself that that must be the best water park ride on the planet. (or should I say Middle Earth?)

6)      Bard the Bowman is pretty hot


Surely this needs no further explaining. If you thought the Hobbit was just about a bunch of hairy dwarfs and therefore doesn’t deserve your attention, you are thoroughly mistaken.  Like I said, Kili and Legolas are seriously hot pieces of man candy, and this fellow Bard, played by Luke Evans, is another sexy bonbon.

7)      Smaug seems like an adorable pet


I don’t know why everyone in the film is so scared of the dragon. Sure, it can kill you, but to be honest, I kinda thought Smaug looked absolutely adorable in all his fire-blazing magnitude. It would be way cooler to have Smaug as a pet than just a boring little kitten, that’s all I’m saying. And the fact that every time Smaug speaks, you are greeted with the soothing voice of Benedict Cumberbatch is another huge selling point.

8)      Thorin Oakenshield and his voice


One of my friends has a little bit of a crush on Richard Armitage. Once you’ve seen him as Thorin Oakenshield, it is hard not to agree with her. His voice is the equivalent of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day: it warms you up inside and fills you with glee.

PS: If he were the voice on my GPS, my driving manners would improve spectacularly.

9)      There is a lot of gold

Swimming in gold, isn’t that something we all secretly would like to do?


Enough said.

10)   Ed Sheeran sings the end credits song

When the movie is done, don’t go running out of the theater, but sit back and listen to the track playing when the credits come on screen.  You all know how much I love Ed Sheeran’s musical brilliance and his song “I See Fire” is just perfection. Seriously. You need to listen to this.


6 comments on “10 Reasons Why You Need to Go and See the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

  • I am right there with you cant get enough of Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) he is amazing and his voice (ohh arhh). My faves are filli and thorin x

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