My Women of The Year

Published December 11, 2013 by The Feminist

Well, it’s that time of the year again. A time when we are all drowned in year-end lists -from best music and best movies to most famous celebrities,…- but don’t really mind because it’s part of the Christmas fun.

I think you can guess that I absolutely love those lists. It is a very relaxing way to reflect upon the past year without having to look into your own accomplishments. (that list would- unfortunately- be rather short 😉 )

The following list is a list of all the women that inspired me this year. There are no female CEOs on there, or world-changing philanthropists. There is no Hilary or Michele. (For there are plenty enough blogs covering those fantastic women already)

This is my ultimate list. It’s very subjective. It’s me.

Deal with it.

So let’s start, shall we?

1)      Jennifer Lawrence


I have a confession to make, dear readers. Until a couple of weeks ago, I never really liked Jennifer Lawrence. People kept telling me how awesome she was, but there was just something about her that I didn’t quite get. Something seemed off. So even though I absolutely loved Silver Linings’ Playbook, I never liked her as an actress. (I think it has something to do with the name Jennifer, because now that I think about it, I also have an aversion of Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner)

A couple of weeks ago, however, things started to change. Do you know why, dear readers? She cut her hair. Being a short-haired woman myself-and rocking it, if I may add- I am always jumping up and down in excitement if a famous celebrity decides to go short. I was so happy Jennifer cut her hair, I decided to make up for all my previous Jennifer hatred and I googled her.

Which led to the following realization: she is the most awesome and funniest person on the planet.

And then I saw the Hunger Games (I kept putting it off, because of my Jennifer aversion) and now I am completely smitten! Jennifer Lawrence for president!

2)      Angelina Jolie


I’ve always been an Angelina-fan for one very superficial reason: I think she is just the most beautiful woman on the planet. Later on, I started to realize that she is not only very pretty and a good actress, but also has her heart in the right place as UNICEF ambassador.

This year Angelina deserves to be on my list once more. She inspired countless women when she decided to go public about her preventative double mastectomy. Her New York Times op-ed was an honest, sincere and emotional reflection, which is something we see far too little from world famous celebrities. Although there was quite some controversy about the necessity and cost of such a procedure, I truly believe she is a brave woman. Not just for going through with the surgery but –as a famous movie star- deciding to go public with such a personal and private matter.

3)      Kerry Washington


I have written about Kerry Washington before, so I will keep this very short. She is beautiful. (The jaw-dropping kind) She is smart. She is a damn good actress. AND SCANDAL IS THE BEST TV SERIES SINCE…. WELL… EVER!!!!

4)      Sandra Bullock


I can keep this one really short as well. Has anyone of you seen Gravity? If you have, you know why Sandra Bullock is on this list. Her performance in Gravity was indescribable. I remember sitting in the movie theater, looking at the screen, and thinking to myself: “If she doesn’t win an Oscar for this role, the world has gone mad.”

5)      Miley Cyrus


I know. I know. Miley Cyrus isn’t exactly someone to look up to. Between her ridiculously slutty performance at the VMAs, her God awful sense of fashion and her latest Twerking incident (She twerked on Santa Clauss the other day) it is hard to find anything positive to write about her. But then again, she is by far the most talked about and controversial artist of the year. Last year, I think 95% of all the people in Europe didn’t know who she was. (I, of course, did.) They might have heard about her but wouldn’t be able to describe her looks, let alone sing one of her songs. This all has changed. Everyone knows her. (although that has probably more to do with her tongue-sticking-out trade mark and in-your-face nudity than with her actual vocal capabilities)

Furthermore, I do like how she doesn’t give a damn about what other people think of her and that is –regardless of her behavior- something to admire.

And PS: Wrecking Ball is a great song.

6)      Lady Gaga


Yes, she is a freak. Yes, she is completely bonkers. Yes, she wears the craziest clothes I have ever seen. And yet I absolutely adore her. In contrast to all the other female artists, Lady Gaga stands for something. She encourages people to stay true to who they are , to embrace their imperfections and to not be afraid to stand out and be different. I applaud her for that. (Ha! Get it? 😉 )

7)      Katy Perry


The reason why I put Katy Perry on this list, is because of her song “Roar”. I truly believe this song deserves the title of “best women empowerment song of the decade”. The lyrics helped me get through difficult times and singing the song out loud still gives me an incredible rush of adrenaline.

8)      My Mom

Adding your mother to a list of celebrities is a bit cheesy, I know. Nevertheless, I honestly think she is the best woman on the planet. She is always there for me and I couldn’t have done it without her. She is the definition of a strong woman. She is better than all the female stars in this list combined. She is the true star.

(Feel free to throw up in a nearby bucket.)


9 comments on “My Women of The Year

  • I loved this list so much, I completely agree with everything you said… I’m addicted to Scandal, I love wrecking ball despite the whole Miley controversy and I want to marry Jennifer Lawrence. Also, what you said about your mom was adorable! xx

  • Jennifer Lawrence is so amazing! When the hype around her person began, I rather ignored it. The first impression I got from her was at the Oscar’s as she fell on the steps. I had to laugh and also thought that her reaction was so cool and adorable at the same time. Then I watched silver linings and understood ther oscar win. She did such a good job! This is what i call a good actress, someone who doesn’t care how her face looks like when she has to shoot a dramatic or sad scene. Especially in the hunger games my opinion was confirmed.
    And Sandra Bullock just gets better and better after each movie she acts in. I saw the trailer to gravity, and I am dying to see it. I think she has become something like the female ben affleck :’D
    But I have to question your choice in miley and katy. Although I pity Miley, I think she is old enough to stop doing childish things like that. And wrecking ball is really a beautiful song that doesn’t need so much nudity. It looks so cheap in my eyes.
    And since katy perry’s use and abuse of an elephant in her video I started to dislike her, although I really liked her songs before that.

  • Great list. I think you can add yourself to the list too. Your blog is amazing. You’re a great cook and have an unabashed passion for fashion and style and your self reflection is both endearing and honest. Plus I like when you leave us with songs to jam to 🙂

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