If I were a Rich Girl… this would be my Christmas Outfit

Published November 22, 2013 by The Feminist

alexander mcq

It’s now Friday November 22. In about a month we will all be sitting around Christmas trees, eating Christmas dinners and opening up Christmas presents. None of that would be complete without the appropriate Christmas outfit. Not only should your outfit reflect the festive mood of the holiday season, it should also be outrageous enough to make all the Holiday pictures truly memorable. There is no better feeling in the world than looking back at old Christmas pictures and thinking to yourself: “Damn, girl! That was one hell of an outfit!”

So I was browsing around the Alexander McQueen website the other day- because that’s what you do, when you want to buy clothes but can’t afford them- and I saw this jaw-dropping, mesmerizingly beautiful stained glass print dress. I bet this dress could make even the most insecure woman on the planet feel like a princess. The sheer luxury of the print guarantees a night you will never forget…

Unfortunately, such a memorable night comes at a price. A high price. $1,195.00 to be exact.

help me

So yeah, I’ll guess that dress will stay a fantasy forever. Unless I happen to stumble upon a handsome billionaire or win the lottery. Or rob a bank. But since chances for that ever happening or rather slim- and I don’t want to end up in prison- I will have to find my holiday outfit in more affordable places.


PS: Dear reader, if you happen to work for Alexander McQueen, feel free to contact me so we can discuss a possible sponsorship. Much appreciated! 😉


9 comments on “If I were a Rich Girl… this would be my Christmas Outfit

  • I feel like you’re channeling my inner self with this post! From the obviously amazing dress to the Bridesmaids photo! There is nothing better than the perfect memorable Christmas outfit to go with the cozy winter feel of the Holidays!

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