What his Fragrance says about his Personality

Published November 18, 2013 by The Feminist

What could be more perfect than finding the man of your dreams? Finding the man of your dreams who even smells fantastic of course!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is nothing sexier than a guy wearing a delicious perfume.

Seriously. There isn’t.

Moreover, I am a firm believer of character revealing fragrances. Just like us women, men choose fragrances that match their mood, their personality or their desires. So If you want to find out if your guy is a player? Smell him. Or want to know whether he will send you flowers? Smell him. His hobbies? Smell him. His sense of style? Smell him.

Smell. Everything starts from there.
All the rest is up to you.

Here is a selection of my personal favourite male fragrances and just for the sake of argument I’ve added a description of possible character traits.

Dior Homme by Dior


The Fragrance: the purity of bergamot, the freshness of grapefruit and the sensuality of musk. All bottled in a sleek and clean looking flask with menacingly black details.

The Guy: Christian Grey

A powerful businessman, always impeccably dressed and with a mysterious and seductive broody elegance. A man who knows how to spoil a woman, but also, knows how to use handcuffs.

Gentlemen only by Givenchy


The Fragrance: a classic fragrance with subtle hints of aromatic spices and intense woody notes. In a basic bottle, because it’s what’s inside that counts.

The Guy: Superman

Charming, elegant and always willing to lend a hand. This guy will gladly put an S on his chest if it means winning you over and conquering your heart. He doesn’t care about technology and urban riches. All he needs to survive is you and your damsel-in-distress attitude.

Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

le male

The Fragrance: Seductive and masculine. Those are the key words that come to mind when you inhale the aromas of Jean Paul Gaultier’s classic fragrance. The boldness of a bottle in the shape of a male torso indicates the type of men the creative genius was aiming at: a man with extreme sexuality and masculinity.

The Guy: James Bond

This man loves his classics. To him it’s all about strong and old-fashioned chivalry, dipped into a delicious sauce of borderline cliché sensuality. Dangerous yet oh so charming.( And he’ll always pay for your cocktail.)

He Wood by Desquared2


The Fragrance: As the name of this fragrance may suggest, this scent is all about wood. Think early morning walks through the forest… dew drops on fir needles… birds chirping around in the sky…

The Guy: Nature Boy

An outdoorsman. This man doesn’t believe in fairy tales or material belongings. What he cares about is living in the moment, enjoying all the things that nature has to offer. He looks strong and tough but under that hard exterior lies a fragile heart that breaks far too easily

Spice Bomb by Victor and Rolf


The Fragrance: an explosion of aromas in a very menacing bomb-like bottle. This fragrance isn’t for the faint hearted but for those who want to make a statement. Blending in is no longer an option.

The Guy: The Painter

A young and extravagant dandy whose explosion of emotions can often be both overwhelming and detonatingly seductive. He doesn’t do “less is more”; to him it’s all about expressing what’s inside through creative art, design and fashion.

Boss Orange by Hugo Boss


The Fragrance: The freshness of apple, citrus and coriander blend joyfully with the exciting hint of Szechuan pepper and vanilla beans. The bottle is straightforward and open, just like him.

The Guy: The carefree surfer

“The glass is always half full” is his ultimate lifestyle motto. His optimistic and relaxed view on life makes him fun to be around. Hence, his insanely large group of friends who always seem to be wanting a piece of him. Apart from his incredible social skills, this guy adores sports. From fitness workouts to games of basketball, but his true passion lies in the waves. Him and his board are inseparable. Good luck getting between those two, girl!


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