The Album everyone should be listening to: John Legend- Love in the Future

Published November 8, 2013 by The Feminist

john legend

Five years of musical silence is a very long time. Even if you were the most brilliant artist on the planet, making the most insanely beautiful music, and even if I were your biggest fan in the whole wide world, that still wouldn’t be enough to keep me interested. In the end I would just move on –out of sight (or should I say ‘ear’?) out of mind- and look for other talent in the big musical pond.

So it pains me to say that I had totally forgotten about John Legend. I had all his albums, knew all his songs by heart in a way that it almost became eerie and I would sit in awe- drooling over so much hotness- every time he would be playing live on a television show. But like I said, even I lost touch with this brilliant singer. I moved on to other musical hotties. (Bruno Mars, that is. )

So you can imagine my surprise when, I suddenly saw an ad for his CD on the internet a couple of days ago. My heart skipped a beat. My breath caught in my throat. And I nearly started crying when it slowly dawned on me that his new album had already been out since September and I hadn’t even heard so much as a whisper about it. I felt like the worst fan in the world.

Needless to say that I wanted to make up for my absence in the wonderful paradise that is John Legend musical magic. I ran to the music store like a frantic lunatic and completely out of breath I asked the guy behind the counter where John Legend’s album was. He looked at me as if I were the most insane person he had ever met, but I didn’t really care. All I could think about was John Legend and nothing- or no one!- would stand in my way. What can I say? John Legend does to my emotions what Twitter does to the Wall street stock exchange: it makes them soar…

Love in the Future is without a doubt his best album so far. His lyrics are dipped in a melted chocolate blend of emotional philanthropy and all-consuming sensuality. The warm melodies- emphasized by symphonic strings, experimental percussion or simply his piano- are in beautiful harmony with his smooth yet so intense vocals.

If you don’t have this album in your CD collection already, I highly recommend purchasing it, for you won’t find anything that is better for your soul than this album. Fall victim to the sound of pure, unadulterated love and happiness. You deserve it!

To give you an idea of how amazing John Legend is, here are four of my favourite songs on the album:

1) All of Me:
The most touching lyrics on the planet…

So, who needs a handkerchief right now?
2) Asylum:
It’s as if he takes you on an experimental cloud of breathtaking delirium…

3) Wanna Be Loved:
An ideal song for a mellow evening. Imagine yourself swaying to the beat while you’re stirring in your risotto… perfect!

4) Save The Night:
My reaction when I first heard this song was a bit similar to this:



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