Boudoir Babe: Confessions of a Lingerie Addict

Published October 31, 2013 by The Feminist


“No one is going to see it, so what’s the point?” The frustration among single women can indeed be quite big when they happen to stumble upon a beautiful lingerie set , but refuse to buy it because they don’t have a partner to wear it for. If you’re one of those protesting single ladies, here is my piece of advice: Lingerie is never about him. It’s about you. Don’t ever let your single lifestyle keep you from rocking those sexy lace knickers.

At the risk of over-sharing: I happen to be a lingerie addicted single. Whereas other shopaholics might spend entire fortunes on shoes or Chanel handbags, I prefer spending my money on stuff no one but me can see. One possible explanation might be because I’m a hopeless romantic. Everything that’s dainty, refined, red, pink, lace or bejeweled has my direct attention, for it reminds me of hand-cut heart confetti and chocolate bonbons or triggers my all-time favourite fantasy of a Prince Charming on a White Horse singing emotional Bruno Mars songs just outside my bedroom window.

Another reason why I believe lingerie is the most important item in your wardrobe is because it creates self confidence. And that is why I’m truly convinced that all of you, single ladies, should have a bursting lingerie closet as well. Good lingerie makes you feel happier, sexier and more at peace with your body. Moreover, beautiful lingerie isn’t just for young and thin models. Plus sizes, older women, tall/short women, there is a pretty lingerie set for everyone!

I hereby hope I was able to convince you of the importance of lingerie, because this fall season is overflowing with romantic underwear!

One of my favourite collections is the fall collection from Andres Sarda.




My favourite affordable lingerie brand by far is the Italian boutique Intimissimi. Their lingerie is absolutely mesmerizing, but in contrast to Andres Sarda, you can buy as many items as you want because it’s not really expensive!


intimi good


The collaboration between lingerie brand Etam and super model Natalia Vodianova is still drool worthy. This black lace bodysuit is simply sublime, don’t you think?!



5 comments on “Boudoir Babe: Confessions of a Lingerie Addict

  • I will happily admit to being a co-addict and it matters not at all to me if no one can see! Life is as beautiful as you make it; and I think you should grab any chance to make it more special and magical – for yourself!

  • That such a great view on lingerie. If anything, it’s better than buying for to wear for something, because I feel like you can only wear it a few times before it becomes being not-so-special. Oh well, when I marry Leo I’ll have tons of money to spend on Agent-P 😉

  • Hahaa… I’m one of those couldn’t-care-less women who wears M&S cotton knickers pretty much every day of the year! I have a couple of nice lingerie sets that I bought about the time of my wedding (I thought there had to be something glamorous under the wedding dress) but I don’t actually think it made much difference to my husband. I completely agree, as you said, that the lingerie is more for YOU than the guy. You’re completely right in saying that beautiful lingerie makes you feel sexy and more confident. Actually, as an afterthought, maybe I should get some…

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