Keep Calm and Buy that Bag

Published October 26, 2013 by The Feminist

I’m sure all of you fashionistas have done your fair share of fall fashion shopping already. However, an outfit is never truly finished without the proper accessories. Opting for the right accessories can lift an outfit from “meh” to “mesmerizing” and can create an air of mystique about your persona. (Great way to lure in handsome men, I might add. Did you hear Orlando Bloom is back on the market, ladies? I’m sure the right outfit details will lead him straight into your arms! 😉 Having said that, please Orlando, ignore all the above: I’m free this weekend so if you want to stop by, I would gladly give you a tour around my accessory wardrobe.)

One of the key items that truly captures the art of accessorizing, is the right bag. Just look at the Mulberry campaign with Cara Delevigne. Yes, the outfits look amazing even without the insanely beautiful bags (those shoes! Those gloves! That cape!) but let’s be honest here: if there is one thing that truly makes the outfit perfect, it has got to be those bags!

mulberry brown

mulberry green


So decadent… and big… and fantastically classy… and outrageously eye catching… and …and… and…

Gosh, I think I’m getting heart palpitations merely from looking at these stunning bags!

Anyway, I think you get my point by now. Everything starts and ends with the bag. If you for some odd reason still haven’t treated yourself to a new one (or two or three or four…), here are a couple of my favourites.

One of my favourite type of purses this winter is the bejeweled clutch. It is elegant, chic and yet really rock and roll. It’s an accessory all on its own and I can guarantee that flaunting a clutch like that, will truly make you the star of the night.

gem stone embellished box clutch


Sometimes, of course, a clutch just won’t do the trick. (We have –unfortunately- still a life to attend to besides those fancy parties) We are career women and career women need big bags. A big and extravagant bag to put away that rescue make up kit, the extra pair of flats (in case you should get blisters from walking in those bloody high heels) and that heavy heavy wallet.


For those who want to make a romantic statement and don’t mind spending an entire month’s salary on it, I suggest visiting a nearby Burberry shop.


There are, however, certain aspects of winter to which I’m not looking forward at all: snow storms, freezing winds, not knowing whether your bluish fingers are still viable or not… Luckily for me and all the other people who easily get cold, there is still the fur trend to fall back on. (Faux fur, that is. We want to spare those poor animals!) And believe it or not, the fur trend is so omnipresent this winter, you won’t just see it on coats, hats and scarves, but also on bags and purses! Hurrah! After all, who wouldn’t want to keep their money warm?

Here are my favourite furry little friends:

red ombre mongolian fur tote bag


tory burch

So, dear fashionistas, which bag is on your accessory wish list?

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