7 Reasons why I’m now officially a Cumberbitch

Published October 10, 2013 by The Feminist


Fact: There are a lot of Benedict Cumberbatch fans on this planet.

Fact: Those fans are mostly female and call themselves Cumberbitches.

Fact: I normally try to steer clear from everything that might involve frantic shouting (“Bennie, We Love You!”), unintentional fainting or throwing my panties at someone’s head.

Yes, all the facts were pointing towards a seemingly obvious outcome: I would never become a Cumberbitch. It was not in my nature to surrender myself to idolatry and neither did I want to be associated with annoyingly cheerful teenagers…

But sometimes life is full of twists and turns. In this very logical sum of facts, I left a very important element out of the equation: The fact that Benedict Cumberbatch is –by far!- the best actor of his generation. This undeniable fact sneaked into my life and completely overruled all the others. Hence, I’m now officially a Cumberbitch. (If my unexpected confession of idolatry makes you hurl, my apologies.)

In case you aren’t yet a member of the Cumberbitch-club and are wondering what the fuzz is all about, here are the seven main reasons why we all love this talented Brit:

1. He’s an incredible actor.

I went to see “The Fifth Estate” the other day on the opening night of the 40th Film Festival in Ghent and he was simply marvelous as Julian Assange. The Guardian called it “ a virtuoso impersonation, from the deep drawl to louche geek twitches.” Amen.

2. His British accent and incredibly sexy voice

I’ve said it once before in my list of sexiest male voices (if you want to know who else was on there, please click here) but his low, deep and warm voice cannot be praised enough! Not to mention his British accent, because –no offence to all the Americans reading this- the British accent is al lot- a lot–  sexier than the American. Admit it, you know it too!

3. I’m Sherlocked

Sherlock is absolutely the best mini TV-series on the planet. I mean, what’s not to love: it’s murder and intrigue but at the same time incredibly witty and funny. Every episode lasts as long as a good ol’ romantic comedy and Benedict – as the fantastically weird genius- shows once again that “brainy is the new sexy”

4. When he cries, it’s beautiful.

When I cry, I kinda look like this:


When he cries, it looks as if angels are dropping raindrops on his face…

cumber crying

Seriously, how is that even possible?


5. He can be awesomely goofy

Ask any woman what she believes to be a man’s sexiest personality treat, and she will always say: a sense of humour. It doesn’t always have to be so serious. Sometimes you just need to loosen up, break free and make an utter fool of yourself.

cumber goofy

6. His awesomely weird name

Any other actor would have changed his name by now , but not Bennie. He stays true to his very British self!


7. He’s not a traditional beauty

I find it rather comforting to know that even when you don’t look like an Armani underwear model, you can still become a successful actor in Hollywood. And although I would be the first to applaud when a hunky sixpack-rocking actor takes off his shirt in a movie, I would choose Benedict over all those Armani models put together in a heartbeat. Besides, look at his eyes.

cumber eyes

Enough said.


15 comments on “7 Reasons why I’m now officially a Cumberbitch

  • Reblogged this on trendbytes and commented:
    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Benedict Cumberbatch is worth watching, no matter what the role. I discovered his talent last year in the British series Sherlock (which blows the American version Elementary out of the water, by the way) and have been hooked ever since…call me a Cumerbitch too. It’s a title I’ll gladly wear.

  • Totally agree with you. I adore Benedict Cumberbatch!! Just now watching “Parade’s End”….miniseries. He’s wonderful as always….Excellent show if you haven’t seen it yet..

  • Oh my god why did I read this!? I was all set to catch up on my (grown up:) homework and you had to go and dangle a fabulous actor with weirdness, talent, integrity and sex appeal right in front of my nose. Dangit, F, F&F … you’ve ruined my morning plans with your tempting blog post!!:)

    • Count me in as a Cumberbitch….he had me at Sherlock. With his versatile acting skills and range of emotions, especially the goofiness, he probably could have pulled it off as the next Doctor Who.

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