Shirtless Sunday: Flawless Man Candy, because we’re worth it!

Published October 6, 2013 by The Feminist


The weekend is almost over. (Feel free to let out a sob of despair or throw up in a nearby bucket.)Every single person on the planet- no matter if you’re 8 or 88 years old- hates Mondays. It’s a universal hatred that has not only survived but flourished over the decades. Mondays are awful. They’re a pain in the ass. They’re the dreadiest of all dreadfulness…


Luckily for all of you, I have found the best remedy for this “I just wanna curl up and cry”-feeling: hot dudes!


No scratch that.

Shirtless hot dudes!


From beautifully muscled male models over ab-flaunting superheroes to BDSM-loving steamy pieces of man candy: there is a flawless sweetie pie for everyone!

Let’s start with a couple of drool-worthy absilicious guys!


And what do you think about this gorgeous fella? Is it just me, or does spending days on a small boat floating on the ocean suddenly seem much more appealing?


Now, you can’t do a shirtless rundown without including the man with the already immortal torso: Mr. Henri– Man of Steel- Cavill

FILM Cavill 4

Not to mention forgetting the future Christian Grey, Charlie Hunnam. Not including him in this post would have been sacrilege.


All the ab-loving ladies out there had probably marked October 3rd in their agendas this week. Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries premiered that night and I just know that there are a lot of women drooling over the idea that for the next couple of months we will be treated with the shirtless God-like bodies of…

Good Guy, Zach Roerig

shirtless zac roering

Werewolf Michael Trevino

shirtless trevino

Ian Somerhalder, also known as the vampire with the most memorable quotes


And last but sooo not least: Paul Wesley (Check. That. Out!)

shirtless paul

If you suddenly feel the urge to wash this overload of shirtless fabulousness down with a couple of Margaritas , by all means, please do. I’m not here to judge 😉


9 comments on “Shirtless Sunday: Flawless Man Candy, because we’re worth it!

  • Henry and Ian…..*sighs in awe*
    (I’m gonna go spend two hours googling their faces now….wait, let me reach for the Ben & Jerry’s first…)

  • Omg during Man of Steel (which was a laughable movie) I was all “mmmm! mmmmm! mmmmmmmmmm!” for the first half. Sort of like with “Iddy” in Pacific Rim. Bring on the topless, chiseled men!

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