Many Beauties and a couple of Beasts: the Emmy 2013 Red Carpet Report

Published September 23, 2013 by The Feminist

Last night was TV’s biggest night of the year, when all my favourite TV stars (Kerry Washington! Michelle Dockery! Emilia Clarke!)from my favourite TV series (Scandal! Downton Abbey! Game of Thrones!) strolled down the red carpet in front of the Nokia Theater in LA for the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards. There weren’t any real surprises during the show as far as winners are concerned. Julia Louis-Dreyphus, with her 14th nomination under her belt, won for best actress in a comedy series, proving once again that she’s the funniest woman on the planet. Over in the drama-department Claire Danes snatched the trophy from under Kerry Washington’s nose, winning the award for best Actress in a Drama series for the second straight year for her magnificent role in Homeland. The fact that Kerry Washington didn’t win in this category –to be quite frank- sucks. I mean, have you seen her on Scandal? If that isn’t Emmy-deserving material, I don’t know what is! (Although I must admit that I’m just too much of a Kerry-fan to remain truly objective.)

Putting my frustrations aside for a moment, let’s focus on last night’s fashion. In contrast to the dreadful wardrobe choices most celebrities made at the VMAs, this time they opted for style, elegance and incredible beauty.

Here is a selection of the best dressed actresses:

Sofia Vergara looked stunning in this red beauty by Vera Wang. Honestly, with that body she could’ve just worn an oversized t-shirt and still look breathtaking.

emmy sofia vergara

I love how Claire Danes’ Armani dress is both classy ( with the nude colour and the almost tablecloth- like lace pattern) and bold (with the metallic accents, plunging neckline and the sheer elements)

emmy claire danes

I’ve never said a bad word about Kerry or her fashion choices in my entire life, so I’m definitely not going to start now! She looks divine in all her princessy gorgeousness!

emmy kerry

One of my favourite looks- by miles!- was Sarah Hyland in an emerald green and black lace Carolina Herrera dress. This proves yet again that it is indeed possible to be young, sexy and keep your clothes on at the same time. (Eat this Miley Cyrus!)

emmy sarah hyland

Plum appeared to be a very popular colour last night. Mindy Kaling and Linda Cardellini opted for a total plum look, while the ever stylish Michelle Dockery chose to combine the purple hue with cardinal red. Her bejeweled red clutch is the icing on the cake!

emmy mindy kaling

emmy linda cardellini

emmy michelle dockery

In the category “You don’t have to wear a dress to look feminine”: Jane Lynch

emmy jane lynch

Unfortunately, however, there were some not-so-great dresses (and a totally ridiculous one) spotted on the red carpet as well.

I’m trying to think of something positive to say about Zooey Deschanel’s dress (because I absolutely adore her!) but I simply can’t think of anything. The colour is unflattering, the fabric is totally wrong and as far as the design goes: it’s boring, traditional and old-fashioned. Even Betty White wouldn’t want to wear it. No offence. (But I still love you Zooey!)

emmy zoey deschanel

The following two dresses would’ve been absolutely gorgeous if it weren’t for those hideous see-through parts in totally the wrong places. The dresses of both Julianne Hough and Lena Headey are really sexy, but because you can see their figure-correction bodysuits underneath it,  it all feels pretty awkward and embarrassing. It’s as if they’re just wearing a pair of gigantic granny knickers, threw a shiny piece of fabric over it and forgot to look in the mirror before leaving the house.

emmy julie hough

emmy lena headey

And then there was Amanda Peet. First of all, I almost didn’t recognize it was her! Her hair is totally the wrong colour (fire that hair stylist) and looks scruffy (as if she’s just gone out for a run and didn’t have time to take a shower)and her dress is just monstrous. I mean, it looks as if she’s stolen the dress out of Helena Bonham Carter’s wardrobe, which isn’t a wardrobe you should be stealing from. Maybe she wasn’t feeling well (she does look rather pale) so that might be the reason for her major fashion miss step. Having said that, even if I were practically dead, I wouldn’t even put on something like that. Just saying.

emmy amanda peet


7 comments on “Many Beauties and a couple of Beasts: the Emmy 2013 Red Carpet Report

  • I am into simple fashion and haven’t even heard of most of these shows (popular culture is not my strong point), but your red dress photo caught my eye. It is a riot looking at these clothes. Agree with your takes – gorgeous red dress, and the last few, well, you just have to wonder what they were thinking….

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