Happy One Year Blogoversary to Me: Let’s celebrate with some sexy Idris Elba pictures!

Published September 20, 2013 by The Feminist

Dearest Readers,

It’s my blogoversary today, which means that exactly one year ago I entered the exiting world of the blogosphere, bombarding you all with my thoughts on fashion, food and –last but definitely not least- men.

First, let’s start on a very sentimental and corny note: I couldn’t have done it without y’all, for no matter how good a writer you are, you always need readers to truly shine. It’s that universal longing to connect with people. When I hear people say “I do love your blog” or “That recipe sounds delicious”, I almost have to choke back some soft soft sobs. I started this blog because I wanted to share my crazy thoughts and feelings about the things that are most important to me with people all over the world. I hope I will be able to make you laugh and inspire you in many more years to come and –if I may be frank- you are probably the best and most awesome readers in the world!

Having said that, let’s forget all the sappy emotional stuff and focus on celebrating this joyous event! What better way to celebrate than with a handsome, sexy, drop-dread-gorgeous fella?! Here is my blogoversary present, for you, and of course –most of all- for me: Idris Elba. This divinely creature is on the cover of GQ’s October Issue. Is it just me or does he indeed look ridiculously charismatic in all his dashing, suit-wearing glory, as if he were sculpted by the Gods of the Acropolis themselves? Merely looking at these pictures, dripping with sex-appeal, makes my ovaries explode into millions of babies and butterflies! Don’t you agree? 😉






And if things couldn’t get any better, it has just been announced that none other than the yummiest onscreen doctor Sam from Private Practice, i.e. actor Taye Diggs, is going to star in my favourite TV- series New Girl this fall!!

taye diggs

Idris Elba and Taye Diggs on my blogoversary? What a beautiful day it is indeed!


13 comments on “Happy One Year Blogoversary to Me: Let’s celebrate with some sexy Idris Elba pictures!

  • Stop loving the same men I love! First Leo and now “Iddy” ughhhh :-p I loved him in Prometheus and when I learned he actually had a british accent my ovaries died. I was totally going “mmmm mmmm!” very loudly every time he came on camera in Pacific Rim; the theater loved me. I’d spend my last days of the apocalypse with him 😉

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