“The Eyes have it”: Kenzo introduces a kinda creepy (but totally awesome!) fashion trend

Published September 17, 2013 by The Feminist

Just when you thought you had seen it all, there is this one übercool fashion house that manages to surpass all previous fashion stunts and bombards us with the weirdest print in the history of fashionable clothing: the eye-print. Kenzo’s fall collection was dotted all over with tiny (and not so tiny) eye prints, giving the collection a very mystical dimension. Ever since the fashion label created the whole “tiger sweatshirt”-hype, everyone with at least one grain of style in his/her body is keeping a close a eye- no pun intended- on the brand to see what it will introduce next.

And that’s where the “All-seeing eye” comes in. As soon as Kenzo showed his Eye-inspired collection to the world, every self-respecting retail store incorporated some eye-prints in its collection as well. Sweaters, jackets, trousers, jewelry,… you can wear your third eye on practically everything. So if you’re a true fashionista, you definitely need to get yourself some eye-prints! All eyes – figuratively and literally!- will be on you! (I’m going in eye-pun overdrive here 😉 )

Admittedly, I find the eye-print rather creepy in some cases, but somehow it just works! It’s intriguing, mysterious and oh so damn cool that I’m willing to forget the creepiness of it all and just focus on the trend’s world-dominating potential.

Still not convinced you should give this trend a second glance? Well then, cast your gaze upon the pictures below and I can assure you that after you’ve read through this entire post, you will want one of these awesome/eyesome prints!

This is what Kenzo created:








And here are some more affordable alternatives:



eye clutch


eye necklace1


eye SH

And let’s not forget the dudes out there!

eye boys

Eye-catching, isn’t it?


4 comments on ““The Eyes have it”: Kenzo introduces a kinda creepy (but totally awesome!) fashion trend

  • I really like it! it is unique in my opinion. I am actually used to this motive a little bit, since the Nazar eye in the turkish culture is very famous. That’s also why the necklace remembers me of the necklaces and other jewellery with the Nazar eye on them. You can achieve them for very cheap in the bazaars and shops in turkey 🙂

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