10 compelling reasons why you should treat yourself to a new perfume

Published September 16, 2013 by The Feminist

si armani


1) Giorgio Armani’s new fragrance Si smells sublime!

It is his tribute to “modern femininity, an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independent spirit” and anyone who has already had the opportunity to smell his new fragrance, knows that the Italian designer par excellence kept his promise. It was love at first sniff for me –with warm notes of vanilla and bergamot, romantic floral elements and deep musky undertones- and the fact that the ever gorgeous, elegant and intelligent actress Cate Blanchett is the face of the perfume is the ultimate cherry on the cake.

2) You’re awesome and totally deserve it!

I hope you realize what a great person you are. If not, take a look in the mirror and let your sheer awesomeness sink in. You deserve to buy yourself something new! (A new perfume to accentuate your incredible character is a good place to start!)

3) You can never have enough fragrances.

Imelda Marcos had her shoes, Jamie Oliver has his knife sets and Harvey Specter has his baseball collection, but if there is one thing I can go totally berserk over, it has got to be perfume. Just imagine how cool it would be to have an entire walk-in-closet with perfume bottles! Isn’t that every woman’s dream? (Or am I the only crazy one here?)

4) A new fragrance is like a new lover…

You’re uncharacteristically happy and euphoric, you can’t stop smiling and you’re walking the streets swaying your hips like a runway model. If you can’t find yourself a lover, buy yourself a new fragrance: it has exactly the same effect. 😉

5) As a true fashionista you always want to start the new season with a new perfume.

“You are never fully dressed without a smile perfume”. As the weather get cooler, we all start to buy ourselves new clothes, based on the most beautiful fall trends. A true fashionista, however, will know that an outfit isn’t finished without a smile and a matching perfume.

6) It’s the perfect way to emphasize your unique personality .

The way you smell and the type of perfume you choose is a great reflection of your own personality . Moreover, perfume has the ability to embody the mood that you’re in. No one is in exactly the same mood every single day, so why would you restrict yourself to only one fragrance? Ha!

7) It can drive men crazy!

Scents can seduce men. Anyone who tries to deny that is either lying or nose-less. I consider perfume the ultimate weapon of seduction: that whiff of sensuality when you walk by, a lingering aroma of mystery… It will leave him breathless (figuratively that is, you don’t want to smother him in a choke-inducing cloud of perfume!) and he will pray for your return!

8) It makes you feel sexy , elegant and glamourous…

…but without looking like Miley Cyrus at the VMAs or –the horror- like in her new music video “Wreaking Ball” . Who needs in-your-face nudity and obscene tong-wiggling behaviour if you can look incredibly sexy in a more subtle and personal manner by simply spraying on some heavenly scent?

9) A day without perfume is a day not lived.

By a show of virtual cyber hands: who wears perfume every day? I sincerely hope that all of you ladies are waving your hand in the air right now because otherwise I would be utterly ashamed. (no offence) I wear perfume every single day- I sometimes even put it on right before I go to sleep- and although this may sound incredibly odd and an incredible waste of good perfume, I just feel naked without. It’s like going out the door without wearing a bra, it’s just not right.

10) It’s your little secret…

Perfume to me is like an invisible cloak of equilibrium and self-confidence. It lifts your spirits and it boosts your inner “I am Superwoman”-mentality. Everyone can see it- the way you sparkle and shine- and yet no one can tell what lies at the core of this. It’s your little secret. (and you’re secret is safe with me)


6 comments on “10 compelling reasons why you should treat yourself to a new perfume

  • I have to agree with you. I think that a man or a woman needs more than just one perfume. One for spring/summer which should be floral or fresh scents. One for fall/autumn which should be a bit heavier but still possible to wear on an every-day-basis. Then there should be one for daytime and one for night time for each seasons. So I think everyone should at least own 3 or 4 perfumes. They don’t have to be so expensive. For everday I mostly use cheap ones, and for going out in the night I wear the more expensive ones.

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