Pretty like the Pope: when D&G go to church for inspiration

Published August 22, 2013 by The Feminist

Snort. Given the fact that I’m not a religious person – and that’s putting it mildly- I was rather apprehensive when I first heard of the new autumn and winter fashion trends: regal pompous and cardinal red.
Yes, just when you thought you had seen it all, the magnificent Italian duo Dolce & Gabbana decided to introduce to you… The Virgin Mary 2.0.
As I said: snort. Skeptical as I was, I had already mentally written off their entire collection, thinking that I would never-not in a million years!- wear gigantic crosses round my neck, not to mention mosaic Biblical scenes on my chest. But now that I have seen D&G’s collection and scrutinized it to the very detail, all I can say is: Hallelujah!
I am converted. Not religiously, but at least fashion wise. The duo’s attention to detail is truly immaculate. Inspired by religious iconography, the collection’s dresses, skirts and tops almost seemed like real-life frescos. Although I’m still not quite sure whether I want to buy myself a t-shirt with a Virgin Mary print or not, I believe D&G’s collection goes beyond effigies of Biblical characters. What I enjoyed the most about their collection was its delightful decadence! Gigantic jewelry, gold pumps, black lace, cardinal red,… the models didn’t just look like queens, I bet they felt like one too!
The rich, embroidered dresses are simply extraordinary and the attention to detail is truly astonishing.

DG mos


One of the other key elements of this collection is luxury. Everything looks so expensive you would almost be embarrassed to wear such an expensive-looking garment. Almost. I have always been a passionate lover of everything gold and shiny, so you can imagine my utter delight when I say all those beautiful- and beautifully big- gold jewelry. The models got to wear a crown!! I mean, how fabulous must that feel like?!!
I especially love this gold bustier. I’m trying to think of an excuse not to buy it, but frankly, I can’t think of one.


Oh, and the shoes!! Let’s not forget the shoes! I want them! I want them all!

DG shoeG


DG shoes1

Apart from the mosaic patterns, the three main colours of the collection were cardinal red, all-time classic black and good ol’ gray.

The red perfectly embodies what Italy has to offer: passionate love. Enough said. I’m definitely wearing that colour next season!

DG red

DG red1

I am a huge fan of black lace, so I guess it goes without saying that the black lace outfits were one of my favourites! They somehow remind me of an Italian widow, but without the terribly sad fact of a deceased husband.

DG lace

DG lace1

And then there was gray. The very robust gray fabrics like tweed, give this collection a more “down to earth” dimension. No pun intended.

DG grey1

DG grey

On a side note: I’m not really sure what a black hotpants is doing in this autumn-winter collection, though.

DG hotpants

It does look wonderful but please, Mr Dolce and Mr. Gabbana, we can’t all afford to fly off to sunnier places during the cold and nasty winter months! Some of us could actually use some snow proof outfits, you know!
Maybe you could reintroduce moonboots and turn them into something fashionable rather than a sight for sore eyes! Amen to that! 😉


7 comments on “Pretty like the Pope: when D&G go to church for inspiration

  • I’ve noticed that lately many luxury brands put emphases on their core values… This particular collection is soooo Dolce & Gabbana with it’s core roots of Sicilian Baroque aesthetic… It’s a pity the influence of this collection didn’t become a long-term trend.

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