Eveline’s Fabulous Friday Film Review

Published August 16, 2013 by The Feminist

I confess: I am a bit of a film freak. And as becomes of a freak, I like to totally freak out when a good film hits the theatres. In three days time I went to see two films, and they both were ridiculously awesome. Just like me, I would say. My mom called me crazy and gave the rather insulting remark: “Don’t you have better things to do than go to the movies?”

Seriously?? Mom, you have no idea what you missed out on. I mean, what better way to spend your time than to go totally bezerk over Dave Franco or Darren Criss, right? And you know what? I would pick them over family dinner anytime! Darren Criss sings the Backstreet Boys, y’all! Who would want to miss that?! (PS: But I still love you mom. )

Girl Most Likely: weirdly awesome and awesomely weird


I repeat: Darren Criss sings the Backstreet Boys. That alone should be enough to get you running to your nearest theatre. But apart from that, this film has a lot more to offer than a cute guy singing one of my favorite nineties songs. Kristen Wiig is brilliant as Imogene (Who the hell calls his child Imogene???) , a playwright who stages her own suicide to get back with her ex, but eventually ends up with her crazy-ass gambling-addicted mother, played by Annette Bening. Brilliant as both Kristen Wiig and Annette Bening may be, there were two male co-stars who were able to even outshine these two leading ladies: Matt Dillon and Christopher Fitzgerald. They both play people who are completely –and when I say completely, I do mean completely– bonkers and you have to be one hell of a good actor to give such a freaky role a warm, human and intricate authenticity. And they did. And it was brilliant. I absolutely loved the sense of humour in Girl Most Likely. It is not a laugh-until-your-belly-aches kinda humour (like Kristen Wiig’s other brilliant movie Bridesmaids) , but a much more subtle and awkward absurdity. I like that. It reminds me that I’m not the only crazy person out there.

Should you for some awful reason still have doubts about this film’s awesomeness, here is my closing argument: Darren Criss takes his shirt off. And sings the Backstreet Boys.

Case closed, I’d say.

Now You See Me: Jesse Eisenberg is so sexy! (when did that happen?)


Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman, Isla Fisher, Michael Caine, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and last but definitely not least James Franco’s baby brother, Dave. Just reading this very long list of incredible actors makes me weak in the knees. So much so that I might even say this is probably the best ensemble cast ever. I’m serious! I mean, everybody loves Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine, Isla Fisher is just adorable, Mark Ruffalo is his broody delicious self, Harrelson is wonderfully funny, Dave Franco is hot and looks just like his brother , which made it incredibly creepy sometimes, and then there was Jesse Eisenberg, Mister Social Network, whose remarks were so witty and snide I had to suppress the urge to jump up and down in my seat out of pure excitement (Tom Cruise-style) . Oh yes, everyone is fantastic but Jesse Eisenberg is simply sublime!

Now about the story: it’s about a group of four illusionists who rob a bank. The problem with a story about magicians is that we all know ( at least when you’re older than a four year old toddler) that it’s all about the illusion. Nothing is real. Now You See Me, however, is able to overcome this traditional handicap and far surpasses the genre’s limits. The twists and turns follow one another with a hypnotizing speed and the snarky dialogues are so good, it could make you faint. (Especially when you have a Master’s Degree in linguistics, like myself. )

So yes, this movie is absolutely magical (pun fully intended) and let’s just say that Jesse Eisenberg or Dave Franco can conjure up rabbits from my hat any time they like! 😉


3 comments on “Eveline’s Fabulous Friday Film Review

  • Morgan Freeman and Jesse Eisenberg already belongto my favorite actors. Isla Fisher really got me at Great Gatsby, but she was still very hilarious in her movies before. I haven’t seen anything from Dave Franco, but I am sure that he is as good as his brother, since he is in this movie as well *o* I have watched the trailer several months ago, and thought that I HAD to watch this movie! I gues one of the few best things about the end of summer is the amount of good films airing at the cinema 🙂

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