Embrace your inner Sob Queen: 10 Songs that made me cry

Published August 9, 2013 by The Feminist

A couple of days ago I bought the album #3 of The Script. The album is truly amazing with lots of good songs and –especially- ridiculously beautiful, well-written and emotional lyrics. One of the songs on the album, called “No words”, really blew me away… It even made me cry.
Yes. I’m dead serious. I’m talking about actual tears. I don’t really know why, maybe it was some early form of PMS, but the lyrics seemed to trigger my inner sob queen.
(Another side effect of this tearjerker from The Script is that I am now completely and utterly smitten with Danny O’Donoghue. Like “standing-in-line-for-hours-and-willing-to-throw-my-panties-at-him” smitten. But then again, this doesn’t really come as a total surprise. I mean, if you write lyrics such as this one :“What can I say about something that blows me away, without sounding like another cliché” it’s practically impossible not to get flustered by its incredibly high swoon-factor. )
Inspired by my unexpected tears, I took a trip down memory lane and made a list of all the songs that so far have been able to make me cry. It’s not a very long list and most of the time I can’t really give a logical explanation why these exact songs made me cry, because there are definitely other songs out there that possess even more elements of a good tearjerker. Sometimes I felt a bit guilty of not including an artist in this list, like Bruno Mars for example, because his ballads give me goosebumps every single time. However beautiful these songs may be, they never actually made me cry. So I’m terribly sorry Bruno, but I’m not going to include you in my list this time. Please, don’t be said. (I still think you’re ridiculously hot, so that’s something, right? ; ) )
PS: Feel free to comment and give me your ultimate tearjerker!
No words- The Script
This song doesn’t really have the most emotional melody (In sharp contrast to some of the songs below) but the lyrics are just … well… so beautiful . Words are simply superfluous to describe the love pouring out of this song. Just listen.


Someone like you-Adele
If there is someone out there who didn’t tear up when they first heard the song, he or she (but let’s be honest, it will probably be a he) is seriously emotionally crippled.

Wild horses- Natasha Bedingfield
This was the very first song I ever cried to. I think I was about 13 years old when I first heard this song and that moment is still engraved in my brain. And all those years later, it still gets to me…

My heart will go on- Celine Dion
The tearjerker of tearjerkers. This song is hated by a lot of people (so please don’t shoot me right now) but I just know that there are still millions of people -mostly women- who secretly love this song. And yes, I’m proud to say that I still get goosebumps every single time I hear it.
Jack died, people. Why wouldn’t you cry?

John Legend- This Time
One of the best artists there is. Seriously, he could sing the phonebook, and I’d still be crying like a baby.


Colours of the Wind- Pocahontas
Weird choice, isn’t it? This Disney classic is just too sappy not to mention. “Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moooooon” Merely typing these lyrics gets me all choked up!

I dreamed a Dream: Les Misérables
I’m talking about real, sincere and heart-felt sobs here, people.
This may sound a bit weird, but a couple of months ago I had to do a monologue about a woman who had lost her child in a concentration camp during WW2. (It was for one of my courses in German media at university , should you now be wondering why on earth I had to play someone who dies in a concentration camp) In the days up to the performance I watched this video over and over again to get “inspired”, because I wanted to capture that same feeling of pure misery and despair. I’m not saying my performance was as good as Anne Hathaway’s (far from probably 😉 ) but it truly helped me to feel emotional. So if you ever find yourself in a situation in which you have to play a truly desperate person, this is the clip to watch!

Kiss me –Ed Sheeran
This is one of the most magical songs I have ever heard. His voice, the lyrics, the melody,… Sigh. If only there was someone out there to sing this song to me…
Wait! What about you, Danny O’Donoghue? 😉

Barbra Streisand- My Man
I could have put all the songs of Funny Girl up here, but that would have been a bit boring so I decided to pick the one and only Funny Girl tearjerker. Sometimes I even blame this musical for my misguided and completely unrealistic expectations of life and love. And my very inappropriate habit of bursting into song every time I don’t really know what to say 😉

I will always love you – Whitney Houston
No comment. The song speaks for itself.


6 comments on “Embrace your inner Sob Queen: 10 Songs that made me cry

  • Great list! I am glad you have John Legend on there. I love him and have seen him in concert many times. If you have not it is totally worth it. Another person you might want to add to your list is Sade. She is so powerful. I am sure one of her songs will bring a tear to your eyes. I too saw her on concert last year and she was the best concert I have very seen.

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