Bold, Beautiful, Balmain: next season it’s all about extremes

Published August 6, 2013 by The Feminist

Someday, like it or not, this ridiculously hot summer will come to an end. No more tanning on the beach. No more sweating on public transportation. No more doing the dishes in your bikini. (Uhum.) No more cocktails. (Who am I kidding, I drink cocktails all year round!)

We all have to admit that “Winter is coming”. Although Game of Thrones has a way of making that sound really terrifying, I for one am looking forward to cooler weather.

Why, you may ask? Well, it has everything to do with the autumn-winter collection of Balmain. I’ve never been so excited about one particular collection in my entire life! It’s as if designer Olivier Rousteing created this collection solely for the likes of me, because his collection contains all the things I ever dreamed of and more. Leather? Check. Glamour? Check. Bling? Check. Gold? Check. Mohair? Check. And above all, super tight waists? Check, check, check!

This collection is all about irresistible opulence. About embracing the extremes. Extremes in fabric. Extremes in silhouette. Extremes in women. Balmain’s collection is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It’s for ballsy, gutsy and confident women who aren’t afraid to take risks and –above all- who aren’t afraid to shine.

Pronounced shoulders and hips contrasted with a super tight waist: the perfect hourglass silhouette. This is definitely a look I want to try next fall. On the other hand, it would be nice to be able to breathe. Preferably. But then again, fashion is always a tiny bit of suffering, isn’t it?  😉




I also love the contrast between the soft and cuddly tops and the shiny harem pants.




Talking about harem pants, this collection is like a weirdly awesome- yet perfect- combination of the 1980s (shoulders pads!) and Aladdin.




And last but not least, Balmain showed some incredibly beautiful colours:

Like this very alluring pink


Pretty prestigious purple


Brilliant blue


And my favourite: poisonous green




Oh, and before I forget, Olivier Rousteing also introduced some insanely looking thigh-high, skin-tight boots! Sigh. Why isn’t it winter already?


To end on a much more realistic note, however: my bank account, unfortunately, doesn’t allow designer exuberance. That leaves me with three options: rob a bank, marry a very old- almost dead- billionaire, or find a similar look for a much more affordable price in retail stores. Given the fact that I look horrible with a pair of stockings pulled over my head and don’t see myself taking care of the elderly just yet, I will probably go with option three. 😉


6 comments on “Bold, Beautiful, Balmain: next season it’s all about extremes

  • Haha, enjoyable post. Being that I live in the +100 degree Arizona desert, I’m so ready for autumn/ winter, beautiful Balmain collection, and can’t wait to see your variations of the option # 3.

    XOXO Nensi

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