If I were a Boy… I would totally buy this!

Published August 3, 2013 by The Feminist

A couple of weeks ago, my brother asked me if I wanted to accompany him to the men’s department at Zara. He had set his eyes on a waistcoat on sale and wanted to hear my opinion before buying it. (I looooove playing personal shopper!) While he was twirling around in his waistcoat in front of the mirror- he looked pretty fab, I might add- I was being drawn to the men’s fall collection, completely forgetting the main goal of my brother’s shopping adventure, the waistcoat. Let me tell you something about the men’s fall collection at Zara: it is so ridiculously cool and classy that for one nanosecond I wished I could wear those clothes!

Seriously, just look at this freakily awesome, super dapper and stylish as hell black blazer with leather sleeves.

zara blazer

A lot of young men out there (like my brother), for some reason, find this too classy for their age. “I’m too young to wear suits on a daily basis”, my ignorant brother bluntly stated when I ran over to him in utter euphoria with this blazer in my hand. Well, to quote Neil Patrick Harris, aka Barney on How I Met Your Mother, first of all: “It’s a blazer, not a suit.”, so you are definitely not too young to wear this one-piece-wonder. And secondly, every man, whether he is 18 (I’m looking at you, baby bro’) or 88 can rock – and should rock- a suit. So “Suit up!”

The regular visitors of my blog will know by now that I am a fierce advocate of suit-wearing men. It is by far the best and sexiest garment a man can wear. Every time I hear someone question the importance of having and wearing a suit, I immediately jump into its glorious defense. An argument that always seems to persuade even the most skeptical of suit dummies, is when I refer to the TV- series Suits. It is witty, it is fast and all the men wear suits. It’s the best TV-series to have ever been created in the long history of TV-series. Those of you who still don’t watch it: shame on you! And those of you who do, probably know that season 3 started a couple of weeks ago. There was this one scene (was it episode 1 or 2?), in which the almighty Harvey Specter steps out of his mustang with so much flair and grace, and wearing a suit and sunglasses, that it made my knees wobble.

suits car

Harvey Specter. A better argument to persuade suit-skeptics doesn’t exist. He is what suits (both the garment and the TV –series) are all about: he’s cool, classy, sexy, smart, smooth and dapper all at the same time. Every woman wants her Harvey Specter. Someone with great intelligence, with guts, with a sense of humour, with eloquence and last but not least with a marvelous sense of style. A suit epitomizes all these things and much much more.

Oh, and before I forget: Guys, if you buy this blazer, you should definitely buy this shirt as well. You will have to fight the women off of you, I promise!

zara hemd


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