Me, my fashion and Italy: A match made in heaven

Published July 25, 2013 by The Feminist

Ladies (and the occasional Gents), I’m back. And although I love being part of the blogosphere again, I hate being back in good ol’ Belgium. Bwek.

Seriously, Italy has done me good and I would have preferred to stay there a little bit longer but neither my budget, nor my (suddenly) bigger butt were willing to endure an extension of la dolce vita.

However, what’s gone is gone. Whining like a baby won’t help. I just have to remember that, although my holiday may be over, the memories will stay with me forever. (Though I hope the latter can’t be said about my bigger butt. 😉 )

So let’s start with my first holiday recap: fashion. You may have read in my previous posts that I truly love hiking and spending time in the mountains. A fact some of you will think odd, since I’m so obsessed with fashion and food and look nothing like your regular white-socks-in-gigantic-shoes type of hiker.

Think again, all of you skeptical readers: I am a mountain goddess! Do you know why I am so sure of that? On my way to the top of a mountain in Südtirol I had a rather funny encounter… with a cow. Yes, a cow. It had my name on it! Well, sort of anyway.

vakantie riva en obereggen 148

It was marked with the letter “E”. The first letter of my name. It was as if the cow was sending me a message: “These mountains were made for you, Eveline from Belgium.”

Anyway, apart from spending my time talking to cows on hilltops, I spend quite a lot of time discovering Italian towns and eating Italian food as well. And that, my dear readers, requires the perfect outfit.
Here are my favourite holiday outfits!

Polka dot crop top and red high waisted shorts: retro yet really now

vakantie riva en obereggen 060

Coral jumpsuit with dragon necklace: honestly felt like a million bucks.

vakantie riva en obereggen 037

Coral maxi skirt with blue top and matching necklace: Yes, I do love coral!

vakantie riva en obereggen 129

And many other outfits, of which I regrettably forgot to take a picture. 😉

Ps: I normally try to avoid putting pictures of myself on my blog, and if so, I normally would “chop off” my head. But that would have been really difficult (not to mention ridiculous!) in this case. So I apologize for the high “me”-factor of this post. And I do honestly hope you’re not a creepy pervert browsing the internet in search for girls, with the intention of creating a disturbing “human skin” hand bag collection or something.


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