Get ready to drool: Fabulous Franco for Gorgeous Gucci Eyewear!

Published July 9, 2013 by The Feminist

I’m off to Italy in a couple of days and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to enjoying enormous amounts of heavenly sweet and delicious gelato. If there is anything that truly captures what summer holidays are all about, it’s licking ice-cream off a cone!

Talking about lickable things, James Franco will be the face of Gucci’s eyewear Fall campaign.

I’m giving all of you ladies some time and space to comprehend the sheer awesomeness of this bit of very exciting news 😉

Ready? Here’s the ad:


The oh-so-yummy Franco is looking so incredibly hot, he could even make the finest Italian gelato melt in a heartbeat! Trendy denim shirt, scruffy yet sophisticated beard and of course the Italian brand’s iconic Black Bamboo aviator shades… Sigh. I think you will all agree with me that Franco is – indeed – Fabulous!

By the way, did you notice how the palm trees are reflected in his lenses? How cool is that?! What man wouldn’t want to buy these incredibly stylish sunglasses? I mean, if this ad doesn’t get men running to their local optician, I don’t know what will! All I can say is: job well done, Gucci! Job well done!

PS: The Black Bamboo sunglasses will be available at Gucci boutiques and selected opticians starting October 2013.



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