5 Tips to Style your Guy on Holiday

Published July 6, 2013 by The Feminist

zara men total look

No matter how intelligent your guy may be, most men are real dummies when it comes to clothes, especially when they need to go on holiday. Why is it that they will always end up wearing a boring white t-shirt with a basic Bermuda short? Or –pure horror– white socks in orthopedic sandals? Seriously, there is more to holiday fashion than a couple of boring ol’ t-shirts and dorky socks.

Here are 5 fashion tips that will definitely kick your man’s holiday outfit up a notch!

1) Say no to speedo!

Whether he wants to go for a swim or work on his tan by the swimming pool, go for casual yet cool swim shorts. (The only people allowed to wear speedos are synchronized divers and Ryan Lochte)

swim short1

swim short

2) It’s all in the accessories!

Who says men can’t wear accessories? It’s the perfect way to spice up a basic shirt or vest!

river island yellow colour block sunglasses


river island aztec print bow tie

3) The Print makes the man!

First of all, I would like to comment that when I say “print”, I definitely do NOT mean those horribly drab “let’s all wear t-shirts with numbers on them because it makes us look oh so preppy” kinda prints… I. Hate. Those.
If your guy has those dreadful number prints in his closet, please do me a favour: burn them! Burn them all!


Instead go for super cool Aztec prints

asos shirt

Funky animal prints

asos shirt zebra

Or very artsy prints

asos tree print

4) Short suit, long summer!

Every woman knows that a suit can utterly transform a man. When you’re on holiday, however, a suit is often far too formal. (and too warm, especially during a heat wave) Still, you want your boo to look dashing when you go out for dinner at night and that’s where the short suit comes in! A slim fit blazer with a straight fit short. Cotton. Light Fabric. Light Colour. Merely describing it makes me giggle out of sheer adoration.

short suitGood

5) The Hawaiian shirt, 2.0

I know, until recently the Hawaiian shirt was numero uno in the “no-go” category of men’s fashion. It was considered to be old fashioned, ridiculous and incredibly geeky. But let’s forget all our previous assumptions about these floral goodies, because –believe it or not- the Hawaiian shirt is back in style! And it looks good! That is, if you buy the right Hawaiian print and choose the right fit. Remember, you want your guy to look incredibly fashionable, not like he’s wearing something that seems to come straight out of a gift shop in Honolulu.




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