A dress a day keeps the doctor away

Published June 27, 2013 by The Feminist

There is something truly magical about the perfect dress. For as long as I can remember this particular flirty type of apparel has always been one of my fashion weak spots. I can’t have enough of them. Every single time I go shopping- even if I’m supposed to look for a jacket, a pair of jeans or you name it- I will always end up in the fitting room… with a dress. Seriously, I think I have some severe DNA abnormalities. It’ s as if I was programmed to be obsessed with dresses!
Having said that, every woman should have at least seven dresses in her closet. One dress for every day of the week. Because she deserves it… and because dresses are really pretty of course 😉
I guess some of you ladies are going on a holiday in the very near future? Whether you’re going hiking in the mountains or planning on visiting ancient cities or you just want to spend your holiday on the beach (drinking rum ), there is a suitable dress for every occasion!
1) Monday: When you want to stand out…
… and get noticed by a very sexy Botanical garden guide!

dress botanical
Wear this awesome Topshop dress!
2) Tuesday: when you want to kick some ass!

dress biker
This very cool and daring Black wet look biker dress from River Island will do the trick!
3) Wednesday: When you want to get lost in the magic of a vibrant city…

dress city
This very cute Forever 21 dress (and that fabulous hat and sunglasses!) will get you everywhere!
4) Thursday: When you want to go on an adventure…
But in a more stylish way than Bilbo from the Hobbit.

dress adventure
What about this beauty?
5) Friday: When you want to dine in some fancy restaurant…
… and make sure the evening has a romantic twist

dress coral evening
Buy this coral lace dress!
6) Saturday: When you want to go salsa dancing…
… under the moonlight!

dress salsa
Anything’s possible in this stunner!
7) Sunday: When you want to relax…
…and do absolutely nothing except maybe work on your tan and drink cocktails.

dress relax
What better way to accentuate your joie de vivre than with this über chill fruity dress?


16 comments on “A dress a day keeps the doctor away

  • So true – dresses are absolutely my weak spot too! Wardrobe is crammed full of them but I am lacking in most other clothes areas! It’s just so easy to spot the pretty ones as soon as you walk into the shop… and agree they definitely have some way of just making you feel good!

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