Dragon Days

Published June 22, 2013 by The Feminist


This will be a rather short post since I’m incredibly busy this weekend. But I just couldn’t bare it not to post anything, so I thought I could share one of the items on my fashion wish list with y’all: this very classy, chic and incredibly extravagant Dragon Necklace from Zara.

Not only is it pretty darn cool, it is also very N.O.W. , because- in case you missed the latest fashion updates- Asian fashion is very big this summer. However, some people will think it risky to wear a kimono-inspired outfit (phuh, wussies!) so this necklace should be the perfect solution!

Moreover, this dragon necklace represents a very spiritual message I would like to give you: “Stress is an important dragon to slay – or at least tame – in your life”. (~Marilu Henner)  We all suffer from stress. It can even turn us into emotional wrecks. Although there are quite a lot of tools and techniques out there to help you overcome this very annoying dragon, I think the best way to deal with stress is just to accept it, look past it and believe in yourself. Self-confidence is the key to unlocking a peaceful emotional mindset. So don’t be scared of the dragon, be the dragon!

Very sappy, huh?! Jeeez, I know!

And while you’re out buying this mega necklace, these earring look pretty impressive as well!

dragon E

Just saying 😉


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