Because Superman deserves his Superwoman (and that would be me, Henry Cavill!)

Published June 11, 2013 by The Feminist

Okay, this might be a bit over the top. I’m anything but a Superwoman. I can’t fly, have absolutely no muscles whatsoever and would never dare to fight evil head-on. I’m the one who hides in the corner or under the table , hoping the burglar will leave my apartment ASAP- with or without my flatscreen TV, what do I care? – instead of smacking him in the back of the head with a rolling pin. Yes, I am total wuss. But on the other hand, I might be able to pull off a super tight bodysuit. 😉 It all depends on your definition of “superwoman”. Every woman has certain superhero qualities, although she might not realize it herself. So next time you go out to find yourself your very own Superman, don’t think about the things you’re not good at or the things you don’t have, but focus on your one-in-a-million, wonderfully good qualities! To set a good example, I’ll go first:

I’m smart, witty, friendly, creative, have a great sense of style and I can cook! Ha! I’m like a modern-day Julia Child, Coco Chanel and Eleanor Roosevelt all rolled into one! If that’s not Superwoman-like, I don’t know what is!

Uhum. Well, sort of anyway. But at least you get my point: we are all Superwomen in our own special way! Hell yeah!

Which leads me to my next point: Although a Superwoman can perfectly manage without a man on her arm, it would be nice if she could share her brilliance with an equally super-heroic male counterpart. A Superman!

I know, they are indeed very rare. (Unfortunately for all you guys, being able to play videogames all day whilst drinking a six-pack of beer is not exactly proof of heroic capabilities. ) Luckily for all us Superwomen there is Hollywood, providing us with plenty of eligible- albeit fictional – Supermen. Leonardo Dicaprio in the Great Gatsby. Ryan Gosling in the Notebook. Joseph Gordon- Levitt in…well, practically every film he has ever played in. And last but oh so definitely not least, Henri Cavill.

When he made his appearance on the Tudors a couple of years ago, I just knew this Brit would stick around for many more years to come. I mean, look at him! He is absolutely gorgeous! And knee-quivering, jaw-dropping mysterious! And his eyes are all dreamy and mesmerizing! (and far less creepy than those of his co-actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers!)

Alright, alright! I better shut up, because it is getting a bit embarrassing. But don’t pretend you hadn’t noticed it yourself! 😉 Even if you are practically blind, you can still spot Cavill’s Superhero qualities from miles away! It is that obvious!

Henry Cavill’s Superman potential was so obvious and meant-to-be that Hollywood producers and filmmakers finally realized he was the right man to step into the ultimate superhero role as the “Man of Steel”. And Oh Boy, he sure as hell looks incredibly sexy in his skintight Superman suit. He doesn’t just play Superman, he is Superman!

From top to bottom


And from bottom to top


Needless to say, I can’t wait to go and see “Man of Steel”. Even if it turns out to be the worst movie ever made, it will still be amazing thanks to Mr. Cavill. (And let’s be honest here: chances are small that it will be the “worst movie ever”, since we’ve all just witnessed the whole Will-and-Jaden Smith “After Earth” debacle ; ) )

So ladies and fellow Superwomen: feel free to find yourself a Superman, but beware: I’ve already found mine in Cavill, so hands off! 😉


7 comments on “Because Superman deserves his Superwoman (and that would be me, Henry Cavill!)

  • I love how positive this post is. I agree that every woman has superhero qualities and I love your list of your own! You definitely have an eye for fashion and your cooking is so diverse and delicious-looking! LOL re: video games not being worthy of superheroics.

  • Holy wow, he is so damn hot! Watching this movie I even imagined developing a slight crush on an old friend from uni who resembles him a bit (bad idea)… jup. that’s how twisted I get when looking at that cavill boy… zueri¦¦bliss

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